Go Ara Goes From Triangle to You’re All Surrounded as Park Jin Hee Steps In to Reunite with Lee Bum Soo

The casting roulette keeps on turning and today there are more switch ups in the upcoming later Spring K-dramas. I’m actually way happier with how this turned out than the initial arrangement. Coming off a massive career making hit drama Answer Me 1994, Go Ara was in talks to join the MBC Mon-Tues drama Triangle with Lee Bum Soo and Song Seung Heon (airing after Empress Ki) but has now jumped ship over to SBS to play a cop in the Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won vehicle You’re All Surrounded. I don’t have a problem with Triangle which is drama I’m already dying to watch, but Go Ara would have been playing a romantic love interest opposite Im Shi Wan and I find Im Shi Wan as bland as can get so I think she’s deserving of a better male lead than him. My Seung Gi is a lucky treat for any actress to romance onscreen so she better not have pulled a one-hit wonder with her performance in AM1994. The leading ladies in Triangle were initially Go Ara and Lee Mi Yeon, and in addition to Go Ara declining, Lee Mi Yeon has also passed on the role.

Lee Mi Yeon’s role was the love interest for Lee Bum Soo’s character and in her place will be a Giant reunion as Park Jin Hee has been confirmed to join the cast. I loved them in Giant! I know so many more drama fans were into Joo Sang Wook and Hwang Jung Eum‘s second leads and their angsty star-crossed romance but I loved the main OTP in Giant with their slow burn love that spanned decades. Lee Bum Soo is not just an incredibly awesome and versatile actor, he also appears to be a major workaholic. He just wrapped Prime Minister and I as well as the K-movie God’s Hand with Jung Woo Sung, now he’s already penciling in a major K-drama that will start filming in April, plus his wife just delivered their second child last week in a healthy baby boy. His wife posted a pic of the new baby with her hubby (check it out below) and I must say wuri Prime Minister has a little mini-me now! Sooooo cute! I’m pretty meh about the last Winter dramas starting soon but the mid-Spring stuff looks way more up my alley in both Triangle, You’re All Surrounded, as well as Kang Ji Hwan‘s Big Man.


Go Ara Goes From Triangle to You’re All Surrounded as Park Jin Hee Steps In to Reunite with Lee Bum Soo — 18 Comments

  1. Go Ara did well in her movies before Reply 1994. She got nominations for her roles in both Blue Dragon and Grand Bell Awards. Thus i dont think R94 is just a one-hit-wonder for her.

  2. hmmm…i might be the only one who doesn’t find siwan bland at all. i think he is one of the best acting-dols right now.
    anyway, really looking forward to Go Ara in You’re All Surrounded. i hope her acting improves further!

  3. That baby is too cute! LBS is a good looking man. 😀

    I’m excited for Go Ara and Seunggi. They just seem like they’d have good chemistry. YAS sounds like a better (and bigger) role for her than Triangle so I can see why she picked it.

  4. Finally! You’re all surrounded was taking its sweet time finalizing the cast. But it’s good to know all of them have signed on. I’m really looking forward to the chemistry between Seung Gi and Go Ara. He’s yet to have bad chemistry with a costar ~ I’m one of those who though Suzy and him were super awesome together. Can’t wait for it!

    Not interested in triangle, on the other hand. It sounds way too makjang and the casting doesn’t seem promising. But I’ll wait and see who they get for the female roles. After Empress Ki though, I think a departure from the usual sageuk is most likely going to tank ratings for MBC.

  5. yesssss!!!! finaly my seungi and cha seung won is confirmed and the lady is go ara. ya she better not be a one hit wonder. but im not worried. she’s good and seung gi has chemistry with random ajumma’s on his shows and always had hot chemsitry with almost all his co stars.and the charactors sound good

    hope 3 days will be good and keep the sbs hit streak going and your all sorrounded will be a bigger hit aswell.

  6. I’m with you Ms. Koala. I really really love the OTP in Giant. Not much skinships, but Lee Gang Mo and Hwang Jeong Yeon delivered their affection towards each other in a very classy way. The decades of courtship from lover to friend then hubby-wife. Arghhh why didnt they give as a clue of their children in 2010???? When Gang Mo on the phone calls his wife “yeobo” at the final episode, awwww. The way Gangmo address her, from Jeongyeon to Agashi to Jeongyeon again then Yeobo in his 50s. What a love story!!

    I’m highly anticipated Spring Dramas. Both Seunggi and Lee Beom Soo are already my top list actors. So excited. I hope YAS and Triangle will have so much success. Hwaiting!!

  7. Im Siwan actually isn’t a bad actor at all, he delivers his bewildered puppy roles pretty convincingly and actually can emote. You should maybe try watching him in the KBS special Expect to Date/Waiting for Love, where he was the second lead opposite BoA – he was good there, and much better than some acting idols who have absolutely no business taking roles in dramas at all.

    (anyone can improve – see Yonghwa for an example – but some of them really show no acting ability at all despite multiple projects over several years, in which case get off the screen and let an actor who can deliver in the role, have it instead)

  8. Oh the baby is so adorable. It makes me want to have another one, which I can’t afford now but awe soooo cute. Congrats to the Lee family.

    I am not so attached to any of the spring dramas so I am really open to any castings. I hope one of them surprises me and hooks me in. Kind hoping the lsg one will be the one. I think go ara is a good match for him.

  9. So many drama reunions happening…I wish more actors re-teamed for dramas. I can’t wait for the My Girl reunion and now a mini Best Love Reunion too!

  10. I hate all the casting news that get cancelled lately. It seems Sports Seoul and TV Report have contacted MBC officials. Park Jin Hee’s casting news were fake. Or then Sports Donga was very misinformed. So after I got happy about Jung Ryeo Won’s return which didn’t happen with ‘Big Man’, now the ‘Giant’ reunion is not happening either.

    Why are all the women running away from ‘Triangle’!? The guys need some ladies, stat! 😛

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