Long Rumored C-couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelebaby Finally Go Public with a Romantic Birthday Celebration

Are wedding bells coming in the near future for high powered C-couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy (Yang Ying)? From the looks of their very high profile public confirmation of their relationship, I would bet on it happening for this couple that pretty much no one thought would make it. Huang Xiaoming and Angelebaby have been dating for the last 3 years, but it’s never been publicly confirmed despite tons of paparazzi shots of them together as well as their friends letting slip in media interviews that they were together. There is an 11-year age gap between them, not to mention Huang Xiaoming was the big name actor while Angelebaby was mostly a model-turned-terrible-actress when they first got together. In the last few years, her star and clout has risen as she’s starred in lots of HK-movies and even headlined her first C-drama the upcoming drama adaptation of Tong Hua‘s Yun Zhong Ge (Song of the Clouds). These two have continued to lay low despite the barrage of dating news confirmations coming out of China last year (Nicky WuLiu Shi Shi, Hawick LauYang Mi, Feng Shao FengNi Ni) so it was a huge unexpected surprise with the way they went public this past week.

It was Angelababy’s 25th birthday and boyfriend Huang Xiaoming was in Taiwan filming a CF so had told his sweetie that he couldn’t make it. He booked an entire restaurant in HK for her birthday party and invited all their friends to attend. After the party, Angelebaby was told to go outside where there was a car parked in the front with a canopy over it. It was her birthday present from her boyfriend, and when she pulled the canopy off, she found Huang Xiaoming sitting inside a brand new yellow Lamborghini holding roses to surprise her. Apparently she was so happy and moved she burst into tears while all their friends swooned over the romantic gesture. Due to the popularity of You From the Stars, the media has taken to calling this birthday present “Huang Xiaoming pulling a Do Min Joon” in how he appeared to teleport to surprise Angelebaby (he took an early flight back to HK from Taiwan, but the teleporting suggestion is much cuter). This very pretty couple also posted their first official couple photos to the media which are just so cute. I’m glad they finally went public, one less couple for the paps to stalk.


Long Rumored C-couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelebaby Finally Go Public with a Romantic Birthday Celebration — 10 Comments

  1. Huang Xiaoming seems like the perfect boyfriend, she is lucky to have him. And congratulations to them for going public and beautiful couple. 😀

  2. That was sweet and great but someone please correct me. I thought they were actually already officially public.
    I think I read a post by koala about huang xiaoming and zhao wei and their awesome friendship where there was a quote from someone asking angela what she thought about it. If they were not already public how could that happen

    *scratches head*

    But seriously that’s awesome what he did

  3. I honestly had no clue that they weren’t public like – a gazillion years ago. They’re adorable and those pictures even more so.

  4. I thought it was widely known already too. I am so behind the times that I think if I know, it must be old news. But I guess it just wasn’t official. Anyhow, congrats!!

  5. My god she is TINY!
    He is really hot and sexy even with that dang haircut. She’s lucky. They look very happy together, good for them.

  6. According to later reports:

    (1) Isn’t this supposedly a show they both put on?

    (2) Not-new 3rd ownership car was supposedly already registered in Angela Baby’s name, and for quite a while already. So the surprise was feigned.

    Conclusion: whether high profile proclamation or not, seems like they were already dating, and not long after she broke up.

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