Unexpectedly Awesome Long Preview for Mike He-Ady An Rom-com Taiwan Drama

There are some TW and C-dramas that are pre-filmed and then sit on the shelf for what feels like an eternity. Sometimes it has nothing to do with quality but more like shopping around for a network to air it. I remember one of my fave TW-dramas Sunny Happiness completing filming over a year before it aired. Last year Mike He and Ady An filmed a TW-drama together that keeps getting its named changed from Marry a Rich Guy (愿嫁金龟婿) to Upper Class Crass Girl (上流俗女) to Noble Family Cross Girl (名門俗女), and it’s apparently going to be called Counterattack of the Feisty Girl (盛女的逆袭) for the C-drama airing. Setting aside the confusing naming issue, it’s the story of a country girl who is super rich because her dad owns a successful pig farm and all she wants is to marry into upper class society and shed her reputation of being a crass nouveau riche wannabe. She gets dumped by a lousy ex-boyfriend and goes on a series of dates with rich guys that all ends up with her unleashing her fiery temper and upending tables on them (Ady playing a tempestuous type is awesome). She crosses paths with a rich snob of a chaebol heir played by Mike He, a guy trying to prove to his daddy that he’s not just a loser spendthrift son by trying to run a charity. There is a mistaken identity round where she thinks he’s her last matchmaking date hence she tries to control her temper, while he mistakes her for a famous artist that he’s purposely trying to piss off so that she will cut ties with his charity. Sparks fly, their identities are revealed, his rich parents die in a plane crash leaving him penniless, and he ends up being taken in by her family. Her dad offers him a deal – to transform her into a graceful elegant lady and help her find a great marriage – and he’ll earn a boatload of money to pay off his family debt. The OTP starts playing Pygmalion and of course they fall in love for real. The synopsis is pretty standard rom-com stuff but I LOVED the extended 20-minute long preview. 

The two leads are awesome in their respective roles, she’s crass and hot-tempered while he’s arrogantly clueless, Mike and Ady have whiz bang chemistry, and I found the story alternatively LOL funny and rather touching. Not to mention we get a glimpse of some hot hot kissing to close out the preview and I’m left tapping my fingers wondering when this drama will finally air. There isn’t an air date floated about yet but hopefully this one gets picked up for a Summer airing since it looks like a breezy and cheesy fun.

Extended 20-minute trailer for New Mike-Ady Drama:

[youtube id=”69hR0ON71qs” w=”625″ h=”445″]


Unexpectedly Awesome Long Preview for Mike He-Ady An Rom-com Taiwan Drama — 17 Comments

  1. It is finally out!!! Is that Tong tong in a wedding dress? Ady catching that bouquet is priceless! Can’t wait for this drama to be out!

  2. Finalllyyyyy!! I’ve been waiting forever! They have so much chemistry! I’m so up for this that even if I sucks major, I’d probably not notice lol. Ady hasn’t done a Tdrama since Autumn’s Concerto, which also happens to be the best Tdrama ever in my books. #beyondexcited

    • How is there chemistry ??? I know ur excited and u like them as a couple but dang girl. Lol !! I see no chemistry. I’m pretty sure they work well together.

      • Chemistry is perception and opinion. You see none, good for you. I see tons – the stirring, epic and romantic type so…

  3. I am soooo excited!!!!! 🙂 It’s exactly my flavor of tw “idol” drama. I love Ady in this kind of role. She is absolutely hilarious. I haven’t watched a lot of her cdramas but I do miss her spunk in twdramas. It looked like she had a lot of fun in this drama. Although I must say I have definitely heard Mike say those kinds of cheesy lines at the end (of the trailer) there before in other drama. HAHA. But I don’t care.

    LOL Ah Ken. I think the actor that plays her father is hilarious. I know I am not going to like the 2nd lead, ok in the sense that I will want to see more OTP scenes. Nice chemistry Mike & Ady – I wouldn’t have put them together before the news first came out. But when it did last year, I kept thinking – why didn’t i think of that. Seriously, Ady could match with a lot of people.

    Come to think of it… when does the Ella-Chris drama come out.

  4. There is something about T-actress and C-actress that always have that look that just seem to have resemblance of one another. I can’t really pin point it but I can say that are cute and pretty.

  5. Shin! Sady, he doesn’t seem to be a contender for Adyan’s love. And what is up with the 2nd female lead, that was a harsh rejection of proposal already but did she have to throw the ring into the fountain for good measure? Yeesh.

    • So, it’s actually an official poster? Heck, I thought it was a fan-made work poster because of the poor photoshop skill. As for the trailer, it’s likeable but I’m not yet drawn to the drama. Will probably watch the first episode b/c of Ady and see if I’ll stick with it.

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