Written Preview for Episode 7 of Bride of the Century

It’s funny how Lee Hong Ki just has that “it” factor. I know plenty of folks who loved him in You’re Beautiful but I confess his character annoyed me and was rather inconsequential to the overall narrative I tuned him out to the degree I can’t even opine as to whether he acted well in that role or not. So it’s really the cracktastic Bride of the Century where I’m getting my first real Lee Hong Ki exposure and he totally reminds me of another idol boy who can act Beast‘s Yong Jun Hyung (and they actually have a smidge of a resemblance as well!). I can admit that compared to Yang Jin Sung, Hong Ki is nowhere near as expert at the craft, but his natural charisma compensates ably for any technique lackings, and the end result is a fun leading man that I can love and want to smack from time-to-time. That is probably how Doo Rim sees Kang Joo, this man-child who is a man in all things other than emotional maturity. I do love when he gives in to his kid side such as when he discovered his love for roasted sweet potatoes thanks to Doo Rim. Watching Kang Joo eat sweet potatoes will never get old, a narrative moment that really delivers on the feel good sensation of a closed off guy tasting something heartwarming. The written preview is out for episode 7, and long with the video preview, it appears Doo Rim goes back to Seoul as expected and might even have resumed her substitute princess charade again. I’m curious what reason President Ma and Yi Kyung will cook up this time to get her to agree, but ultimately we need a bit more Doo Rim-Kang Joo falling in love time before the truth all comes out and the this drama ratchets up another notch in preposterous genius storytelling.

Written preview for episode 7:

Learning the truth about how his first love died in a car accident thirty years ago, Kang Joo’s dad brings Doo Rim to the place where he had the most loving memories with his first love. He tells her that Kang Joo wants to end the engagement because of the family curse and he’s scared of losing the person he loves. Knowing Kang Joo’s real feelings, Doo Rim’s feelings for him grow stronger and stronger…..

Preview for episode 7:

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Written Preview for Episode 7 of Bride of the Century — 46 Comments

  1. I think he was great in You’re Beautiful….apart from being adorable, he also showed good acting skills during that bus scene with Park Shin Hye where he cries while singing….

    • The singing and crying from the bus scene were really just heart-tudging, especially when his voice cracks a little during the singing.

      I just want to see Kang Joo and Doo Rim together again, keeping them separated is agony…to us all.

      • it was my fave too. and seriously i hardly believe he can act like this because i always remember him as a cute witty puppy

      • Ah, the “Jeremy on the Bus” scene. Supposedly, from the interviews in the Director’s Cut, Hong Ki was astonished that it was voted the favorite scene in the whole show by the fans. The director said he genuinely had the crew in tears when he did it.

        I’m ridiculously fond of Hong Ki. I think he’s doing a lovely job here. The show itself is full of every trope they could think of, but still manages to be insanely addictive as opposed just insane.

  2. My memory of LHK in You’re Beautiful is “annoying” too… But, in BoC, just pure adorable and cute with good timing. Of course paired with the great acting of Yang Jin Sung makes everything extra sweet and nice.

  3. one thing i love the most about Hongki is his beautiful clear eyes. you can see his emotions through his eyes
    i usually dislike pricky asshole chaebol because i find them arrogantly annoying and grating but it’s not the case with Kang Joo. Hongki made the character likeable and adorable even though sometimes i do want to smack some sense in Kang Joo’s pretty head

    • Sniffles, now I see why I keep getting deja vu when I watch Hong Ki act, he totally got acting tips from Jun Yong. And when is my Monstar baby boy coming back to the small screen!!!

      • Actually, Hongki had a headstart as an actor because if my memory serves me right, Hongki actually debuted as a child actor.

  4. Thanks so much for recommending this drama, I am completely hooked after the first ep. Read from Soompi that this drama will air on Fri and Sat from this week onwards, can’t wait to stream and read your review thereafter. The first thing I am going to do come Dec in Seoul is to hunt down the sweet potato cart, hongki should do a CF for sweet potato with kimchi.

    • Some of the PPL in dramas has me scratching my head. Watermelon, tangerines, beef or more specifically Korean beef, and now sweet potatoes. WHO is buying this air time? Is there a conglomerate of sweet potato farmers with a lot of cash?

      I need to go to my Korean grocer and get me some. The ones at my regular store aren’t the same.

  5. I thought he was like a cute puppy in You’re Beautiful, but I’ve always had a soft spot for him. He’s certainly grew up here, but I still feel like the main characters in this drama are so YOUNG. They all look too young to be running companies and getting married.
    From the preview it seems like it’s time for noble idiocy on Kang Joo’s part and more evil plotting from the scheming moms.

  6. Hongki acting in this drama really give me feels <3 let be honest here, in YB he basically playing himself XD
    Hongki already in GWGM last year and idkw his wife reminds me of Mrs.Ma from BOTC lol
    Hongki and Junhyung are lovers i swear!

  7. Hi Miss Koala, I am a huge fans of this drama and a huge fans of your site.. usually i am a silent reader ^^ .. but one thing i am confused.. Is the ghost the good side or the bad side?

  8. Gosh!! I miss Jun Hyung. Why is he not back in drama land??? It makes me deliriously happy that they are best friends.

  9. Hongki was a child actor before and he is crazy in real life along with Junhyung, Heechul, JGS.. they call themselves ‘Chocoballs’.

  10. Ahhhh! I can’t stand the idea of waiting for subs again, but at least it’ll be one day earlier this week.

    LHK has it, all right. He has this very successful music career that pays the bills so I hope he keeps doing dramas and getting better at acting, too. There aren’t a lot of actor idols that I would be willing to watching doing on the job training, LOL, but he is one of them.

  11. I love Hong Ki so much, but I just can’t believe in him in this character…basically because I saw (and fall in love with him) in Global We got married, and he is completely different.
    I think his acting is ok, but it is hard to forget his craziness in WGM, whe he tries to do a “Chaebol” face, hehe.

  12. I love Hong Ki so much, but I just can’t believe in him in this character…basically because I saw (and fall in love with him) in Global We got married, and he is completely different.
    I think his acting is ok, but it is hard to forget his craziness in WGM, when he tries to do a “Chaebol” face, hehe.

  13. LHK’s weird hairstyle, and trying too hard to be cute personality were annoying in YB. I like his dark hairstyle, and serious yet immature personality in this drama more.

  14. I love Lee Hong ki prior to You’re Beautiful, love him as a singer. I find his vocal different, unique. You’ll just love him performing live. He’s the only singer that I’m following in K-pop. Then after YB he gets close with my favourite actor Jang Geun Suk, so here I am couldn’t resist not to comment, just happy for him – loving BotC! Lee Hong Ki zikzin!!!

  15. confession time guys. Hongki says on his Instagram that Yong Junhyung is his girlfriend. xD

    and Kim Heechul is courting as main role on an upcoming tvN’s drama right ??

    let this trio Hongki, Heechul and Junhyung rule the drama world..!

  16. Has anyone seen espicode 8.. am excited to know how the story goes.. very good script writer. This is the best korean drama after goong.

  17. You can watch new eps of BoTC raw on dailymotion on Fri and Sat after it has aired in Korea. I simply adore this drama, I want KJ and DR to really get to know each other and fall in love and end up married (without her dying!!!) I think ghost is helping them both in realizing their true love for one another.

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