Jaejoong Completes the Brotherly Triangle with Lee Bum Soo and Im Shi Wan for Upcoming MBC Drama

When the first rumored casting of Lee Bum Soo, Song Seung Heon, and Im Shi Wan as separated brothers who reunite as adults for the upcoming MBC drama Triangle was floated, I was all for it even if I think only one out of the three can act. The other two are eye candy enough for me to take it with a shrug. Then Lee Bum Soo and Im Shi Wan was confirmed as the eldest and the youngest brother, respectively, but no word on Song Seung Heon officially accepting which led me to think he ultimately passed and the network was looking for another pretty face to rope in. It didn’t look any further than the original Dr. Jin mess bucket and unearthed a replacement that rivals Song Seung Heon in chiseled good looks and absolute acting stiffness. Jaejoong has been confirmed to play the middle brother in this Triangle, and his role is a gangster while hyung Lee Bum Soo plays a cop while Im Shi Wan is the adopted rich heir.

I can’t believe the messiest hot mess that is Dr. Jin is actually having a reunion cast in Triangle, except it turned out to be Lee Bum Soo with Jaejoong rather than with Song Seung Heon. And let’s not forget that another male lead from that drama in Jin Yi Han is currently scene stealing all over MBC’s Empress Ki, which is the drama that Triangle is slated to replaced come May. Directing and screenwriting Triangle is the team behind All In and Swallow the Sun, so the gangster and revenge and bromance genre is not new to the production team in the least. I’m watching this drama no matter what but the unintentional hilarity factor has definitely been upped now that Jaejoong is on board. He was so awful in Dr. Jin as to defy description, but then again, I quite adored him in Protect the Boss, so maybe the PtB version of him will return for this foray. Or else he could just copy Song Seung Heon’s performance as a gangster with a separated brother in East of Eden which consisted mainly of brooding, growing out facial hair, and getting bruised and battered from time to time.

A bunch of rumored leading ladies have all passed on this project ranging from Lee Mi Yeon, Go Ara (who is off doing You’re All Surrounded with Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won), and Park Jin Hee. Now the only confirmed female cast member is Oh Yeon Soo, which makes this an IRIS 2 reunion between her and Lee Bum Soo.


Jaejoong Completes the Brotherly Triangle with Lee Bum Soo and Im Shi Wan for Upcoming MBC Drama — 20 Comments

  1. This is not going well, Lee Bum Soo and Oh Yeon Soo are fantastic and all, but the others are all thumbs down…
    I had wished that Lee Mi Yeon was going to be cast, but now that she has passed on this project…hopefully if a really good lead actress is casted, my interst might turned up a bit.
    That leaves the question, is Oh Yeon Soo the second lead?
    If only she was the lead, her and LBS could continue their “eye sex” from Iris 2…LOL….now that would interesting.

    • Wait… There was OYS-LBS eye sex in I2?! CRAP!!! How could I bail before experiencing that?!

      *sigh* We better get to see them burning it up during this project.

    • The eye sex lives on! I know this is a kdrama, so that’s probably the only sex we will get here too, but I don’t care. Too much unrelieved tension from that one, what with him pointing his missile at her throughout the series. One of the few things worth the trouble. 😛

  2. I loved All In and Swallow the Sun so I’ll give this one a go. Dr. Jin was a hot mess but between SSH and KJ, I’ll take KJ. He worked with an awful script but still kept trying while SSH definitely clocked out by the end of Dr. Jin.

    • Ditto.

      SSH… nice eye candy but his acting is so… blah. At least KJJ gives me the feeling he’s trying. Dr. Jin is probably an embarrassment to some of the other actors in it whose skills were less questionable but, by the end of the series, KJJ was the only one I felt was still trying to get something more out of it than a paycheck.

  3. Lol, I can’t imagine Jaejoong as a gangster. Heck, I can’t imagine him with facial hair. Has he ever had any, JYJ fans? He’s really pretty, so just looks wise, I don’t know if he can pull this off.

    He’s not horrible on screen, but I’ve never really taken to him so this might be a pass.

  4. Jin Yi Han just needs to stay in period wear because Tal Tal owns my heart…I was like, “Damn who are you and where did that voice come from?”

    I’m watching for Lee Bum Soo no matter what so…JJ is okay with me

  5. Oh Koala..have you watch Dr. Jin till the end? I do agree KJJ’s acting was still ackward in 1st half eps but the 2nd half he did better & better..Did u watch in the last episodes? Dramabeans said he stole attention with his acting & the one who saved that drama..just give him a chance..I agree with you about PTB..I really love him in PTB..

  6. This drama is in my radar esp when i know Lee Bum Soo in it^^ I never watch Im Shi Wan’s dramas so i don’t know abt him. For Jaejoong, i love him in PTB! Hot Muwon! Hope he will have Muwon’s style in this drama..for Dr.Jin, I really appreciate his acting in 2nd half eps..I agree with Dramabeans, Kyung Tak character stole the show in the last eps, he can portrayed the fierce officer quite well. If he’s just a pretty face, i don’t think MBC Triangle team will offer a gangster role for him, it’s a risk role, not just like become a boss in the office, so i guess the production team had reviewed his past works before..the problem is this guy never have a chance appearing as a lead actor or having many track drama records such as LBS & SSH so we haven’t know his progress..hope this drama will prove it..looking forward for this..thanks for this news 🙂

  7. My gosh, this is totally coming from no where. I’m a big fan of singing Jaejoong since DBSK days and still buy his solo albums, but not for his image onscreen or offscreen. Despite all the reviews I’ve read are in favor towards his acting, I feel he is in fact quite terrible. I can’t see him blend as the character and I’ve always felt he is very self-conscious on screen – he knows he’s handsome and he’s just trying to use the fact that he’s handsome instead of emoting no matter how distorted his face might get.

    Sigh. If only they find 2 more likeable brothers (at least to me) then I would’ve been fully on board with this drama.

  8. That moment when the photo composition you made makes it to such a big place. I guess this means I chose the pictures well. Too bad we won’t get to see them in this hot style in the series, but we can at least enjoy them in the photo.

    I personally liked the idea of Song for the laughs, but Jae Joong is just a lukewarm choice. With all the casting changes and this being by Taewon Entertainment (the one behind the ‘IRIS2’ mess and other messes), I am less than confident anyway. So let this mess begin.

  9. what what what ? i even cant finish dr jin and now another …..

    omo, i prefer to hear jeje singging, i like him as a singer, wrong, i adore him as a singer ONLY, not as actor.

    i hope this movie wont be a mess, i cross my finger for lee beom soo oppa 🙁

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