Racy K-movie Human Addiction with Song Seung Heon Releases Poster, Stills, and Teaser

You can say I should have totally expected to see this type of poster for the upcoming K-movie Human Addiction starring Song Seung Heon in his first role in a raunchy and racy movie that promises lots of titillating and illicit action. But I’m still taken aback because in my mind I can still see Song Seung Heon playing the weepy and mopey oppa from Autuman in My Heart who is in love with his sister-not-a-sister and all they did was hold hands and one very unsexy lip press. I wonder if his acting will fursplode as his clothes come off? He straddles the line between unintentionally pent up and over-acting his pants off, but always looking gorgeously chiseled. The first teaser is out for Human Addiction which tells the love affair between Song Seung Heon playing a corporal in the Korean military set during the waning days of the Vietnam war. He’s married to devoted wife Jo Yeo Jung but falls for the young wife played by relative newbie Lim Ji Yeon who is married to Song Seung Heon’s subordinate played by Oh Joo Won. Writing and directing is Kim Dae Woo who is quite familiar with the racy K-movie genre as his previous movies include The Servant and Forbidden Quest, plus before he took up directing he was the screenwriter behind An Affair and Untold Scandal. The movie comes out in May and perhaps it’ll transform Song Seung Heon’s acting image from buttoned up leading man into a beast in the sack.

Teaser for Human Addiction:

[youtube id=”ZFt53WMLty8″ w=”625″ h=”445″]


Racy K-movie Human Addiction with Song Seung Heon Releases Poster, Stills, and Teaser — 22 Comments

  1. Wowww….i didn’t expect this from Song Seung Heon. Actually, it’s like a deja-vu of watching Bae Yong Jun in ‘April Snow’…..

    Let see if Song Seung Heon can deliver his lines better in this movie or it’s just another abs and face.

  2. My birthday is in May. Happy Movie Release to ME!

    Hopefully the director will be able to subdue THT when needed, but we are looking to – finally – the TOWELS OFF moment, aren’t we?

  3. Actually he looks really good in uniform. This might make his career. It’s probably no more daring than Tony Leong in Lust Caution and everyone says that’s art house although I personally found the sex scenes gratuitous.

    • Haha, I got the Lust Caution vibe too.
      Langourous and sexy.

      Agreeing that he looks really good in uniform or in training white T and khakis.

    • We were talking about how TL vs SSH would be playing this sort of character here before.
      With the movement of an eye TL conveys the sexiest vibe; SSH needs to learn that somehow if possible that less is more.

  4. Omo Omo.. It’s finally out. I really love the teaser, has an vintage art house vibe to it and it seems to be shot beautifully. SSH is a very very handsome man (duh!) and the uniform look is really hot on him, but I am looking forward to the birthday-suit scenes much more 😉

  5. Erm, put the pretty vibe aside why R rated korean movie love to do a movie about an affair. i would say, meh since there are seems to lack of an original ideas.

  6. On one hand I have no interest in the plot of the movie while on the other hand, I want to see Hand Towel in action preferably towel-less but I doubt it will happen. He will probably be fully-clothed while the girl is naked.

  7. I too got the same Lust, Caution vibe from the stills.
    I hope they will not go to Lust, Caution road since SSH (georgeous that he is) doesn’t belong in Tony Leung’s acting calibre (and considering the fact that intimate sex scenes are when he is at his weakest, Tony actually surpassed himself in Lust, Caution) and this type of thing can get out of hand and enter funny territory.

    Having said that SSH is so good looking that I even managed to watch (albeit fast forwarded by my sister) When a Man Loves. So I’m in for that one whether it is good or not.

    An Affair and Untold Scandal both are among the favorites of mine but director is most important to bring a good story to life. We’ll have to see.

  8. Why I’m getting the vibe of the movie “Revenge” with Anthony Quinn & Kevin Costner?! SSH can look gorgeous in/out of a paper bag!! Just saying… Uff CARAMBA DE MANGAZZO!!!

  9. Hi does anyone know where I can find english subs for this movie cuz I wanna watch it and my korean aint fluent. So if anyone has the link for english subtitles can you please respond

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