Song Seung Heon is a Love Obsessed Colonel in Upcoming K-erotic Movie

I find Song Seung Heon a gorgeous specimen of male perfection, so much so I’m willing to shelve my acting requirements and watch him do what he does onscreen. If he calls acting then so be it, I call it “oppa being pretty”. It’s quite a feat to pull off nearly twenty years of acting and still not have a single role under his belt where anyone can say he knocked it out of the part, there’s just bad and maybe not as bad. Will taking off his clothes and engaging in illicit make outs do the trick? The upcoming erotic K-movie Obsessed (Korean title Human Addiction) is coming out next month in May and seems a few months early since the hot days of Summer might be a better fit for this genre. Song Seung Heon plays a colonel in the Korean army during the Vietnam war who falls for the ingenue wife of his subordinate played by relative newbie actress Lim Ji Yeon. While Jo Yeo Jung is the much bigger actress, she really doesn’t fit the role plus she’s such a veteran of the erotic K-movie I can see her stealing the show playing Song Seung Heon’s cuckolded wife. Oh Joo Wan rounds out the lead cast playing Song Seung Heon’s subordinate and the poor guy who gets his pretty new wife’s heart stolen by his commanding officer. So far all the stills and the first trailer play more moody rather than titillating, but with PD and screenwriter Kim Dae Woo behind the helm, I expect this to get hot fast and stay there until the inevitable rocks fall down sort of ending. Or maybe not, maybe this will be one affair that ends well and everyone chalks it up to a bout of war-related mid-Summer madness. Check out the gloriously pretty new movie stills below Continue reading