New Supremely Adorable OTP Couple Stills for Bride of the Century

I swear I almost flipped a table when I saw the latest drama stills for Bride and the Century and realized that the next episode 9 wasn’t mere hours away, but was actually a day and many hours away. How can this drama torment me with such cuteness and expect me to stay sane? Kang Joo and Doo Rim in a couples outfit? KYAAAAA *dies* Not just your regular ole couple’s shirt, they are actually matching from the top of their adorable heads down including ear muffs, scarves, and mittens. What magic powers does Doo Rim wield that she literally has turned Choi Kang Joo from a cold stick up his behind asshole into a grumpy puppy dog who does whatever she wants. The written and video previews suggest that the substitute princess deception is out (I hope) and that a wedding is forthcoming. I didn’t expect we’d get to see them dating as well, but knowing the way this drama has progressed, maybe they fell into the water and had to change clothes into whatever was available which explains why fashionable Kang Joo ends up wearing a turquoise sweatshirt with a bulldog on it.

Noting that his hair is down in front, I hope if he did get wet maybe he can’t swim and wuri Doo Rim who swims like a fish will have to save him and give him some CPR. Apparently the supporting cast couple of Jin Joo and Secretary Kim will also start developing their love line in earnest and dare I say that potential double dating is on the horizon? That would be so awesome and hilarious, with Kang Joo always feeling the odd man out but secretly loving hanging with such easy going sincere people. I look around and poor Yi Hyun really has no prospect if his Doo Rim crush goes nowhere, and he’s been such a nice and downtrodden guy I want him to be happy down the road. I can’t see how living with horrible women like President Ma and Yi Kyung would ever be good for his emotional and mental well being. He needs to move out of that house. I can’t wait for episode 9 where more kisses, a potential wedding, and definitely couple clothes are waiting for me!

I wish I had X-ray vision and could peer through the pages of the just released scripts for episodes 11, 12, ad 13.


New Supremely Adorable OTP Couple Stills for Bride of the Century — 33 Comments

  1. Nice. Maybe her magic is in the bracelet?
    Maybe KJ is like a sculpture hidden inside a block of marble, only he’s a mushy marshmellow center inside a popsicle? LOL

    • Omg that’s exactly what I was thinking …. That the ghost has made her choice by given the bracelet to DR!! And it’s soooo freaking nice to see that they already have does scrips instead of doing the “fly of the pants” thing, which it seems to be the popular thing in dramas! SUPER EXCITED!!!!

  2. OMG CUTEness! What am i supposed to do til next Tuesday?!
    * that’s the day the new ep with eng sub usually out in my country T_T better late than nothing i guess, til then i’ll live by your recap.

  3. oh my god… so cute.. do you think these pics are for this week or next.. if it is this i will be the happiest.. hope we get lot of OTP cute moments.. cant wait to see them.. Friday evening – please come quickly..

  4. lol that bulldog couple sweaters are cute
    Kang Joo usually wear dark clothes, it’s refreshing to see him wear something bright i thought i saw Hongki for a sec

  5. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode. Hope everything will happen tomorrow – the reconciliation, the ending of the deception and their dating!!! 36 hours more to go!!!

  6. aaaawwwwww….that’s so cute… Jurim couple in couple outfit…. definitely can’t wait till tomorrow… after last 2 episode, they make us tear up finally we can giggling, smiling and laughing again… what amazing job to do, writer-nim

  7. Wow!!!!

    So excited about friday and saturday… Hope we see all these scenes on this weekend’s episode……

    Now, what do i do till friday night????

  8. I love Sec Kim and Jin Joo, she was so cute when Sec Kim asked to visit her again at the restaurant. This writer is really throwing in everything huh?

    Thanks for the news on this drama, started watching after reading your recaps and they keep me sane because like some of the readers here, I can only get subbed eps on the following Tuesday… 🙁 I think I might end up watching raw first!

    BOTC, hwaiting!

  9. Seriously, I want to flip a table this couple is so cute!!!! I was not really into LHK before because I was not all that crazy about YAB or his role in it but I liked the actress who plays Doo Rim from Secret Love last year. Now I am so stuck on this show….. it and In a Good Way are making me crazy from waiting for the weekend to arrive…. Can Friday come faster pretty, please??!!
    Am also very happy that is not that live in production. Maybe that’s why the story feels nice and tight and zippy too!

  10. What is this load of adorableness?! Gaahhh if only this is them on their honeymoon wearing their couple’s outfits. Prob not but a girl can dream. This drama is cliche laden but it’s so unpredictable at the same time. Loving it.

  11. Oh, sooo cute!!! I hope there will be a wedding for real and not in dreams, so that there will be a honeymoon and yes, can we follow it with a baby please?! That would be lovely, writernim. I do think that one of the major reasons why I love King 2 Hearts and Greatest Love is because there’s a baby in the end. Now can we have a Joorim baby here as well? I love these two to pieces!

  12. Thanks for posting all those lovely pics of the series! Wow! They are already onto Ep. 13..well, basing it on the scripts! They are so cute! I love the colors they have for each script episode! I can’t wait to see this! I really hope this happens when the switch is out! It makes it more interesting to watch rather than having to think that KJ still doesn’t know and things will go downhill when he finds out. Can’t wait for the upcoming episodes! I’m so addicted to this drama! 😛

  13. Seriously, i can’t wait until friday. Btw Miss Koala, suddenly i remember what you write on your recap of the 1st episode that there’s a potential for you to regret recapping this drama. You know? i feel the same! and now, look at us. i can’t stop looking at this site to wait for other spoilers… >.<

  14. Girl your header made me squeeze XD they’re just truckloads of adorableness, more than puppies and bunnies altogether.

  15. I’m going kyaaaaaAaa ~~ with you, Ms Koala 🙂 lol
    So so so excited for Friday!

    teeheehee you can write the story line since you’re the drama expert :: giggles :: I wouldn’t be surprised with the almos drowning fallen in water CPR scenario 😉 classic!

    I’m waiting for the running thru a crowd while holding hands scene 😉

    I think this is the first drama I’ve seen where no one is rooting for him & the Hyun Bin look alike oppa.

    So glad to see LHK’s non shaved jaw aka anime plastic surgery constructed face. I love him even more!!!

    Doing a JooJin Doorim Kyaaaaa with u all 🙂

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