Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan Releases New Stills of the Leads

I’m really looking forward to the upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Big Man but it doesn’t seem the be garnering a lot of pre-airing interest. I love two of the leads in Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min, and the other two leads being Daniel Choi and Lee Da Hee are cool with me as well. I think this foursome is interesting and different with a high possibility of generating great acting synergy. The first official stills are out for the drama and I’m quite pleased with what I see. Kang Ji Hwan plays an orphaned street hooligan who finds himself suddenly the long lost heir to a chaebol family. He gets sucked into the world of the rich and devious, a world inhabited by siblings played by Daniel Choi and Jung So Min. Kang Ji Hwan’s character discovers that he’s being brought into the world of the rich for a nefarious purpose and he vows to fight against the big guys and protect his fellow downtrodden denizens. Daniel Choi’s character will be the antagonist who is a business and love rival with Kang Ji Hwan and Lee Da Hee is the woman caught between them. Jung So Min finds herself loving Kang Ji Hwan while he battles to bring down her brother and her family. The first stills show Kang Ji Hwan in an intense car scene with Lee Da Hee, Daniel Choi transformed into a stylish chaebol heir, and Kang Ji Hwan with Song Ok Sook who plays a restaurant ahjumma that is like his adoptive mother. Jung So Min also celebrated her birthday on set last week and there is a still of her blowing out the birthday cake with Kang Ji Hwan after the cast surprised her during filming. I always find Jung So Min resembles Yoon Eun Hye’s little sister so seeing her with Kang Ji Hwan is super adorable.


Big Man with Kang Ji Hwan Releases New Stills of the Leads — 6 Comments

  1. I think it might be safe to assume that there might just be a bit of exhaustion setting in with the overly generic/overly repetitive stories as of late so that might at least account for some of the lackluster response(s) you’ve been seeing for this (any other new show). Given that I can’t say I see anything special about this drama, that will probably change if/once I get a chance to watch it but only time will tell.

  2. Kang Ji Hwan= Love Him
    Daniel Choi=Like him much
    Jung So Min=cute,cute,cute
    Lee Da Hee= Why her?????
    3 out of 4….I guess, I should not complain …

  3. I’m with you Koala. I like Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min. Looking forward to this drama. Hope it will have a good story.

  4. I can’t wait to see Minmin in this drama. I know she’ll do good — she’s a good actress. I’ve seen Daniel Choi in Baby Face Beauty — I like him in romcom so, it would be interesting to see him in a dark character. Will definitely watch this drama.

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