Official Look at We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 Couple of Heechul and Puff Guo

I’m super stoked for the arrival of We Got Married Global Edition season 2 with one of the couples being the highly likely to be hilarious together Kim Heechul of Super Junior and Puff Guo of Dream Girls. Of course they can swap war stories about being a member of a popular idol group, or they can borrow a page from last year’s hit pairing of Taecyeon of 2PM and Gui Gui playbook and have Heechul’s fellow SJ members show up to harass Puff to demand to know who Aaron Yan is. I find Heechul unpredictable and his 4D style makes for great reality television while Puff is way more entertaining in real life than any of her drama efforts, more tomboy with an aegyo streak. I think the two of them together will be hilarious in seeing how the communication transcends language barriers as well as tossing romance mores out the window. I can see Heechul being both like a husband and a really funny girlfriend to Puff. The other couple for this season is Key from SHINee and a Japanese model by the name of Yagi Arisa, but since the only SHINee member I know is Minho and Key is not Minho, that means I’ll have to pass on those two. It’s no fun watching WGM without a good feel for the participants since their onscreen antics are more fun if there is something to compare it to. I totally skipped last year’s second pair of Lee Hong Ki and Fuji Mina, but my newfounded love for Hong Ki is making me consider going back to marathon it. But I worry Fuji Mina will annoy me and thus my Hong Ki love will be diminished so maybe I’ll leave that one alone. The first official couple stills are out and I adored the Heechul-Puff set which are retro cute. The cast also held a press conference last week at MBC studios in Seoul and other than Heechul showing up in a suit that defies all fashion sense and sensibility, apparently it went swimmingly with both couples displaying a nicely built up camaraderie and chemistry.The show premieres the first week of April so mark your calendars.

How stunningly gorgeous Puff looks at this press conference is conversely how godawful Heechul looks. I love their polar opposites being on full display already. Heechul’s hand all over Puff in a very husbandly way is a nice jump start on their marital antics together.


Official Look at We Got Married Global Edition Season 2 Couple of Heechul and Puff Guo — 39 Comments

  1. I actually enjoyed the HongKi+Mina pairing more than TaeC+GuiGui (mainly cause TaeC is quite stiff sometimes). However I enjoy GuiGui’s quirkiness. HongKi Mina are very easy to watch and their interactions are quite natural (with good chemistry). At first I thought Mina would be “xiao jie” (princess syndrome) but she prove to be a good sport and I thoroughly enjoy watching them together! You should watch it and tell us what you think!

    • This! I didn’t watch much of HongMina since I was only tuning into GWGM1 for Guigui, but you’re right—from what I did see, they were way better than TaecGui.

    • I definitely agree with you!

      At times when the TaecGuiGui got awkward or too shrilly for my tastes, Hongki & Mina were a nice homey, pleasing couple to watch

    • I totally agree with you. 2PM Taecyeon is abit stiff and not so natural but HongKi and Mina is suprisingly good to watch. First few episodes, HongKi was not so good but when he saw that Mina really put in effort to play his song on the piano and that touched him. From then onwards, he was very sweet and caring towards Mina. From this global WGM, I saw a different side of HongKi. So I was not so surprise when I saw his acting in Bride of the century

      • I agree, as well, that the HongKi/Mina pairing was the better of the two couples. GuiGui appeared a little immature and looked like a younger sister figure to Taecyeon. He looked like he was babysitting at times. GuiGui is sweet but her obsession with wanting to meet NichHyun, Taecyeon’s 2PM band mate, was too much for me. She even said she liked Nichhyun better in front of Taecyeon and his friends! She explained it off as a joke at the end of the episode interview, but, it was an embarrassment for the “husband.” The proposals for both couples left me in tears. Both endearing, very sweet.

  2. Hahah if there’s one member you need to know from SHINee it’s Onew

    Onew and Jonghyun


    Shinee (sans Minho) singing english songs

    I’m so sorry ^^;;; As a true Shinee fangirl, I felt that it was my duty to educate masses. It honestly makes me kinda sad that the only Shinee member that most people are familiar with is Minho (not that there’s anything wrong with Minho it’s just that he’s arguably the less talented of the five – I say this with love). Shinee as a whole is probably one of the most talented idol groups active at moment but they’re not all that recognizable individually ; n;;

    I’m not really a fan of WGM to be honest, but I’m curious about both couples this time so guess I’ll have to check it out. Speaking of which, now that I’m ridiculously addicted to Bride of the Century, I’m actually kinda curious about how Lee Hong-ki did with Fujii Mina last time around. I will probably have to check them out later as well.

    • I agree with you Onew has the most unique voice and his English songs are amazing but you have to admit he’s WAY to shy!! He was to ever do a solo album I’m afraid SHINee would probably be over.

      • I love SHINEE too and while Onew is undoubtedly the best singer in the band, Key is such a diva and drama queen and definitely the best choice for variety! I think he’ll probably be more girly than his ‘wife’, lol.

  3. I ship Heechul and Puff so hard.The way he stares at her ,the way he takes care of her,and the eyesight interaction……..oh,the feels.

  4. Key is NOT MinHo that’s for sure!! Lol Puff looked stunning !! Her long legs make me want to cry of envy ;(
    No wonder that at the press conference he just literary pull her towards him!! It was funny. But even more funny when he just took keys hand and did the “I’m in love with you”!! And key’s reaction!! I just had a couple burst of good laughter.
    Thank you Miss Okoala!!

  5. i actually enjoyed watching Hongki and Fuji Mina more. better chemistry for me. maybe it helped that Fuji Mina can speak korean and Hongki can speak japanese =) anyways, its safe to watch their WGM Koala.

    heechul has been posting pics and a video in his instagram account (kimheenim) re his WGM life =)

  6. I also prefer the Hongki & Mina pairing more. You get to see a completely different (but still charming) side of Hongki~ This guy is totally romantic. Watch it!

  7. Finally, there’s some news about Heechul WGM Global.

    Love this guy and his antics.
    In some place he’s an oddball, but he too often shows his manly charm and good manner.
    Can’t wait to watch him in WGM, and see what side will he showed when it come to love and marriage (although pretending one). Probably both?

    And man, his suits for press conference is really something.

  8. I,too, preferred Hongki and Mina far more. They were natural and real like how a real couple would progress. I felt that Taecyeon and GuiGui were like little children. And that Taecyeon seemed exasperated at times.

  9. I think the suit was intended to un-prettify Heechul. Because you’ve got to admit that Heechul in a nice suit or a nice dress is prettier than 90% of female idols. 😉

  10. Koala You should definitely watch Hongki Mina ^^ If u like BTOC romance,You won’t regret it. Fujii Mina isn’t annoying at all. You may end up liking her more than Hongki LOL

    Looking forward to WGM with Heechul! At first i was worried that they won’t be able to communicate properly but with Heechul its not smth to be worried about. ^^

  11. i’m totally gonna watch Heechul and Puff! my oppa finally is getting marred! cannot miss that.
    last season love TeacGui! Hongki’s wife is not my cup of tea. maybe she over doing it in some part so…
    but i love Hongki in BOTC his wife in BOTC is my kind of girl :p

  12. Luved Tacgui last season. I can hardly wait for round 2 of “Who is Aaron Yan?!!!!” But i am sad Puff cant be in his new drama because of WGM. Hope they do another drama together.

  13. I loved WGM with Hong Ki, he was just adorable. Vulnerable, self-conscious, sweet with loads of fun/romance, he’s the whole package. I definitely wish, (as you said Koala) he would stick with the dark hair and more manly styling as in BOC! Squee! I’m way too old to be talking about idol boys!!! Lol!

  14. I can’t wait to watch WGM-GE. Ms. Koala, I do hope you will reconsider and take a little time to watch Hongki and Mina. They were the most adorable couple and show A LOT of affection and skin ship unlike Tac and GG. I guess, because Hongki and Mina can understand each other. I can tell it was hard on Tac and GG because of the language barrier.

  15. sometimes.. i wonder if Heechul-oppa wears what he wears to prove to the world that he is really good-looking that he can pull of anything. no matter how ridiculous the outfit. craziest part is that he usually looks good despite his wardrobe!

  16. I can’t wait to watch heechul and puff’s version of wgm. But i wish heechul can get a better haircut…he can be so charming when he got nice hairstyle

  17. I’m sure Heechul will do well. He might not look like it, but he’s actually very nice. Like when his members and U-Know Yunho got hurt, he just went crazy and said stuff like,”Are you even human?!” to the antis

  18. She should totally wach egm with Hongki and Mina. I was worried I’ll be annoyed with mina but she’s adorable and perfect for Hongki, you’ll love them!!

  19. You should watch gwgm hongkimina. Mina is so lovely, in fact she got a good review from netizen (which is not as for hongki)

  20. I definitely AGREE with you! I did not watch Hongki and Mina because I was afraid I may not like him anymore since I came to love him in BOC..TaecGui was almost perfect except that Taec is kinda reserve, something like holding back..stiff! I love this 2nd Season most esoecially HEEPUFF Couple They’re so funny..and I can’t wait for Heechul to ask Puff about my baby Aaron Yan 🙂 I was supposed to root out for Aaron and Puff love team but HEEPUFF is cute..I hope they will progress…hmmmmm..just wondering if Heechul will fall for Puff? or vice versa? let’s just wait and see… 🙂

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