Biggest News in K-ent This Week is the Real-life Drama of EXO Member Kris Suing SM to Leave the Popular Group

Prior to this week I only knew two things about the currently hottest K-pop guy group EXO: (1) it released the most unintentionally hilarious (i.e. awful) music video I had the pleasure of watching in years in “Wolf”, and (2) it has allegedly the most crazy/scary/absurd fandom since the heyday of DBSK and Super Junior. I didn’t care to learn more until my C-entertainment news feed exploded this week with some sort of K-popalypse happening that apparently was way more interesting than any currently K-drama airing. Turns out I have been following K-ent for way too long if I’m actually living through the third coming of “sue SM to get the shit out of dodge!” Following in the sage footsteps of Han Geng who sued to leave Super Junior and more than half of DBSK who sued to leave the group because it was managed by SM and then formed their own group called JYJ, a newbie Chinese-Canadian member of EXO by the name of Kris (Chinese name Wu Yi Fan) has filed a lawsuit in the Seoul district court to terminate his contract with SM.

That is what I call a booyah move, especially since the group just launched its comeback last week with a new track called “Overdose” and has scheduled its first concert tour since the group’s inception. The C-media is ALL over it (probably as much as the K-media) since Kris is of Chinese descent and clearly is heading back to the C-market like Han Geng did when he successfully exited SM. I have no clue how the EXO fandom is behaving other than the logical assumption that a collective freak out is going on, though I’m not sure how a 11-member group will be substantially worse off than a 12-member group. I’m happy to have EXO fans educate me on the while brouhaha from how it happened to what the current on-dit is since I actually lived through the Han Geng mess and JYJ insanity but am too weary these days to follow along. I’d be more interested if EXO is any good but after the LOL-shit that was “Wolf” their latest MV for “Overdose” may be less lame but is pretty spastic and hard to listen to as well. What’s the allure of this group anyway?

SM is apparently wielding a giant hammer in this fracas and threatening to sue spurious rumormongers as well as fight the lawsuit. Not sure if Korea has specific performance verdicts like in common law contracts (forcing someone to perform according to the terms of a contract if found valid), but I’ll predict the contract is voided in the end no matter if it is litigated all the way and SM ultimately ends up with a 11-member EXO group. It’s just silly to force a kid to be part of an idol group he wants out from regardless of the reason he wants to book it. I am pretty perturbed (okay, a lot perturbed) when I heard K-netizens going racist on the Kris’ decision to leave EXO as his “poor work ethic due to being Chinese” or some shit like that. YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Did everyone in Korea conveniently forget Junsu, Yoochun, and Jaejoong, yunno, three Korean dudes who sued SM to leave most likely because it sucked donkey balls to work for the overlord Soo Man. Then I read the C-netizens going all racists back railing on the Korean entertainment companies like SM when the contracts with the C-companies are no better. Sigh, stop pointing fingers when it pretty much sucks to give a part of one’s soul to become an entertainer, unless one starts off owning the company itself. When I watched the “Overdose” MV, and even after staring for a long time at Kris’ picture, I still couldn’t pick him out of the MV if I zoomed in using a microscope. These boys look literally identical.

EXO’s latest video “Overdose”:


Biggest News in K-ent This Week is the Real-life Drama of EXO Member Kris Suing SM to Leave the Popular Group — 90 Comments

  1. He’s actually 1 of the 3 members of Exo I can recognize. I really find him strikingly beautiful, but I don’t really care about his lawsuit.
    I think the allure of this group is that all 12 boys look like they came straight out of a shojo manga. There isn’t a single boy I’d point to and say “oy, he’s a bit ugly”. Otherwise, their songs are mostly hilariously bad. With the exception of Growl, I liked that one. Although I think I liked the choreography more than the actual song.

    • I disregarded them with their debut album, but i’ve liked a fair amount of their music since then. Wolf is pretty much a joke.

    • yeah…those EXO members looks almost identical, I had to search Kris pic specifically…and like you, Growl is the only song that I enjoy from them. (and the choreo~)

  2. Reading this news brings back all the HanGeng memories. It was sad for everybody, SuJu members and fans all around. I was happy though that we got closure after all that mess, and everybody moved on. Hopefully, this case with EXO will also bring another closure to everyone involved.

  3. “poor work ethic due to being Chinese”

    That a sentence only someone in Korea could say with a straight face. Lol

    I like korean dramas, but I have to admit that korean people need to get their s$@t together when it comes to saying racist stuff toward other Asian countries. I have seen Philippinos get it, Indonesians, Japanese.

    Koreans artists are stumping over each other trying to get to the Japanese market, but to hear Koreans netizens talk about it, you would think they are doing japan a favor by sending their idols over there.

    If Koreans don’t stop saying nonsense about Chinese people because a kid wants out of a contract, all that goodwill in China toward Korean artists might just vanish.

    • Eh. I read the translated Korean comments on Netizenbuzz. Exactly one comment criticized Kris’s work ethic. Lots of comments criticized SM. Let’s not blow things out of proportion.

      • There are tons of xenophobic comments about kris and chinese people, nothing is blown out of proportion.
        Saying that chinese people are lazy and ungrateful, that this is what happens when you take in chinese kids, etc. etc.

  4. I’ve only seen a few clips of them on realty shows and he seems quiet in a mature way. All I know is that they are devided in 2 groups. 6 aim at a Chinese audience & 6 aim to Korean audience. That’s ALL I know,
    Ms Koala Goddess 🙂

  5. LOL

    12? That’s just immoderate. Five identikit young man would be more than enough, coming in five different flavours to suit every fangirl. Six, even. 12 is just going over the top. Lol.

  6. If you looking for him in the video you link to (exo-k version), then you won’t find him. He’s a member of exo-m, so he’s in the chinese version. Check out Growl, nice song and simple video that works well.

    I just learned yesterday Luhan and Sehun are two different guys. They are still too many member for me.

  7. What is sad and deplorable is the way they make this ppl live, when they’re bringing all that revenue! And on top of that their consider rude for asking how much they’re going to get paid?! That new show Roommates, shows young Seo Kang Joon lives in that cramped little apartment with 2
    others. And he said it’s only been 6months since he debuted!! I can only imagine how long is going to take for him to pay his dues. Ugh
    Am I being unrealistic!? Is that how the entertainment business works!?

    • I knew Seo Kang Joon from the suspicious housekeeper. I think you are right those celebrities in Korea are so pitiful. No bed to sleep in just sleeping on the floor. I think after school dorm is also cramped. there even no proper place to put their stuff such as clothes and shoes.
      Those are trainies and newbies.
      I watch roommate too.

      • That entire bit in re to SKJ’s living conditions (n having ramyun for all his meals) left me embittered and the fact that he teared up thinking he’d offend his “CEO” in getting a smartphone irked me even more. Even Nana’s gp has been around for a bit and yet they don’t have basic furniture in their apartment. The laugh track played during these situations just irritated me even more.

        @ThePrima: if I’m not mistaken SKJ shares his apt with 4 of of his group/band mates.

      • I think sleeping on the floor it might be a culture thing. (Am probably going to get creamed for saying that)!
        @ Saima, I know that part made me teary eye too ;(
        But than I laugh seeing as LDW was pretty funny about the phone ordeal too!!

    • I have seen Shinee’s dorm they have bed and room to themselves.

      CNblue also have room to themselves.

      Anyway I really glad I love variety shows so much that I learnt the fact of live of the celebrities in Korea for once.

  8. I’ve seen a live performance clip on YT and was disappointed that they lipvsync. I understand that at that time, they were newbies. But lip syncing for a live performance is a turn off for me, especially if you’re new. I’ve stopped listening to them ever since. If you’re an artist, despite being new, just sing even if it sounds horribly live. At least you sang and gave it your best shot. That’s better than lip syncing.

    As for Kris, I hope he wins the case. His health is way more important.

    • That’s something that turned me off as well! But I think it’s ultimately SM’s decision to not let the boys sing live. As for EXO-M when they’re in China, I’ve heard that they sing live, but because the audio quality is low they have to dub over it with the CD version. Don’t know how legit that is since I don’t really follow Cpop that closely.

      • 12 people and yet, lip sync. it’s not like they have to sing 5,6 lines each, continuously. but yes, SM the one who decide if they sing lip sync or live.

  9. I was surprised to see this article in your blog since I thought you don’t have time to even care about Korean boybands … Haha. He is one of the most popular members as he is the leader of the EXO-M, another half of EXO-K. He is Canadian-Chinese, so I think his background is definitely different from other EXO members and HanGeng. So he maybe understand the ent. exploitation and more outspoke in term of that than other foreign members/ trainees? I think he is gorgeous, very different (4D personality), laidback and quiet but he has the aura and good leadership. From what I heard his health is not so good, probably heart issue, so the gruelling schedule may take toll on him. It probably causes him to call a quit 🙂

    • Yes he was diagnosed with myocarditis, something about heart inflammatory. I like him the most among the EXO members. I presume his family background is not bad.
      I agree with your pov on his thinking when you grown up western country your way of thinking will be different from Korean. The EXO members even the chinese members are not supportive of his lawsuit. In fact most of his members unfollowed his instagram and weibo. The funny thing is their slogan is we are one. They badmouth him in interviews and their blogs.

      • rumors said, EXO member’s social net working sites are controlled by their manager and company, so the truth about the whole unfollowed and unsupportive things are to be question. Kris wants to leave SM Ent. I agree. Kris’s culture value, philosophy and principles are just so different compare to his member fellows.

  10. You should listen to their albums, their songs are amazing. Their title tracks however…

    (I’d personally recommend Baby Don’t Cry)

  11. “My turn to cry” is their prettiest and easiest song to listen to imo. I’m a fan, so I’m obviously biased. A lot of people don’t like exo or their music, and that’s totally fine. Just want to mention that Yixing/Lay is an angel and his childstar days are a goldmine of embarassing moments.

    As for this whole Kris situation, Kris leaving is a big deal because he’s the second most popular member in China. That’s definitely going to cause a large effect in regards to exo-m’s promotions. Luhan is still undoubtedly the most popular, but how exo-m is received in China from this point on most likely not going to be as pleasant.

  12. I don’t really care much about EXO but you’ve made me realise how long I’ve been following the K-news. I was all into K-dramas and only got into K-music because of Big Bang. I can’t believe that it’s been 8 years since then! I still remember I started to get into DBSK a few months before the whole contract controversy and the whole thing has definitely scarred me. Anyway, I certainly don’t appreciate the racist comments made by K-netz. It was uncalled for.

    Stay strong, EXO and fans of them!

  13. You should listen to their other songs. Growl was really good with an addictive beat and all but I tend to prefer ballad songs a little bit more with them. Miracle in December, What is Love, Baby Don’t Cry … etc.

    I know that most people think that fangirls are fans of a certain boyband for their looks and not talents but perso, I am a fan of their music. I don’t think they have ever disappointed me with their songs even with Wolf which although completely chaotic, had a pretty amazing choregraphy and so the lives were really good to watch.

    But yeap’, I find it a little bit rude to say “what’s the allure of this group anyway ?” Everyone has different tastes I suppose.

  14. Well…EXO for me is variety shows.And Kris totally outdid himself in EXO Showtime.He debuted with a chic image but acted like a total heodang in it.Despite not talking much but the presence is there.Music wise,I love their ballads like Miracle in December more than their pop tracks.Their choreo is okay but it got Tony Testa written all over it.

  15. I’ve been looking at his face as its all over Facebook and Allkpop but I still cant recognise him in the group photo. LOL I thought I was the only one that was like that!

  16. Well.. I even live through the 1st generation where 3 of H.O.T members sued SM too. Seems like SM got a family curse. 🙁

  17. Don’t know the allure of this group. They all look alike and are too young to appeal to me. I’m a SuJu elf (minus Hangeng, who said he was going to kill himself if he stayed in the group). My guess is that SM thought that EXO would replace SJ as they got older. I’m not sure you can compare Kris to Hangeng tho’. Hangeng is Chinese and wanted to go back to China and perform solo and is successful. Not sure about Kris, a Canadian, doing the same. Maybe he thinks he has global appeal. LOL.

  18. This just my pov..
    I had expected about DBSK will move out from sm coz they have worked like 365 days a year even they got holidays after every new year.. they were working their ass off without a proper rest. aigoo.. Then when the 3 members (JYJ) filed a lawsuit, I can’t help but felt “yeah! you guys should stand for your rights and hard earned money”. There’re alot of things happen and till now JYJ being outcast from the korean station tv. The boys never give up. When a door closed, there will be many doors are open for them. and I had to salute the fans that keep supporting them till now.

    hee.. I had not pay any attention to EXO coz my fangirling mode just for JYJ. I also can’t identified who is who..

    There will be more challenges that the members and Kris will have to face and this lawsuit is one of them. This is their hardest moment so people that comment something related to racism are showing they are never believe others than their own man. For me that is pathetic and lame.

    • so agreed with you.
      Anyway I am a JYJ fan, kekeke, I love them for their talent, confident and fighting spirit.
      I heard that all JYJ members can afford to buy real property luxury cars and do their own business but DBSK Uknow still stay in the company dorm.

  19. what’s with SM’s group members suing them? Can’t have been all roses and sunshine. But even Hangeng lasted longer, damn.

    At this rate I’m amazed SNSD has lasted seven years with all 9 girls intact, that’s more than any of their boy group counterparts managed (DBSK, SuJu and now EXO)

    • I think SM is a bit lenient to girls group than boys group. When I was a DBSK fan, I can remember that the boys’ shedule was like full 365 days. Until now, I’m surprised to see SNSD members can enjoy their personal overseas holidays ocasionally. DBSK boys NEVER had a chance like that. I think other SM groups might have less hectic schedules while waiting for their group’s turn to promote in Korea but for DBSK, it’s all work throughout the year, either in Korea or Japan. I think the sistem for SM idols and even idols from other company got better after the JYJ case. Seems like they amended the duration of contract for idols. I don’t follow EXO so I don’t know their condition now and not sure why Kris made the decision. Personally for me, I think Kris reasons probably are the same as JYJ and Hangeng’s reasons.

      I like seeing JYP idols. The boss treated the kids friends, warm relationship. Being YG idols are also cool. Seems like the boss respect them as an artist and allow. them to express their personal musicality and personal life.

      • SM started letting the girls have holiday time only a couple years ago I think? They probably also started improving contract conditions a little and paying their idols better after the DBSK blowup. They’d be stupid if they didn’t learn from that.

      • I heard rumors that one of the SNSD girls (I think Taeyon) sued SM in 2011 and it was kept quiet. I guess they got better teams since then as they have more personal days, better compensation, etc.

      • Kris appeal is HUMAN RIGHTS and the salary thing because his concern is SM just gave them their salary without a breakdown.

        And what makes him decided to sue is because I heard that during their China concert thing he is sick, he threw up several times already but SM just give some medicine to take, that’s it. I believe he would like to rest but of course they are in the middle of their promotion and their concert is just around the corner so of course the selfish SM won’t let h im rest.

  20. It has been long since I leave a reply on this site.
    I have been visiting your blog since your old url.
    I thought you won’t be posting this news. Since it has been quite a few days.

    He is visual+rapper. But he is not the main visual and another member in M(EXO has 2 subgroups, K that sings in Korean and M that sings in Chinese) can rap much better than him so skills wise, there won’t be much negative effects. He can sing a bit but they don’t really let him sing.

    I will consider him 1 of the EXO member that can do variety.

    Like others have mentioned, he’s the 2nd most popular member in China by miles so it’s going to affect EXO popularity by quite a lot.

    In the video you posted, he does not have any singing parts. For overdose, he raps in the chinese version.

    I think last year he also left the group for few months and the company manage to persuade him back.

    I also only knew them after seeing all the unnecessary hate for them(tbh, I was out of Kpop).
    I saw some dumb gifs of them and thought they seems to be quite interesting. I think I ended up going with the flow and end up being addicted to them. Their fans has always said that, once you get in, you can’t get out, which is quite true.

    Honestly, as of late last year, he does not seem to be particularly close to any of the group member(when they just debut, he was very close to the other rapper in M until he disappeared for a month or few?).

    3 of the main vocals sang a cover of Paradise(Boys over flowers ost, been 5years since this shitty drama broadcast) which is quite good(including D.O. that is set to appear in ‘it’s Okay, that’s Love’).

    • Oh, so he did left already last year, or gone for moths last year, so he is on his giving up days.

      Yah you are also correct that exo fans are right, that if you will start to get interest with them, there is no way out. I got addicted. I am starting to like Kris after I watched Showtime because “chicken is not my style”, but after I heard about him leaving SM, I felt sad for the 11 boys.

  21. One of the biggest problems with K entertainment is that these young kids get managers who work for the entertainment companies after they sign with the company. They work for the executives, not the kids. They need independent managers who advocate for the kids and can counsel them BEFORE they sign contracts.

    • Also, managers should e able to do all the contract negotiating with companies on their clients’ behalf. That’s the way it works in Western countries. It would stop a lot of this nonsense.

      • The problem is that these young people don’t have enough money to hire managers on their own. To make it worse, a lot of them happen to be in Seoul alone and away from their families (due to personal situation, or dream to become idols, etc.) when they sign the contract, so it is very likely that they are not educated enough about what they will have to go through.

        I am not involved in the idol industry, so I can’t be completely sure how it works. But I will guess the reason idols’ living life in the first few years are not that great (if not awful) is because what they first earn will go straight to pay back all the make-over fee, living expense (which is expensive in Seoul), investment for other trainees, the company’s benefit, etc. From a business standpoint, I think it is somewhat logical.

        However, it is fishy how SM has to deal with these lawsuits the most while YG and JYP don’t. SM must have done something really wrong there.

    • Your 100% right about the managers but I also think their aren’t really independent managers! Because it sounds like this industry scouts, trains, manages, etc!!!

  22. The only guy ive seen and fell under his spell I any k-pop group was in super junior and thats si won ! Omgggg ! There are alot but he has this i dont knowww And this guyI hope him the best ! It seems this SM isnt a good company ehheh

    Is it as crazy as it seems I mean this guy and girl groups in korean entertainment ! Thats a hell alot is it physically or mentally impossible to be a lone singer if u werent previously in a band ! Please some ine educate me !!

  23. I only like two of their songs; growl and black pearl(or is it my lady). And I can’t tell who is who either.

    • If you are really not an avid fan, where in you’ll watched ALL of their vids in YT, as in everything its really difficult to determine who is who, because we are talking about 12 kids here. Honestly til now I dont memorize SUJU.

  24. The sue or leave SM thing no longer surprises me since this is probably the 6th time ive seen someone leave and the third time i have seen someone sue to leave SM in the past 15 years. It appears 15 years later, SM still hasn’t learned to treat their artists well. I heard that he was not being given individual solo activites that were offered to him such as drama offers , similar complaint that both JYJ and Hangeng, but I also heard that its possible he is just done with the idol life. Oh well, not a fan of Exo but I wish this boy luck in his future endeavors.

  25. whata surprise another chinese guy what to leave after sm make his group he just want more money just like those loser jyj.

    • You managed to imply racism against Geng and Kris and also insult JYJ while advocating for the company they felt they needed to sue and leave.

      You must be proud.

    • But of course he does!!!!! Wouldn’t you if you worked your ass off!? Or are you ignorant that thinks only Chinese Ppl want to get their monies worth for working their asses off!? You probably are….judging by your comment!! :/

  26. They became famous for the song after Wolf called Growl lol.

    If you watch the Chinese Version of Overdose you’ll see Kris as he dances the opening and is the first rapper during the third verse.

    The Baidu bars and Weibo are having a full scale war too. Oh the internet…

    Sina released the lawsuit proof and a copy of his medical record (along with a photo of his the nurse took and the signature she got from him) *smh*

    I’m a casual fan of Kris and EXO nowadays but I was actually expecting someone to leave next year. Kris is actually my favorite. I’ve seen M twice live and they are good. I saw EXO as 12 once and they did lipsync. *shrug*

    It does seem odd that we are seeing this for the 3rd time in 5 years at SM…but I feel like I’m used to it. It’s like JYJ suing before Geng doesn’t even exist to the knetz. Also this idea of just taking everything and suffering is really disturbing.

      • thanks for the links. As fans of Asian pop culture, k-pop music and drama, we just so numb to addicting the glamour on stage, and forget that these idols have lives too, and what happen behind stage can get real ugly and disturbing. fandom can have great effect on the idols lives, and as fans just simply numb and get use to the ugly truths. no changes will be make. honestly, i support Kris, no matter what. his lawsuit might not shake or improve the conflict and abusive nature of agency and control, but at least, it’s a damn right place to start.

    • Oh wait! So there is some proof of his medical condition?
      Ahh… so heartbreaking!
      Kai apparently collapsed, too. SM needs to freaking postpone this damn concert!

    • im a big fan of EXO. i didnt like them before coz they dont sing live but after hearing them do live versions of their songs and some covers, im super impressed. plus they have some good dancers in the group and i liked their personalities after watching some variety shows with them.

      anyways, this thing that happened with Kris and SM is really really sad. i hope it ends soon. im sure the members are all feeling the heat. i just remember Lay’s comment during their press conference earlier today that more than anything else, he is hurt that people are taking sides without actually knowing the facts.

      despite the lawsuit, im sure EXO will continue to be popular. just like SuJu and TVXQ.

      and that’s why I like CUBE entertainment more! and yes, despite being a big group…i know all of them and can easily identify them in pictures hahaha

  27. if kris so weak why the f did he sign up with sm? he should know that sm train their artiest the hardest. 100% he just looking for a way to get out of his conract. so he can move back to china to make more money bet his memeber must be piss as hell that he leave them high and dry after just 1 year. this is why sm should stop signing these chinese guy. they only looking for a quick break so they can move back to china to make more money for themselve. only chinese guy that i respect is henry from super junior.

    • Henry is from Canada…btw….his parents are from Taiwan/Hong Kong.
      And there are 3 other chinese members still in EXO M.

    • I understand your bitterner towards Kris. I am an EXO fan but not an avid fan, just started fangirling recently and been hooked with them (these kids has this charisma where in you can’t come out form being addicted to them) I actually like Kris and starts to like him becuse he is so damn handsome when I heard this issue, I think the same thought as you, where he shouldn’t enter the idol entertainment if he have health problems or he doesnt have a strong personality. aigoo, anyway sorry guys But I hate Kris for now. I pity the 11 boys who practice again because he’s gone.

      • So you hate Kris because he’s leaving the band? Quite selfish of you as a fan. His health is deteriorating and SM refuses to help rather overwork him for money. And with the cold responses he’s receiving from SM, now he has to get the same cold treatment from fans who refused to give up the idea of a “12-member” band. That’s pathetic for fans like you. There is nothing to pity against the 11 boys. They still have 11 boys! That’s alot for a Kpop/Cpop boy band.

      • hahahaha another ignorant dumb..s, just remember Kris is alone and the remaining still have 11 of them to support each other.

  28. if he really have a health problems. he should not have sign with sm.
    really feel bad for the other 11 exo memeber. hopefully they can pull through. wondering what the other 11 memeber think when they learn this. i sure they must be shock as hell that he would do this to them. when they just start to get poplaur in s-korean and china.

    • I’m not into this whole kpop thingy but this kind of new is entertaining lol. Anyways I still think its his life, and priorities change, health conditions change so in the end I think the entertainment company should let them go instead of making it a big issue. This kind if job requires full commitment, and if someone isn’t willing anymore then better let go. No point judging either.. Again it is my canadian rationale 😛

      • I think this is a little bit beyond whether the company is willing to let him go. The person who decided the day to release the news (mayb Kris or someone else) seemed to intentionally put SM right on the spot as right now is the group’s busiest period (new album promotion, a concert in a few days, etc.). That was a smart move, I guess, to attract the most public attention. Not that I blame Kris though. Who knows what actually happend.

        Slave contract, health issue, or what not, I feel like the rest of the members are the ones that lose the most out of this shenanigan. I don’t think they can publicly voice defend Kris (in case they want to) as they must have to abide the company’s rule (hence the attack from Kris’s fan side). On the other hand, they must have to run around to fix everything for the concert in a few days. I am not an overzealous fangirl, but I can still see that it kinda sucks for them, especially those who have been training for a long time.

        I feel for these 11 people more comparing to HoMin or the rest of Super Junior. Although the cases seem to be the same, they have less control over what they can do (financially esp.). Oh well, everything will have to settle down eventually. I don’t know what is gonna happen between Kris and SM, but I hope these 11 make it out alive. 🙂

      • @hiijin
        I have to agree with you that no matter who wins in this (SM or Kris) the other members loose either way and all their effort is being jeopardized but we don’t know much details of what happened so I’m against judging individuals. Specially ending up with netizens bullying the ex-member.

        Like I said tho I’m not into kpop so I might not understand how fans feel about it I’m just against prying in their idols’ personal issues (same goes for actors).

  29. Thing with music, like dramas and books etc is it’s all subjective.
    I certainly don’t think their music is for everyone. But it’s definitely great for those who grew up with the influence of golden era R&B; Boyz to Men, Jodeci, Blackstreet — even Wu Tang Clan, as one of their Mandarin rappers actually authentically pulls off a similar rap style.
    (And guess what? No cheesy gimmicks and no kpop requisite nasally voices either — that in itself was a breakthrough!)
    Their title songs however are usually purposefully presented in a format for wider appeal with obnoxious SM performance formulas in box sets. But hot damn, if they don’t make that work for them, too! (Again – subjective, yo!)

    Otherwise, I am saddened by this news. Like really saddened to the point of being driven to depression, and I shouldn’t! Both for him, his members and even all those teams and teams of people who worked with EXO.

    Another thing was the very, very interesting cultural exchange in this group, too. Where else would you see such beautiful unity of the Korean and Chinese cultural disparities, how they united so nicely through music (and combined love of HK films and the food! The food!)
    But Kris… ahhh… Why?

    Kris used the Chinese proverb; a mantis’ arm trying to stop a chariot. It sounds tragic, but at the same time selfish as fbuck. What of the other 11 members he threw under said chariot in what was possibly the worst possible timing, in a time like that, it’s only natural for them to feel angry, hurt, betrayed. If they were already overworked they will be worse now, scrambling about even more crazily to accommodate this catastrophe, let alone having the time to sort their minds and their heavy hearts.

    But then, it all stops at health. So far no valid sources have cited his health as being the problem, if that was the case though, then he definitely did the right thing. All else is relative.

    Though still sad. He was far, far too precious to lose.

    Maybe he will have a better career post-EXO, who knows?
    Maybe he really did want that film role with Bolin Chen that Luhan got instead, or maybe that’s all BS, too. But it’s nice to know he still has some aspirations in the entertainment realm.

    Or maybe he will quit celeb life altogether?

    After all, he is filial to his mother, and she did once say she changed his name from Li Jiaheng to Wu Yifan as she wanted him to be an ordinary/down to earth guy, and I’m pretty sure she reportedly said she was never happy that he opted to become famous.
    Tough then that he grew to become 6”2 and heartstoppingly gorgeous and a charismatic personality who was born to be in the spotlight.

    Wow, this is a long comment. Was meant to be a passing one. D’oh! My original intent was to say, will people quit with the ”he’s Canadian that’s why he’s speaking up for himself” rhetoric. They might aswell be blatantly exclaiming ”only the west knows how to wipe its own arse!”
    Besides, he may have Canadian nationality but he only did a few years of High School there, he’s actually spent more time in Korea than Canada!

    All the best to both EXO and Krisus. It’s heartbreaking, but hope it works out.

    • I understand and feel you sadness for Kris and the group. as fans or as bystander, we can’t say anything. in fact we don’t need to say much, beside support him. the guy a grown man he been through the causes and effects, he knows the consequences of his actions. I just hope fans and others can respect Kris’s decision.
      p.s I’m really disappoint with how SM Ent resolve their problems. three major lawsuits with five years. this sort of situation would greatly damage to their reputation. darkness would have to face the light somehow.

      • True say, I was trying to stay out of the logistics. But yeah, no point in any mudslinging until we know the truth– don’t know whether we’ll ever know its full extent. Nvtheless once anyone wins my respect in the same way this band did I remain invested and will continue to support. </3

  30. if i were exo fan in korean i would be sending kris so much hate email. that he cry to his mommy/daddy. how can he even think of doing this to exo memeber.

    • then do you think what sm had done to him. give the hate mail to yourself and drown yourself. insensitive idiot.

  31. It gets better than just your typical Hangeng/JYJ slave contract/new career/more money drama.

    The latest word is that there’s been some sort of organised rebellion on Sina search engines and Weibo (Chinese Twitter) by a hoard of haters that appeared out of nowhere to smear EXO’s names by trending things like ” EXO member sexually violates niece for 7 years” (not kidding, this was legitimately one of the things that was trending).

    Apparently, its part of a corporate war between Sina/Youku/Tudou who signed a partnership agreement in 2012 and Baidu (China’s largest search engine controlling 70% of the market)/SM/iQiyi (a video broadcasting platform) who recently signed a partnership agreement. EXO-M was SM’s main avenue into the Chinese entertainment scene and there’s someone organising a movement to discredit EXO and SM in China. The Baidu/SM partnership was a huge deal and would take away significant market share from Sina/Youku/Tudou hence the very real possibility of this conspiracy being real.

    Plus, the scale and timing of these attacks as well as the whole contract fiasco is too well scheduled, most players think there is someone pulling the strings behind, which is why SM is silent on the actual contract nullification front – they’re busy fighting this battle.

    • Yeahh… sickoes were adamant it was a particular member who doesn’t even have a neice.
      Scary stuff all the same.

    • woah this was bigger than I thought. I knew that Kris was being used as a pawn. I just didn’t know the scale. Oh Mah God. I mean it is obvious that someone is behind this. And if the events play out the way it did with hangeng, it shows something.

    • interesting.. that actually makes sense. when politics (in that case entertainment politics in china) are involved there’s really no coincidence 😛

  32. I swear I am not racist or anything (being Asian myself), but I have a hard time telling K-Pop stars apart… especially the female groups. Korea has a really narrow beauty standard, and their idols all end up having the same manufactured Barbie-doll look. I could only tell the EXO members apart since I once watched their skit on Happy Camp (it was pretty hilarious). One youtube video lead to another, and soon I was binging all 12 episodes of Showtime. Before I knew it, I kinda became an EXO fan.

    I usually stay away from celebrity news, since teenage fangirls (and anti-fans) are often terrible and crazy. The amount of negativity Kris has been getting from this ordeal is really astonishing. If being with SM is causing him to be deeply unhappy, and if the work is adversely affecting his health, then he should be able to leave. A person’s mental and physical well-being comes first. These so-called “fans” are really selfish, and are quick to turn nasty as soon as he’s no longer a source of their entertainment.

  33. The fact that Kris has someone in China backing him is really not okay. Because the China backing is clearly stirring a lot of shit and forced him to quit at the most lucrative time instead of immediately.

    The best way I can understand this is that Kris wanted a viable way out and looked for a backing first. He is human after all. It still doesn’t discount the fact that what his new company is doing is wrong though. And in the light of the way Dongho left… I wouldn’t say Kris is selfish but that he is just being human and Dongho is just being, responsible. To his fans, members, and the staff members who are equally enslaved by kpop.

  34. new this loser only looking for a way to get out of his contract. so he can make more oney for himself. what a selfish basterd.

  35. looking back at EXO SHOWTIME…we can see how kris didnt click with his team..maybe becoz his different..i how everything will be fine.. kris fighting!!

  36. don’t wanna argue or war with else.
    i’m talking with my own perspective.
    let’s say first. i’m not EXO fan or else. i don’t even really ’bout their song or something.
    just say, it’s kinda stupid when someone say they sue because they want more money.
    logically, i don’t think that can’t be the main reason.
    only stupid person who want to fight a huge company like SM for more money.
    everyone know that KPOP is one mainstream right know. if you messed up, you will lose the fortune.
    JYJ even called national traitor because they sue SM. As for me, JYJ like a worker who want to quit their job and find new job with better salary.
    Is it wrong?
    I think not
    if you lucky, you can’t free like JYJ or hangeng, but if you not, you may go to jail or pay a lot money because breaking contract.

    and i dont think JYJ is looser, they prove that can be succesfull even without SM,
    they singer but they can’t appear on TV, can’t promote their album freely but they pass throught it with good result.
    i dont think many people can do like JYJ did. hanggeng, ex H.O.T member too.

  37. Since have listen overdose have been a fan of exo I may have be a nigeria but all korean music I have on phone I only enjoy when I listen to MAMA I dislike the music nd their video is most bad video I ever watch. I only D.O that I know that I knw his face very well the reason I know is because he acted in it’s okay,it love that is only how I know him.

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