Yoon Eun Hye Opens a Coffee Shop and Her Artwork is Placed on Display at 10 Corso Como Seoul

It’s pretty well known in K-ent that Yoon Eun Hye is a very devout Christian and is also quite artistic. She’s dabbled in fashion and painting and interior design and actually created something very pretty each time I’ve seen her work. Recently she hasn’t been active with her acting career, wisely taking a break after last Fall’s epic hot mess that was Marry Him If You Dare. She’s remained in the public eye designing bags for Samantha Thavasa and looking all hot and gorgeous modeling for brands and photo spreads. Recently she’s been in the news for two different endeavors but both tap into her artistic side. Her art work was placed on display at 10 Corso Como Seoul and above is her posing next to the various paintings. I love how it’s arrayed into a cross shape which clearly was intentional. Yoon Eun Hye is also becoming a small business owner as this month sees the opening of her coffee shop Jacob’s Ladder in Seoul. The entire shop was her brain child and she designed everything down to the paper napkin used. Jacob’s Ladder is the ladder to Heaven that Jacob dreams about in the Book of Genesis in the bible so the entire coffee shop reflects Yoon Eun Hye’s Christian faith and is decked out with bible verses. The timing feels about 7 years too late, imagine the insane publicity if she were to open her coffee shop after starring in her biggest hit drama to-date 1st Shop of the Coffee Prince with Gong Yoo back in 2007. For those who have a chance to visit Seoul in the near future, pop on by Jacob’s Ladder for some delicious coffee and cake and a chance to maybe bump into madame store owner Yoon Eun Hye. Two of her Baby V.O.X. unnis Kan Mi Youn and Shim Eun Jin have already hung out with her at the coffee shop and they posted adorable pictures of it. 


Yoon Eun Hye Opens a Coffee Shop and Her Artwork is Placed on Display at 10 Corso Como Seoul — 79 Comments

  1. As her Phil. fan, we’re truly glad SHE invested her talent to her passionate skills in designing and business ventures for it is very healthy in her profession being an ARTIST and an ENTREPRENEUR. Wishing her success!

  2. I admire her more than ever! Definitely will be on my list to visit in Seoul!!! God bless and good luck on her endeavors!

  3. Holy moly, no matter how much I love Yoon Eun Hye, I don’t think I can visit a cafe that is so blatantly religious.

    • That’s what I thought too. The religious symbols are just in your face but it’s her right. Are Koreans very religious? I read they have the 2nd highest number of Christians in East Asia, besides the Philippines.

      • That’s right. A lot of Koreans are passionately Christian.

        Though I am surprised that YEH is such an open devout for her faith, despite being a celeb.
        Good for her! 🙂

    • I’m christian and religious too…but yeah, it would be a little uncomfortable for me to go somewhere with that much religious symbology with non-christian friends

      • I don’t get how someone expressing their beliefs should make a person uncomfortable. Many westerners are so focused on being PC and making sure noone feels too uncomfortable to the point where everyone is extra-sensitive these days. It’s freaking exhausting at this point.

      • I’m with all of you. This would make me very uncomfortable to see so much religious stuff in a coffee shop. To me it seems irreverent rather than sacred to have it displayed everywhere.

      • @df How is it okay when followers of other religions like Islam or Judaism aren’t even allowed to practice their religion in public without being ostracized? This isn’t a matter of being “extra sensitive”, it’s neo-colonialism and it marginalizes many groups of people in the process.
        YEH can practice her Christianity in public like that and people who are uncomfortable with it pose no threat to it whatsoever – that’s privilege for you.

      • The same can be said of Islamic countries where Islam is the main religion and generally followed by the public. In Korean Society, yeah she can freely express her Christianity because for the most part, the “default” religion and what most people are used to is Christianity. There are Christians all over the world sitting in jail, being targeted by extremists, being ran out of their homes and even being sentenced to death (recently well known is pregnant woman in Sudan, I believe being sentenced to death for marrying a Christian man) just for being Christians. At the core of it, people are now uncomfortable with Christianity, let’s be real and I bet there are Koreans who feel the same way you do. Either way, all of us have a choice to go or not to.

  4. how can she has a lot of times to do a lot of jobs painter, model, designer, actress ,singer,and business cafe? She is a strong woman without need a support of man. I am proud for her,and I wish she always be sucess on her carrier.

    Do not work too hard Yoon Eun Hye. I think you need to relax and vacation sometimes. Love you.

    • Come on, a few years ago? Also, her supposed personal relationship with God is between her and God. I’m not saying you are doing it but some people focus so much on how others aren’t being perfect christians, muslims, hindus, whatever that they forget the branch in their own eye.

    • That’s total bull! YEH attended an event that day. After that event her co-worker Cha Ye Ryun brought her along to LBH’s birthday party. After the b-day party, LBH and SSH were helping the guests to their transportation coz it was raining that day. LBH and SSh did not go inside the car with them, they remained at the event. A lot of people saw what really happened. trash media was lying about what truly happened and blowing it out of proportion just to gain more attention.

      Everyone knows that if Dispatch had more incriminating pictures, they wouldn’t have held back and publicized everything.

      Haters gonna hate just to put her down.

      • Everyone needs to shut up, ya’ll talking as though ur related to her. Lol …!!!

    • yeah, I don’t wanna criticize her, but she’s done some very provocative and racy magazine shoots, and I don’t think a “devout” Christian would do those. Gosh, I sound like such a hard-ass. But it’s true… to me, those things don’t really match up, you know? She might be an “enthusiastic” Christian, but I can’t call her “devout”.

      • huh? since when does posing for a sexy photo shoot classify a person as a non devout christian or make her less of a Christian?

        That’s a little bit judgemental is it not? The girl has done more for the community than most people in here ever have. So just because she posed for some sexy shoot doesn’t make her less devoted to her religion.

        So weird how this is starting to become almost like a persecution case.

        She is not forcing anyone to come to her Coffee Shop Or Pushing Her Religion On anyone. Those who can relate will go to her shop and those who can’t, won’t period.

        I don’t understand why some people always gotta find something negative in like everything.

      • @Annyong I sincerely think that AAAA just voicing out her opinion that the word “devout” is not suitable and in fact “enthusiastic” would be a better choice.

        It’s indeed true that if you hold true to Christian faith and belief, posing provocatively is not very well-received. She is a good person with so much charity that she has done but she is definitely not really fit to be classified as devoted.

        You need to slow down and not to take positive minor comment as harsh criticism just because you are a fan.

      • @OMG and who made that rule that she isn’t fit to be called devout Christian? You? Does it say in the bible? Jesus didn’t judge Mary Magdalene for being a prostitute, so what right do others have to question YEH’s devotion to her religion over some sexy magazine photoshoot. I dont know it just seems as if people are just being major hypocrites at times.
        This is not about being a fan, but I see too much hate this girl is getting over the most minor things and she doesn’t deserve it.

  5. hahaha I remember Jacob’s Ladder the horror movie, imagine if she’d themed her shop around that instead!

    But congratulations to her on becoming a business owner, good that she’s invested her money well and I hope it’s all successful. Those paintings don’t look half bad either. Now please, please can she get a decent drama to star in next time….

  6. Congrats to her for being a roll model to her fans & women in general!! I do hope though she reconsiders that drawing of Jesus on her window, it wouldn’t offend me but she has to consider her customers. Everything else (from the pictures) point of view Looks Amazing! You go girl!!

  7. A christian Coffeshop? Now I´ve really seen it all..

    The writings on the wall are all very tacky but “cross=love” really takes the cake. I´m seriously speechless..

    • I don’t like the Christ picture drawing too. But the writing? I’ve seen it on plenty of shop windows and blackboards. That’s not tacky it’s the fonts and drawing. It’s quite cool and quirky actually.

      I don’t like generic shops and will patronise a shop owned by an individual vs a franchise.

      • Yeah, but Jesus as a marketing gag, with pretty, “artsy” crucifixes as accessoires? Not my cup of tea..
        And the “cross=love”-writing is just ridiculous to me because on the one hand it trivializes a torture and killing device and on the other hand excludes the one thing the writer supposedly loves from its message: Jesus.
        I´m not a “devout” christian though so what do I know..

      • @ Julia:

        With you, on that train of thought.

        On my hand religious, funked up in a modern artsy contemporary way, but nevertheless it’s commercial marketing + religion.

        Weird mix, imo.

    • I think cross equals love is a movement. I googled it http://www.crossequalslove.com/ they do random acts of kindness like paying coffee for someone who can’t afford it or something.

      As I know YEH is known for many random acts of kindness that has not been made public in the media. Volunteering to many organizations secretly and other things.

  8. Not my type of shop (I don’t drink coffee), but I like Jesus theme. Bravo, Eun Hye!
    Maybe I could eat those cherries.

  9. She should have gone the in & out corporation route. You can be a religious company without having it right in people faces. If I am Buddhist in Korea that door is a big don’t even bother coming in sign to me.

    But she may make it.

  10. She has a business partner. Jacob Lee and his wife. Jacob is the music vocalist for Agapao Ministry Worship for God. I think they also own the billy angel cake company which supplies the delicious cakes of Jacob’s Ladder.

  11. People are really reading too much into her Coffee Shop……

    So what if it has a religious theme? She’s not forcing people to be Christian too. It’s not like there’s a discount for Christians of anything. She loves her religion and that’s it. It’s like people who loves cats so they have a cat theme for their cafe. Will dog lovers not go into the shop because it’s a cat cafe? Besides, it’s like asking people if they go into a Starbucks shop for the green lady logo?

    And what is it about posing for sexy photos and being a devout Christian? It’s her job to pose for those photos. It’s like saying that killers in movies are real life killers just because of the role that they played.

    Anywayzzz, I’m happy that she’s pursuing what she loves. Hopefully she comes back soon!!

    • WORD. Some of the comments in this post (not yours) have been just bizarre I don’t even know how to engage in discussion about it.

      Imma going to open a Koala-themed restaurant with an eucalyptus-themed menu. If people have a problem with me flaunting my Koala-love them so be it. It’s my money and I can throw it away if I want to on a Koala-restaurant that probably no one will frequent.

      • Yes, and it feels like something that is harmless to her is becoming twisted around and be used against her. Like people are pointing fingers at her when they are doing the same thing….

        I feel like people are reading too much into it, by turn, they’re actually the one being really religious instead of her because to her, those are just pieces of what she loves.

        It’s like that saying, “Just because you go to church, it doesn’t make you a good person.” Here, it’s more like just because you are not putting your religion out there, it doesn’t mean that you’re not being religious right now.

      • I also think of it kind of like people celebrating Christmas. For people it’s ok to celebrate it and be open about it but she can’t be open about her celebration for her religion….
        People here are acting like a person who never wants to see another person with a Christmas tree.

      • @caleigh It’s not a matter of being personally threatened, it’s a matter of recognizing the fact that there are religious and historical implications that are inherently problematic.
        No one said she can’t make her cafe be this way, only that it’s exclusionary and there’s nothing wrong with calling her out on that.

        Also, just because some people of a marginalized group are alright with something doesn’t mean it is automatically not objectively oppressive. If caring about the silencing and erasure of marginalized groups is what you call “butthurt” or narrow-minded then okay, whatever helps you sleep at night…

    • A eucalyptus-themed menu is probably not going to ostracize anyone last time I checked.
      Christianity doesn’t exist in a vacuum, and it is not “harmless” to impose it on others when it has such a dark history to many racial groups around the world. There are many people out there who wouldn’t feel comfortable with having a business (or anyone for that matter) shove it down their throat.
      I love you Koala (I do <3), but I disagree and I hope you realize how insensitive and alienating something like that is to non-Christians.

      • I disagree. It’s only a resturant with some paintings and symbols so what seems so uncomfortable about it? It’s not a place where you will find a priest in or you will be forced to read the bible. It’s a coffee shop with specific theme that people may like or dislike but saying non christians will feel uncomfortable is not true. I know many people with different religions who are open and totally not sensetive about other’s religions . So to speak up about it like that, seems very unfair and to be honest you are saying non christians are narrow minded.

      • Excuse me? I am a non-Christian but I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable going to that Coffee Shop. Just because you have issues with that theme, doesn’t mean all non-Christians would be butthurt over it too.

        She’s not forcing her business down your throat either. She simply has a coffee shop with a theme of something she loves. Now, did she grab you by the hair and forced you to go there, convert to her religion and read the bible?

        Not all non-Christians are narrowminded ya know?!

  12. Coffee Prince was 2007? Where do the years go? It didn’t seem that long ago…I was so sad when Lee Eon died afterwards.

    Anywho…I may try to visit the shop when I’m there for a bit in September…but…yeah

  13. It’s always surprised me that some people are always being so judgemental to what someone does this days. Especially when that someone is a public figure like YEH. I noticed that when they’re an article about her some comments are “demeaning” to the point of being rude. No wonder she’s not as open as she used to be.
    So what if her shop/cafe are Christian themed or if she has had sexy photoshoot ? I have different religion but it doesn’t lessened my admiration for her. I thought what she did (good deed) in real life and her principle of life has proved that she’s a good person (beyond one’s belief/faith)
    She’s a professional actress/model so she did what she’s been asked as long as it’s not crossing the limit. Whereas, her devotion to her religion is her choice and most of her fans respect that.

    Some time I find some people/commentators are being so hypocrite…

  14. It’s always surprised me that some people are always being so judgemental to what someone does this days. Especially when that someone is a public figure like YEH. I noticed that when there’re an article about her some comments are “demeaning” to the point being rude. No wonder she’s not as open as she used to be.
    So what if her shop/cafe have Christian themed or if she has had sexy photoshoots ? Would they define her as a lesser person ?
    I have different religion but it doesn’t lessened my admiration for her or for what she did. I thought what she did (good deed)in real life and her principle of life has proved that she’s a good person (beyond one’s belief/faith)
    She’s a professional actress/model so did what she’s been asked for. Whereas, her devotion to her religion is her choice and privilege and most of her fans respect that.

    Sometime I find some people/commentators are being so hypocrite…

    • I dont understand how people said she is not devout christian because she is posing sexy photoshoot… It makes absolutely no sense

  15. I’m happy for YEH for investing wisely and that Christian drawings seem perfectly okay for me. I would like to visit her coffee shop, drink some organic tea and eat that delicious looking cake while looking around and sit comfortably in one of the chairs, I would feel like I’m in heaven, lol. Kiddingly aside, I just hope she will not forget she is still an actress and hope for her to be in a good drama, I miss seeing her face on small screen.

  16. Some people here are to judgemental but i think they are the one who have many things in their closet you know what i mean right?Know yourself first before you judge other’s !Anyway nobody is forcing you to come thereIIsnt it nice if youhave nothing good to say just keep your mouthh shut ! will definitely visit there if i wii go to Korea even if i dont drink cofee!LOL

  17. there are some people here with comments SERIOUSLY, leave me speechless really, but good that he can do against stupidity to the gods struggle in vain, good for YEH and really admire to feel proud of their religion and show what likes definitely a big woman in every sense of the word. finally just hope his return with elderly, really miss you.

  18. They are jealous of your achievements and talents. A beauty with brain and hardworking person never wasting time idling around. Definitely go to your cafe when visiting korea.

  19. God, some comments are so ugly and out of place, now anyone is free to say what he likes? she loves her religion and is happy that the problem is indeed YEH this exposed to criticism as the flu, I just hope to see it soon in a drama or movie.

  20. I always love YEH! I had no clue she painted. Go her! And I love going to quirky places, much more interesting than franchises b/c you never know what to expect. 🙂 Hope to see YEH in a drama soon.

  21. What is the matter with some of you people. Yoon Eun Hye believes in christ. Get over it. As long as she does not compromise her beliefs and who she is to please others thats all that matters. If some of you can’t eat cheese cake and look at a picture of Jesus, then please do not traipse in that coffee shop on your stint to Seoul Korea. So what if she goes to a party with her acting colleagues? This is exactly why Yoon Eun Hye is happy, because she knows that she is free and Jesus is there for her. Religion gets people in trouble. She feels ok proclaiming her love for Jesus, who died on the cross for her. She is not ashamed. That’s all. If she practiced something else, no one would say anything. If you love her as a person and an actor, just enjoy the update. My Gosh. Her flipping coffee shop is cool and pretty and all things YOON EUN HYE

  22. Religion is a very personal issue and to each his own. I will not feel comfortable going to a religion themed cafe but it’s her money and its not like she is forcing people to go there.
    I enjoy her acting and really want to see her in a nice drama again. a reunion with GY or KJH please.

  23. what wearing bikinis at the beach or partying is not a devout____? Why bcos you dont have a friend inviting you to a party. Are you still living in stone age?

    Those who call themselves devout or religious are actually ugly pretenders behind closed doors.

    I adore Yeh for what she has achieved way ahead of many yet so humble.

  24. I was expecting to see more security cameras. So far, I only spot one. YEH must have a lotta faith in her employees and customers. LOL!

  25. Now I understand why she is successful yet grounded, beautiful inside and out. When in Seoul, I’ll definitely pay a visit to her coffee shop. Thanks for sharing Koala.

  26. Congrats. But as soon as i read this, KooHyeSun popped in my mind. These too should get together. KHS also has a coffee shop where she hangs her artwork and designs yhe shop. It also has a little art gallery attached to it where varies artist show their work. The difference is that KHS been doing it longer and more deeper in art, in terms of she also designs is a writer, composer, illustrator, producer/director and dabbles in photography. I think they would get along well knowing that KHS is such a free spirited person and YEH is Chrisitian. Congrats on your new venture

  27. am SOOOO HAPPY with her new achievements..Well done my dear YEH..I will definitely visit Korea someday and her coffee shop will be my first on my list to visit..

  28. I am a great fan of YEH and I am so proud of her achievements. I will always support whatever she does. All the best to you YEH.

  29. I just want to suggest YEH to have ice creams or yourguts in her coffee shop because parents can drink coffee and eat cake, and children can eat ice cream and cake. Her shop looks good for a family to visit and enjoy in spare time.

  30. am s happy to hear that she is a christian, am a christian myself and also wondered if some k stars are also. am happy she is progressing in her career and also developing her other talents,May God help her to stay true to him and do her best

  31. Love Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo is a catholic, she is doing something she love and investing in something that she wants to do and achieved so much for such a young person and as a woman too, rather than spending her money on partying, drinking or drug, just do whatever you want while u still alive, u not harming or hurting anyone or doing bad things to society,,go girl

  32. I wonder why some people are so against her being a devouted christian…..Anyways YEH am really proud of your charisma & talent.i do love your paintings too & i hope she gets a wonderful man to marry soon…..YEH will definitely be an amazing mother

  33. Wow the cheesecake looks tasty! 🙂 The paintings look awesome.. i didnt know she was such a talented artist.. I hope Kim Jong Kook comes to her cafe! 😉 Saranghaeyo Yoon Eun Hye!! <3

  34. I probably would deep six the crown of thorns drawing, it could make a few feel guilty for enjoying themselves with all the decadent goodies. Cute shop, and wonderful photos of her painting skills.

    She is one smart business woman, she looks like she is preparing for her future. I wonder if she is going to start more directing projects..she probably would be very good at it. Just my opinion

  35. Happy Birthday to Yoon Eun Hye! Her real life events 2014 are selected Gong Yoo as an ideal man, opened her own coffee shop, and held a charity with Gong Yoo at her coffee shop. Therefore, I will use her life events to write a short story with title “The Love of Eun Chan.”
    It starts the first day new month in October, and today is a special date of a lovely couple. That couple is Eun Chan and Han Kuyl. They have appointment to meet together after work to celebrate birthday. Eun Chan waits Han Kuyl an hour and gets a little cold with wind blow, but she does not see her boyfriend come, so she goes home and still not hear his call back in two hours later. She worries and says “Why does my boyfriend not call me if he can’t come? Does he get any trouble or accident? I want looking for him, but I can not come to his house because it is very late evening. He does not know that I am always worried for him, so I can’t sleep tonight. I hope the times go fast, so I can visit him in early morning. I pray nothing bad happen to him.” Now 10:45PM, Han Kuyl comes and yells out “Eun Chan, open the door for me! “ Eun Chan is so happy without breath to hear his voice, but still a little upset, so she replies” It is late evening, so you go home. I am going to sleep.” Han Kuyl asks” Are you get mad with me right? I am sorry. Please open the door and listen on what I explain for you. If you are not happy after I explain, I will go home .” Eun Chan opens the door and Han Kuyl explains that he forgets his phone at work, and his car gets on trouble. He leaves it on the road. It is hard to find a taxi, so he is walking to Eun Chan’s house. He said” Eun Chan, look at me and you feel sorry for me! My face and shirt is wet in cold weather because I am very tire. Also, my shoes tear out, so I catch some stone. I get hurt, but it is not a big deal. I just want to see you because my love for you is bigger than mountain and ocean. On the way to your house, I am just thinking about you. Also, I am very careful not broken the cake and flowers because I do not want to make you sad. Can I come in your house now? I promise to pay back my fault on your next birthday.” Eun Chan smile, and they start to celebrate birthday. Then, the delivery pizza knocks Eun Chan’s house. Han Kuyl says that he orders it on the way come to Eun Chan house because it is very late to go restaurant. Eun Chan bites a pizza, and she yells out “What is it in my mouth? It is a ring.”Han Kuyl holds her hand and proposes” I am thankful for my life that I have a chance to work with you on drama Coffee Prince. We are in love for seven years, so we were sharing a lot of happiness and sadness in life. So, can you marry me?” Eun Chan says yes, and both of them give a sweet kiss. Han Kuyl talks” Our wedding will be held on May 2015 because it was a date we first met together in 2007. You know, we are in love for eight years in next year, and number eight is a lucky number for Chinese. I hope our marriage’s life is also happy and lucky same as eight years in love. Also, our honey moon will be in Europe’s Cruise ship. I will have a diamond ring, our wedding picture, and big rose’s flowers for you, and that is all your wishes that you want to have in a proposal of drama Coffee Prince. Do you like it?” Eun Chan says yes she likes it, and she asks Han Kuyl “Oppa, in twenty years later, I am not beautiful than other younger women. Do you still love me as same today?” Han Kuyl replies” I know one thing that even I marry ten more times with a lot of younger women than you, but I will never find out any women that have a beautiful heart and so kind like you in my life. I love you forever. Eun Chan, my beautiful wife forever.”

  36. Dear Koloa!

    Please help me to foward my story to Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo. I send it few days early for Yoon Eun Hye birthday because I hope they can read and like it. This story is my love to them, and Coffee Prince is my real life story, so I love it. I hope Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye will have a good memory about it. Thank you a lot for your help. I will also put it in facebook of them too.

  37. Now I have more reasons to visit South Korea again.. Jacob’s Ladder and the Coffee Prince shop..and hopefully meet Yoon Eun Hye and Gong Yoo! I am praying to the Almighty God in Jesus’ Name that they are the ones for each other to become husband and wife.. I believe they are meant for each other for the glory of God!

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