Filming Begins on Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower 3 with Hans Zhang and Swapped Female Lead Gui Gui

It’s probably just coincidental timing that Hana Yori Dango is back in the news these days what with the Japanese tabloids gossiping about the J-dorama leads Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao maybe dating and even more maybe getting married. It’s as juicy as it gets and if confirmed they would join another HanaDan drama coupling to go from reel-to-real. The C-version of HanaDan Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower had its two leads Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang confirm their dating relationship last year after many years of media gossip about them. It’s been a rocky road since then with the media jumping on break-up rumors centered around Zheng Shuang being too clingy and Hans too much of a chick magnet to really settle down. The couple has never addressed the break-up rumors and has continued with their respective red hot careers. The C-version did film a sequel and there was always talk of a third drama to wrap up the story.

Then second male lead Ham Yu got severely injured on the set of a C-drama with Selena Jen and I thought the project was DOA until the shocker dropped this week that filming quietly started on Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower 3. You would think it was a no-brainer that lead Hans and Zheng Shuang would be back, especially since they are still acknowledged as dating, so it’s a total shocker that the female lead is now Gui Gui! Holy what just happened behind the scenes? Zheng Shuang is currently filming an angsty period melodrama with Hawick Lau so I can see that she’s unavailable for Meteor Shower 3 but couldn’t the production have just waited? Switching out the female lead in the third sequel seems like such a radical move, and much as I do like Gui Gui and she does have the spunk to play the character it just feels all sorts of wrong. Hans is back for the third go-around and fans caught them filming on the street and snapped Hans sporting ginger hair in character.


Filming Begins on Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower 3 with Hans Zhang and Swapped Female Lead Gui Gui — 30 Comments

  1. I love Gui Gui but I just like Zheng Shuang better. Plus it going to be weird that they started with Zheng Shuang and now suddenly for the season 3 thye change the female lead. Ms Koala you are right they should just wait for her.

    • FYI, there are numerous beautiful Mainland Chinese actresses with good acting skills in TV series and/or films. Gao Yuanyuan (her recent popular TV series: Let’s Get Married. Popular in films too), Dong Jie (Had some good TV series with actor Deng Chao: You Are My Brothers. Did some movies), Jiang Xin and Betty Sun Li (Zhen Huan Biography TV series and other works), Jiang Qinqin (her famous TV series is Qiao’s family courtyard), Zhang Meng (period dramas, Queen of SOP series), Tong Liya (original Gong series; many current series; some movies), Ma Yili, Li Xiaolu, etc. Li Bingbing, Fan Bingbing, Bai Baihe, Wang Luodan, Jiang Yiyan, Zhao Wei, Zhou Xun, etc. were popular TV actresses, but they do more films now. Former TV actors: Wen Zhang, Lu Yi, Liu Ye, Chen Kun, Tong Dawei, Huang Xiaoming, Chen Sicheng, Deng Chao, etc. Jia Nailiang, Du Chun, Lu Yi, Mickey He, etc. are still pretty busy with TV series. Sun Honglei, Huang Bo still do occasional series. The above lists do not yet include those from HK and Taiwan like the prolific Nicholas Tse, Ady An Yixuan, Joe Chen QiaoEn, Wallace Chung, Vic Zhou, etc.

      • I intended to reply to “SY” below. But probably clicked on the wrong “Reply” button. Oops!

  2. Guigui is on a roll these days. Is the incisive great teacher getting much appraise over in china?

    Hmm, by the looks of it, perhaps they have broken up, if they can’t even wait for her to come back. And what’s this period she’s doing with Hawick Lau? You mean the lady and the liar?

    Hope guigui can improve her acting. I checked out the female prime minister and the incisive great teacher and haven’t seen much versatility – she usually plays the cute and not very bright characters. Although I did check out summer fever too which was okay.

    The one in the blue coat is the main lead right? Not the one in white/grey.

    Is the poster the official one or fan made? Cause guigui’ hair looks like the one she sported during her WGM days, and her hair looks different in the photo stills.

    • No the period drama that Zheng Shuang is currently filming with Hawick is called 抓住彩虹的男人 (The Cage of Love).

      • As big as China is, do they only have a few actors/actresses? Based on Koala’s posts, It seems like every other drama there will have either one of these actors in it: Liu Shi Shi, Nicky Wu, Harwick Lau, Tang Yan, Wallace Huo, Han Zhang

      • Replying to SY – I’ve always wondered about that myself. The news articles I see about cdramas are always about a very small pool of actors, but China is such a big country you’d think they’d have more A-list actors than that. Maybe it’s just that the international articles tend to focus on a certain type of drama that tends to feature those actors? Idk.

      • Just checked it out! It’s being scripted by Tong Hua! And he released photo stills arent bad either!But not a fan of Hawick’s outfit.

        Also to SY – I’m pretty sure there are lots of other dramas with different actors/actressed in China. Just the interesting that tend to crop up in Koala’s posts are the ones most likely appeal to her international readers ie us.

        To be honest, have never heard of anyone in your list of names other than LSS – the only reason why I can identify them is because Koala wrote about them in her posts and I consequently checked out their dramas eg Perfect Couple, BBJX etc….

      • @SY There are lots of Chinese dramas and actors but I guess the dramas with the actors you mentioned probably has more international interest/Koala’s interest.

    • @SY- There are many great actors and actresses in China. If you only read Koalasplayground blog, then of course you will read the same names over and over as those are the stars/artists that she likes.
      Perhaps, learn mandarin or cantonese, and you can start watching the drama’s and the movies. Hong Kong dramas from the 80’s and 90’s TVB had some fantastic stories along with fantastic acting. After 2000’s the Chinese Drama seems more fun to watch since they have more money now. I am not as familiar with Taiwanese drama but I have watched Qioung Yao, the Queen of Romance novels, the formother? of historical romances made into movies (i.e. Huan Zhu ge ge) or The series (Six Dreams), this was a time before Tong Hua had Bu Bu Jing Xin, their writing are similiar.

  3. I still haven’t watched season 2 cause I can’t find subs anywhere (the ones on viki are really messed up) but I actually really liked season 1. I thought it had the best storyline besides the Japanese one. Never seen gui gui in anything so can’t say if she will be good or not but as long as Hans is in it I’m in I just love him.

  4. Apparently the character names of the leads are totally different from that of the original c-version of Hans – zheng pairing so it should be a totally different story.

  5. I liked the first series. Never got around to finishing the second one. I like Gui Gui for the most part so I will give her a chance here. I’ll wait until the official poster and trailer are out to decide. Thanks for the info =)

  6. A few weeks ago, there was an episode of Happy Camp during which Zheng Shuang was mentioned and Hans had a super cite reaction. Of course, they could have broken up since then, but at the time it seemed like they were still together? Idk, but I really hope they are because they make my shipper heart happy xD

  7. OMG WHY!!!! I LOVE XHENG SHUANG!!! <3 she can't be replaced it's not fair for the viewer to suddenly have a role switch~ plus of all ppl Gui Gui the bitch of the drama(not a bitch in real life just in the drama) really? Can't they just wait…?

    • Guigui the Bitch of the drama??? When and where does Guigui ever play the biatch??? Which drama/movie???

  8. no it can’t be like that .. if there will be Chu Yuxun . that will be ZHENG SHUANG and only ZHENG SHUANG !! HANSHUANG FOREVER!!

  9. and someone in china who has an update about Zhang Han and Zheng Shuang can you please give us an update .. that would be happy for me 🙂 thanks

    • There had been news articles about how the two had broken up. She mentioned that she felt pressured about their relationship at times, especially when she wasn’t working or filming. It sounds like an amicable break up. She’s not opposed to working with him again in future projects.

    • I know this show, renamed a different kind of handsome man, premiered today. Does anyone know if it will be subbed anywhere?

  10. Although it is called the third season of meteor shower it has nothing to do with the previous seasons, in fact it isn’t even the same series. The name of this series is BU YI YANG DE MEI NAN ZI (meaning A different King of pretty boy) and the plot is definitly not the same.
    I am really desappointed with the endding of the series…

  11. Hopefully this is a new drama, not continue from season 2 cause I all the same costar I don’t want a chance so hopefully this is not season 3… Please be a different drama please.. Please be a joke…

  12. Gui Gui is cute! I thought that there was an article written that the original girl who did the first Chinese (China) version had major plastic surgery to the point that she doesn’t even look like the first version, so even if the original girl played the part, she wouldn’t even have the same look.

    I am currently watching it now, the first time I cringed at the first 10 min and stopped watching. Then I watched ‘San San come to eat” and thought the main guy was too cute! and you tube had the Let’s go watch meteor shower as a recommended video and the main guy from “San San Come to Eat” was the same main guy in Let’s watch Meteor Shower.
    By the way, yes, the Main guy and the main girl of Let’s watch Meteor Shower did break in real life, so there is the reason why they are not going to be in the same drama.

  13. I watched both seasons and my mind is still set with Hans Zhang & Zheng Shuang couple. I had recommended this drama to all my friends and they like it. Honestly, I won’t give it a try in watching the 3rd season & won’t recommend it to my friends. It’s ok to change the other characters but the main leads shouldn’t. If they understand how the entertainment works, they should consider how the viewers would take it. They should have waited for Zheng Shuang if they want to retains the viewers rating.

  14. So sad why they change the lead actress i dont like gui gui as the same comment i will not try to glance it not worthy it could be better if zao lin yang then …for 1 and 2 will be stay forever in my heart especially the ost ….sad ,sad sad

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