Filming Begins on Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower 3 with Hans Zhang and Swapped Female Lead Gui Gui

It’s probably just coincidental timing that Hana Yori Dango is back in the news these days what with the Japanese tabloids gossiping about the J-dorama leads Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao maybe dating and even more maybe getting married. It’s as juicy as it gets and if confirmed they would join another HanaDan drama coupling to go from reel-to-real. The C-version of HanaDan Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower had its two leads Hans Zhang and Zheng Shuang confirm their dating relationship last year after many years of media gossip about them. It’s been a rocky road since then with the media jumping on break-up rumors centered around Zheng Shuang being too clingy and Hans too much of a chick magnet to really settle down. The couple has never addressed the break-up rumors and has continued with their respective red hot careers.┬áThe C-version did film a sequel and there was always talk of a third drama to wrap up the story.

Then second male lead Ham Yu got severely injured on the set of a C-drama with Selena Jen and I thought the project was DOA until the shocker dropped this week that filming quietly started on Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower 3. You would think it was a no-brainer that lead Hans and Zheng Shuang would be back, especially since they are still acknowledged as dating, so it’s a total shocker that the female lead is now Gui Gui! Holy what just happened behind the scenes? Zheng Shuang is currently filming an angsty period melodrama with Hawick Lau so I can see that she’s unavailable for Meteor Shower 3 but couldn’t the production have just waited? Switching out the female lead in the third sequel seems like such a radical move, and much as I do like Gui Gui and she does have the spunk to play the character it just feels all sorts of wrong. Hans is back for the third go-around and fans caught them filming on the street and snapped Hans sporting ginger hair in character. Continue reading