Kang Ji Hwan’s Character Survives Swimming With the Fishes in Preview for Episode 9 of Big Man

Jung So Min keeps looking better and better in Big Man, and it’s not just the visuals as her character continues to develop in a direction that’s juicy and full of potential. I’ve not been posing previews and goodies of Big Man despite watching it regularly since it’s narrative hasn’t yet hooked me fully. I think the switch might be flipping in episode 9 because episode 8 ended on a doozy of a cliffhanger. BM works much better viewed on a macro level, which actually makes my decision not to recap it all the better to enjoy it when I don’t need to get bogged down in the uninteresting nitty gritty. The story is really about The Big Con strung together with The Ultimate Payback. It’s a very Hollywood movie set up and the con in this particular story is triggered by a very rich sociopathic set of parents who try to murder a random stranger to get a matching heart for their son dying of heart failure. Their scheme fails when the victim proves to be alive and not murdered, so the con ensues whereby the rich family needs to pretend he is their long-lost son to cover up their murder-for-heart crime.

By the end of episode 8, the hookwinked victim Kim Ji Hyuk learns the whole truth and then finds himself beaten within an inch of his life and then tossed overboard in the ocean to become fish food and take the secret to his grave.¬†Of course Ji Hyuk isn’t going to die since he’s the male lead but episode 8 did leave me worried, which is why I was anxious for the preview for episode 9 to make sure he was going to pull through and see what else the insane Kang family have up their sleeve. The preview and new still of Kang family rebel daughter Jin Ah also make me happy beyond belief to see that she’s still the only person in Ji Hyuk’s side. In the preview she worries about where he is and whether she can keep him safe. That’s my girl! I would love to see Jin Ah leave that horrible family and just become Ji Hyuk’s sidekick in his revenge plans. Second male lead Dong Seok continues his ascent to uber-villain as he’s the one who orchestrated offing Ji Hyuk and is anxious to make things official with now-reluctant girlfriend Mi Ra. I think the switch will flip now the story heads into major payback time since it has become weary watching Ji Hyuk get skunked time and time again.

Preview for episode 9:


Kang Ji Hwan’s Character Survives Swimming With the Fishes in Preview for Episode 9 of Big Man — 10 Comments

  1. I wonder if this show will be more singular on its objective that all jihyuk has to have is payback? I mean I’m always a sucker for revenge plots but based on how ‘simple’ the premise is, it kind of leaves me wanting for more. You know what this show often reminds me of? Story of a Man, but that show did manage to elevate the simple

    • Ugh hate when my phone does that.

      But like I was saying, to continue the comparison, the show did manage to elevate the premise of revenge towards an even greater battle of ethics, morality, dignity, greed and a conflict of two equally driven men. There are battle of wits as much as that of ideologies that I liked. Dongsuk seems very much one-note right now, it would be a pleasant surprise if he could evolve as more than just a greedy sociopath that is jealous of jihyuk’s entanglement with his fiance. The possibilities are numerous and exciting especially the idea of one simple minded scrupulous hero disturbing that said family’s existence and perhaps their definition of what it means to be one.

    • I am so with you. I have not watched a single episode of this show but if they made her the love interest I would marathon it tomorrow!

      • Yes definitely agree with both of you… somehow Mira is annoying, so stunning face with nearly no emotion. I like her character in Secret… but not now… her character is superficial I think
        on the other hand, I like Jin ha’s character so much and watch her scenes with Ji yuk and I hope Jin Ah becomes the love interest of ji yuk

    • I am with you on this. The only reason why I am watching is for Jung So Min and I would be more excited if she is the love interest but…..

      • Count me in, in the JinAh JiHyuk ship! I am actually hitting fast forwards more often than not.

  2. Jung So Min looks stunning in those photos! It makes me even sadder that I can’t get into this drama at all. My girl deserves a better project!

    PS: Koala, the second season of Itazura na Kiss just finished shooting. It’ll be here any day now.

  3. I’m now confused in this drama. Why is MR trying to bring DS down. What is her revenge. Her revenge should be against his father and mother.

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