MBC Showcases the Vastly Improved Jaejoong with His Cute OTP Baek Jin Hee in Triangle

Lee Bum Soo is starting to get an additional reputation boost not just as an amazing actor in his own right, but also doing the impossible task of making everyone acting around him better including some pretty hopeless idols. Right after turning Yoona into a legit leading lady, and erasing their age and height difference disparity in Prime Minister and I, he’s now doing serious magic with Jaejoong in Triangle that needs to be seen to be believed. I’ve never thought Jaejoong was hopeless actually, he was not bad in Protect the Boss but had the luck of playing a great character with an interesting story arc of his own. The problem was his next drama Dr. Jin, which coincidentally also starred Lee Bum Soo who may be capable but is no omnipotent magician. Faced with three mostly bad actors in Jaejoong, Song Seung Heon, and Park Min Young, Lee Bum Soo could only enjoy the experience and let the drama revel in its own hot mess.

Triangle has turned out to be decent but sooooo dull. It’s a drama that puts me to sleep in between perking up whenever Lee Bum Soo or Jaejoong shows up. The underwhelming script that strings together boring plot lines while leaving so much potential untapped. I can’t recommend it but am sticking along for Jaejoong’s vastly improved acting, his great chemistry and interactions with Baek Jin Hee, and the occasional Lee Bum Soo sighting. It’s not a lot but does form a nice parallel for my same reasons to stick with Big Man for Kang Ji Hwan and Jung So Min. Triangle started off the Mon-Tues ratings leader and has fallen to the last of the pack and it has no one to blame but the scriptwriter. There was an adorable scene between Jaejoong and Baek Jin Hee in episode 7 that MBC has milked the shit out of by releasing a ton of BTS stills that totally hit my happy spot. LOOK AT THE CUTE! This has to be shared, along with some Triangle video cuts to appreciate the new-and-improved Jaejoong.

Jaejoong as Young Dal with his hyung and dongsaeng.

Baek Jin Hee with Jaejoong and Im Shi Wan scene cut from episode 8:

Triangle OST song “Day by Day” MV:


MBC Showcases the Vastly Improved Jaejoong with His Cute OTP Baek Jin Hee in Triangle — 12 Comments

  1. I’m totally in love with Jaejoong in triangle…He’s adorable and everytime he has to emote pain, I’m right there crying with him…that’s how good he’s become…

    I’ve seen so many dramas that I barely cry now in emotional scenes except for these kid actors that are so good that they break your heart, but Jaejoong is bringing it on in this show and I’m so thrilled.

    I adore my OTP and cannot wait for them to get closer…

    And I want to kill the scriptwriter for ruining such a promising drama!

    I mean, we are in episode 8 and our OTP is barely seen together and the root of the story regarding the 3 long lost brothers is only now starting to be mentionned. WTF writer?

    • seriously, this one’s falling ratings cannot be blamed on the cast – like someone said, they waste too much time. I hope the pace picks up though.

  2. Gosh! Jaejoong has certainly improved in acting by leaps and bounds.

    I hope Jung Il Woo is an Idol Whisperer too !! I hope he can infect Yunho in their new drama.

    • My sentiment exactly.
      I thought about jung Il woo when I read this article. And my mind went “will JIW become like LBS’ idol whisperer or just let them be like LBS did in Dr.WTFJin? Bcoz 3 is too difficult to handle. Lol

  3. I didn’t expect to enjoy watching them together but their chemistry is great and have won me over. And thanks to Jaejoong, I found Siwan, someone whose dramas I’ll be on the lookout for in the future.

  4. Jaejoong is amazing. I hate watching him get beat up so much! It’s crazy! Honestly, he’s always getting picked on in this drama. I love his acting skills. I know he gets a bad rap for Dr. Jin, but I loved his crying scenes in there. So many actors do a really cruddy job during crying scenes, but he’s amazing. I can’t wait for the guys to find out they’re related and see how it stirs things up between the Jaejoong’s character and his dongsaeng!

  5. ‘age and height difference’… lol!

    I’m liking Triangle, but it’s kind of slow and not as glamorous as other dramas. So I see why everyone might not like it. The actors playing all three brothers are doing really well, though – koala you singled out Jaejoong here and he is good but it’s Im Shi Wan who really impressed me most.

    On the bonus side, both the younger brothers also have really good chemistry with Baek Jin Hee. She’s adorable with Jaejoong but she and Im Shi Wan have this very sexy ‘I hate you’ kind of chemistry. I still look forward to the OTP happening though.

    Shame Lee Beom Soo’s OTP character has no chemistry with him. The pairing is age appropriate but omg the character is so FLAT.

  6. ???? You can’t turn someone into a good actor. That is a journey they go through on their own. You can inspire someone and guide them but you can’t magically make them good or bad. That just shows how ignorant some of you are. Talking bs.

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