Joseon Gunman Releases Crackling Sword v. Gun Battle Teaser as Lee Jun Ki Films Guerilla Date on the Seoul Streets

Seeing a fantastic teaser that blows my mind makes me want to wax nostalgic about the good old days of cinema when there was fewer output but the masterpieces could stand the test of time. Nowadays content is everywhere and the proliferation of too much stimuli makes everything feel expected and ordinary. We’ll settle for merely good because most stuff is just bad. The first teaser video for Joseon Gunman just dropped like an exploding snippet of intensity and style in an otherwise quiet cinematic weekend. There are glimpses of The Princess’s Man‘s visual style and I recollect that the first teaser for that drama was just a man on a horse racing something across a red-streaked background. The teaser for Joseon Gunman is dark, very very dark in color palette, so it took me multiple watches just to really view what was happening.

Lee Jun Ki‘s character Park Yoon Kang is seen firing a shotgun and then racing through a dark forest before using the shotgun to engage in a sword fight. In the end the swordsman is about the strike him down with a sword slash from in the air when Yoon Kang kneels down and backs the barrel of his gun readying it to fire. It’s the synopsis of this drama reduced to 30 artistic murky seconds, a swordsman who can fight with a sword chooses to adapt and use a gun in an era of great change in Joseon. KBS loves to release stylish first teasers and it doesn’t always equal a good drama in the end, but for now I can enjoy this one for being eye-catching and intriguing as a standalone offering. Lee Jun Ki also filmed the KBS show Guerilla Date this week and the filming was swarmed by the public. I’m hoping people recognized Jun Ki and went to gape at him rather than his hideous suit jacket LOL.

First teaser for Joseon Gunman:


Joseon Gunman Releases Crackling Sword v. Gun Battle Teaser as Lee Jun Ki Films Guerilla Date on the Seoul Streets — 10 Comments

  1. This looks promising!! Very good. An action-packed sageuk and Lee Jun Ki! Please be good and has high ratings! *pray*

  2. Am not into sageuks but good Lord is that an awesome teaser!! I hope LJK is resting well and loading up on nutritious food!

  3. this teaser remembering me to the old western film, what with those music style in the background…..but YAY…looooves it.
    as for his jacket, why there is some comment about it? uhm…maybe my taste of fashion are bad or maybe Im to biaas, that whatever Joon Gi wore, I just go with it…..qe qe qe

    • Well, because it does look fugly. Just because Jun Ki makes it somewhat work doesn’t make it look good.

      Of course, in response to koala’s comment, I’m pretty sure the fans were much more interested in Jun Ki than his jacket (though maybe they were more interested in removing the jacket than the jacket itself).

      Also, looking forward to the drama as it looks awesome.

      Not a big fan of the music choice in the teaser as I don’t like the singer’s voice (I think he was in the finale of Monstar?), but as long as it’s not blaringly bad, I can take most music in dramas.

  4. Can’t wait to see this Drama, JG have big Fans base, I would not worry about his Jacket, actually jacket is fine looking, give JG a big hug wish him a huge success.

  5. Koala! I saw Lee Jun Ki in Gangnam last week on this date! I recognize the jacket. He was walking into what looked like a furniture store underneath a coffee shop. The ahjummas were pretty aggressive though and were in the front blocking everyone else from getting a good shot of him. My pix are a bit blurry but the jacket is unmistakable. He is even more handsome in real life. 🙂

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