Ha Ji Won Visits Taiwan to Promote the Network Airing of Empress Ki

Her Royal Highness Empress Ki arrived in Taiwan to kick-off promotions for the soon-to-air sageuk with lots of fanfare. Ha Ji Won is looking so ridiculously high wattage movie star at the Taiwan press conference for her hit K-drama which will probably be popular in Taiwan as sell since the audience there laps up her dramas and has a fondness for period works. Ha Ji Won arrived in Taipei and was welcomed at the airport by three hundred excited fans, a few of whom collaborated beforehand and dressed up as characters in Empress Ki such as her maid and servant and guard to greet her. Okay, that’s really cute. Ha Ji Won’s was thrilled to see such a boisterous crowd as she exited the airport and shouted in Chinese “I love you all!”. She was so sweet and solicitous, taking over thirty minutes to walk a few yards out of the arrival terminal because she graciously signed autographed and shook hands with every fan who was there to welcome here. At the drama press conference a day later, she donned a nude color lace body-hugging dress with sage accents that was very sexy without being overly so. The organizers surprised Ha Ji Won with two guys dressed like the two male leads Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan in Empress Ki, and both tried to win her hearts with displays of push-ups versus lute playing. I died laughing at the look on Ji Won’s face when the guy dropped to do push-ups LOL. Afterwards she was treated to a fancy Taiwan foot massage which she loved the most. Even though the EK watching experience was so painful and bipolar, and then made even more excruciating with the fan sniping behind the scenes over the competing male leads Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan, I’m still happy she did the drama because she was mostly fantastic in it even when the story went to pot. A six-month drama commitment is no joke and if EK is aired all over Asia and becomes a big hit, then all the better for Ha Ji Won’s fabulous acting career.


Ha Ji Won Visits Taiwan to Promote the Network Airing of Empress Ki — 31 Comments

  1. Thank you for showing HJW promotion of Empress Ki.I agree with you,even when the story got derailed HJW and the rest of the actors showed their best performance.

    • Same here! If Ha Ji Won wasn’t the main lead of Empress Ki,I wouldn’t even bother watching it.She was fantastic in it though. She was able to portray so many characters in one drama. Such a versatile and magnificent actress.Taiwan really did a good job! A Royal treatment fit for a queen. Asia loves Ha Ji Won! Gorgeous Ha Ji Won! She is an International Superstar but still remains to be the most humble,nice and generous Korean actress ever. This amazing woman is so hard not to love. Pretty,Sexy,Talented and Kind,What more could you ask for? She is the definition of perfection. The guy that will be able to capture her heart will be so damn lucky! I am so looking forward to her future projects because if Ha Ji Won is in it,It’s a guarantee that it will be awesome.

  2. I won’t say Empress Ki is the best drama of the year but it’s definitely very interesting drama. Ha Ji Won’s character is very interesting too. She seems to always pick high-rated projects that make her even more popular. Her popularity in Taiwan is no joke.

  3. i cracked up when the fake wang yoo dropped to do the push ups..HJW was shocked and immediately told him “hao le hao le” (“ok ok” with her cute Mandarin). and when the fake Ta Hwan asked for her signature on his guitar, the host “hey, this wasn’t included during the rehearsals, how could you have personal request in an official event? Don’t let me see this guitar being auctioned on Kimo (Taiwan’s version of ‘Ebay’)?” The fake TaHwan immediately replied “No, no, I won’t.”

  4. Ha Ji Won is such a darling! Me too, despite the flaws of the drama EK, I’m still glad she did it. She stood out in that drama and proved that she can also do serial works. Go girl!

  5. She is both a goddess and the girl next door. How does she do this?

    The shocked look on her face is hilarious. I love her.

  6. favourite korean actress. i have never seen any reports of her not being nice. greeting every fan who went to welcome her is really such a wonderful gesture. and she always looks so genuinely happy during interviews or at events.

  7. She’s simply gorgeous. I would not have even started on EK let alone stick to it when it went nutty all the way to the very end.

  8. She’s simply adorable!

    Although, I only liked the first 20 episodes of EK, I sure hope it becomes a big hit in Taiwan. I love the casts!

  9. What I really like with her is that she is a REAL human being… She has two real arms, not sticks, and two real legs, not… sticks. She has muscles too, and breasts and flesh, yes, yes!!! You can see them, for real. And she is STILL REALLY FEMININE and beautiful!!! “AMAZING”… To bad most of the other actresses do not follow her lead and prefer to starve and look like they are starving.

  10. I love this amazing Yeoja! Not only she’s gorgeous and a versatile actress…what makes me like her even more is when I hear or read people speak/spoke so highly of her. Best wishes to you!

  11. We adore HA JI WON as an actress, EMPRESS KI was a big hit, proves her being the best Korea actress of the decade! Keep it up HA JI WON!

  12. Ha jiwon & Lee Sang Yoon pairing in a light drama!hopefully in the near future they will be able to work together.the oh so adorable lee sang yoon and the so gorgeous ha jiwon together on screen,so perfect!!

  13. I still wish that she and HB to be paired again whether in drama or real life.Sega is atill my number one drama.What a great OTP .JCW and HJW next.

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