Retrospective: Yang Jin Sung Gorgeous in Bridal Finery Even Before Stealing Hearts in Bride of the Century

In honor of Yang Jin Sung stealing my heart in Bride of the Century, I thought it nice to showcase this relatively unknown actress who has shot through the stardom roof with her titular turn as a curse-breaking bride. I confess to watching most of City Hunter and her not leaving an impression on me, and I did watch all her scenes in Secret Love since I watched episode 1 and she was decent but nothing to write home about. I thought she was a tad exaggerated as Doo Rim in episode 1 of BotC, but that might’ve been all the orange tanner the make up team spackled on her giving off the impression that she was being too earnest. By episode 2, her performance as both Yi Kyung and Doo Rim have been firing on all cylinders, delivering the right amounts of haughty coldness as Yi Kyung and caring goodness as Doo Rim. I said that her chemistry with Lee Hong Ki actually waxes and wanes depending on which girl she’s playing, and the same goes for her chemistry with Sung Hyuk who plays Yi Hyun oppa. I see zero romantic chemistry between them when she’s being sister Yi Kyung, but I can see why Yi Hyun’s heart would be stolen by Doo Rim in a romantic longing way. Two years ago she did a wedding dress pictorial for Wedding 21 that is quite lovely and showcases her vibrant looks with long hair which is quite a contrast to the short dos she’s been sporting in her acting career this past year. She pulls off the short hair wonderfully without ever seeming like a tomboy. I’m so taken with her effortless onscreen presence and she’s definitely going to be a keeper now that I’m done with BotC.


Retrospective: Yang Jin Sung Gorgeous in Bridal Finery Even Before Stealing Hearts in Bride of the Century — 4 Comments

  1. Lovely! She’s so beautiful. I’ve seen her in all three dramas but she made the most impression on me in Bride of the Century. Hope this is a gateway to more good roles for her. I’m definitely a fan now.

  2. She always struck me as having an innate charisma, and yes I’ve seen her previous works except for Bride. I’m truly on the fence with that drama. Though admittedly, I’ve never finished the highly overrated City Hunter and Secret myself. Hope to see her more on dramas that I’d actually watch.

  3. She is quite impressive in Bride. It is not often an actor is able to play to different characters in a way so you are convinced they are two different persons. I must say, though, that I personally didn’t feel any chemistry between her and Lee Hong Ki. But in my opinion that primarily came down to him being a pretty mediocre actor. Yang Jin Sung I will certainly look forward to seeing again.

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