Yoon Eun Hye Passes, Lee Jung Jin Considering, and CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Joins Temptation

Looks like Temptation isn’t tempting enough for the lovely Yoon Eun Hye and ultimately she’s passed on the upcoming SBS drama. I keep wanting to call it a melodrama but the production hasn’t officially called it such. It’s the story of a married man who accepts an offer from a very rich woman who doesn’t believe in love. He hands his body over to her in exchange for money he desperately needs to pay off a debt and keep his family life intact. The handing over his body to do as she will also hasn’t been explained. Is it the primal explanation that she’s buying him for sexual companionship? Or does she need his beefy physique to keep her safe as a bodyguard? Will this arrangement technically mean the husband is cheating on his wife with the rich woman in a physical sense, an emotional way, or merely mental gymnastics? I’m intrigued but not curious enough to wait with bated breath for this drama to drop. Two of the four leads have already been cast in the reunion OTP of Kwon Sang Woo and Choi Ji Woo from the very popular Hallyu classic Stairway to Heaven.

Kwon Sang Woo is playing the husband in a bind, Choi Ji Woo is the rich woman who makes the offer, and Yoon Eun Hye was in talks to play the wife. She wasn’t the only leading lady being courted for the role and SBS insiders have assured that the casting will be completed soon since Yoon Eun Hye turning the drama down didn’t leave them in a lurch. That’s good to know. The drama is also in talks with Lee Jung Jin to play the other male lead in the story, a character that is a cold confident rival to Kwon Sang Woo’s warm caring husband. The age group of the actors and actresses in this drama is starting to resemble the recent SBS drama Warm Words (One Warm Word), doesn’t it? That drama had a nice supporting cast and I specifically remember Park Seo Joon being really charming in it as the younger brother character. That character trope will be filled by CNBlue‘s Lee Jung Shin in Temptation as he’s quietly been confirmed to join the cast this week playing the wife’s younger brother. His casting predictably got less coverage than Yoon Eun Hye turning down the gig. Temptation better get a move on since its predecessor Dr. Stranger has just 8 more episodes left of crazy to air.

My favorite of the CNBlue boys in acting gigs is far and away Kang Min Hyuk, but Lee Jung Shin isn’t bad and I’ve not been turned off by his performances in the past.

I’m happy Yoon Eun Hye turned this down since I’m not in the mood for melodramas in the Summer, and also because the production company behind Temptation also produced I Summon You, Gold and Empress Ki. One drama was hellaciously insane, the one merely bipolar-level bad, and sadly I watched both long duds and want those hours of my life back. Now I don’t really need to dive into Temptation until I hear it’s actually good.


Yoon Eun Hye Passes, Lee Jung Jin Considering, and CNBlue’s Lee Jung Shin Joins Temptation — 22 Comments

  1. I am glad she turned it down too. I dont think this drama may be the right one for her. She just has to be patience, I am sure she will pick a good drama next. She has learnt alot about picking drama from her last few experience.

  2. Thank Goodness, now I don’t have to watch this drama. Hong Sisters’ please cast YEH unni in your next drama. Please with sprinkles on top.

  3. So happy to hear this, I’m glad I do not accept YEH drama, there is nothing that excites me about him, but on the other hand I am sad that so strange.

    • I feel the same way. I did not want her to take this, although I would ave watched. But I guess the sad feeling is because we don’t have her up for another drama, and if you’re like me, you want to see her in something fun and exciting.

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  4. I saw the 2 pictures side by side and I thought “OMO”…another celebrity couple outing!

    I hope we see YEH soon in an exciting drama…good luck to her.

  5. It is good that she didn’t choose this project. It seems that this drama project is focused on the reunion of the StH couple only. It would not be a wise step to choose this project.

  6. I wish YEH and Gong Yoo can reunited for a long time since I watched Coffee Prince. Hope it will be come true in one future days.

  7. would be so happy if that happened, Goon Yoo and YEH incredible serious, if that happens I really really think I would die of happiness.

  8. I am sorry Koala because my comment is not relate to your topic, but I want to send my message to GYEH fans.

    Dear all Fans of Gong Yoo and Yoon Eun Hye!

    We are all love GY and YEH so much, and we want them to be back on part 2 Coffee Prince. Therefore, everyone can share your new idea about Coffee Prince story part 2 and send it to GYEH or Gong Yoo facebook. I sent it to them, but only me and Sana, it is not good enough to get all ideas. Therefore, I think the more ideas that help a lot to get good story for GYEH to comeback on part 2.

    I see all your comments, so I know all your love is the same as mine. That why I am send this comment. Hope your guys understand about it and do not feel upset or I do it for any meaning. Thank you so much for all GYEH do it.

  9. If your guys read my story and want to change or add some new ideas in GYEH or Gong Yoo facebook. Go head and send it in with your ideas. I am very happy and thankful so much for your guys to do it.

  10. I am also glad that YEH turned down the drama for different reason, now I can enjoy the drama. I love all the casts and about to drop it when I heard YEH is being offered as one of the lead. Don’t take me wrong I’ve tried to enjoy her acting but unfortunately I have to drop all of her dramas after few episodes. Anyway hope she get a better offer for her fan to enjoy.

  11. I am a great fan of YEH and GY. They are my fav couple after Coffee Prince. I look forward to their reunion in yet another romantic drama. I hope this would happen soon.

  12. YEH picked GY as her ideal and also attended the premier of his movie The Suspect. I just love this cute couple. I wish they would appear as a couple in a new drama or movie. I am just so crazy about them. just love them.

  13. I am soooo glad YEH turned down the offer to act in Temptation. That role is not for her. I am just waiting for her next project. Hopefully her next drama would bdm successful one. All the best to you YEH.

  14. I have mixed feeling regarding the above, I love YEH and will watch her in all dramas she will be casted, and yet, I feel relieved that she rejected the offer. I would like her to be paired in a much younger and single leading man, in case there will be some love scenes in a drama. It’s not I don’t like Kwon Song Woo, I just feel not happy about YEH being paired to a married man, lol, sorry. But I hope YEH will have a lighter drama, not romcom, but something not too heavy, I miss her a lot and I really want to see her acting again, hopefully very soon.

  15. I am glad she didn’t take this role…for me…not for her, I just don’t care for this drama’s theme. Didn’t she sign on for another role? I like YEH in romantic comedic roles, she is a genius and her comedic timing is perfect. Comedy is hard to do, look at this girl… she can do both. And what is up with her being so photogenic, golly she one multi-talented person. She does her country proud.

  16. YEH got me started on Korean dramas…you can spot a multi-talented person a mile off…she represents her country well.

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