First Official Stills of Second Leads Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won in Fated to Love You

I’m not going to complain that there is too much Choi Jin Hyuk these days but it sure does feel like the man is everywhere. Starting with last year’s major breakthrough in a supporting role in Gu Family Book, Choi Jin Hyuk has been working nonstop in dramas and movies. He was one of the better things in Heirs, had a leading man turn in cable drama Emergency Couple, and is doing a nice cameo in Grandpas Over Flowers Investigative Team. Then I turn to movies and he pops up shirtless in the recently released trailers for the Jung Woo SungLee Bum Soo flick One Divine Move. Not complaining at all, especially if he also takes advantage of the Summer filming season for the upcoming rom-com Fated to Love You and finds a reason to keep taking off his shirt. MBC finally released official stills of the two supporting leads with Choi Jin Hyuk play a daddy long legs character named Daniel while Wang Ji Won is ballerina Nam Se Ra.

I can’t get over the coincidence that Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won played a couple that ended up together in Heirs, though it was clearly a business arrangement marriage that poor hyung couldn’t get out of. Here they aren’t a couple, or even likely to end up a couple, if the K-version is going to stick with the original TW-drama script. Nam Se Ra is leading man Jang Hyuk‘s character’s ex-girlfriend while Daniel finds himself touched by heroine Jang Nara‘s plight and ends up falling for her because he’s always trying to help her out and offer advice. In the stills above, Choi Jin Hyuk as Daniel shows off his various personas from industrial designer to amateur DJ to church volunteer. Just the usual perfect second male lead who will never ever get the over over the immature, brusque, and condescending male lead. Wang Ji Won’s stills don’t show her dancing but instead are filming shots of her during happier times with Jang Hyuk playing her doting boyfriend.

I’m loving all the official stills for this drama, everything looks so bright and bubbly. A perfect treat for the eyes during Summer.


First Official Stills of Second Leads Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won in Fated to Love You — 12 Comments

  1. Loved the TW version, can’t wait to see the KD version….hurry please,

    I have officially dropped the MOn-Tues KDrama’s, watching a new leaf only, as its the only one worth watching on weds-thurs, but loving the weekend dramas, “hotel king, Jang Bori is here, Grandpa flower investigation” all cool, you are vested in these characters lives…..

  2. If the k-version does stick to the original story, there is definitely no way Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won can become a couple…weren’t they revealed to be siblings separated as kids?

  3. weren’t them siblings separated in the past? She was dai xin yi which is the sister his been looking for

  4. As I recalled in the twdrama… they are not long lost sibling but were childhood friends and got separated. I think they were from the same orphanage during their childhood years. Besides Dylan has always been a daddy long leg for Anna and was very protective of her like a sibling while young. You can tell from watching the twdrama that Dylan likes Xin Yi more than a sibling status.
    There is no blood related so they can be pair as lovers if kdrama decides to pair them up

    • I don’t know what you’re talking about, but they were orphaned sibling in the taiwanese version not two people who became close in the orphanage.

    • They were VERY DEFINITELY biological siblings in the TW version, unless the writers of the K remake are GoT fans, there’s going to have to be a rewrite for any romantic arc

  5. I’m totally forgot about the stories behind Fated to love you the TW version. Need to re-watched it fast before the K version coming soon.

    • Darn, I’ve got confused between Fated to Love You and Drunken to Love You. It’s would be wonderful if they would remake Korean version for Drunken to Love You instead…

  6. I might just have to watch this k-version for Choi Jin Hyuk even though I wasn’t a big fan of the original (aside from Dylan of course).

  7. I was not a huge fan of the latter part of the TW-Version, but I’m exited for this one if only for Choi Jin-Hyunk. Man, is he pretty!

    I’m not watching any K-Dramas right now, I can’t find any that can capture my attention. I can’t wait for the summer ones. Thanks for the post.

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