Ladies Romance News: Chae Rim to Marry Chinese Actor Boyfriend and Sung Yuri Dating Professional Golfer

It’s ladies dating week as K-ent gets a double dose of good news with its established leading actresses. Chae Rim, who has a successful career in both Korea and China, will be tying the knot with her Chinese actor boyfriend Gao Zi Qi. They first met on the set of the sprawling epic period 2012 C-drama Li’s Family Courtyard playing a married couple. It was a long shoot and the romance blossomed on set with the younger Gao Zi Qi making the first move in pursuing the older by two-years Chae Rim. She joked afterwards that she had four no’s when it came to a romantic partner – no to someone of a different nationality, no to someone younger, no to someone with a B blood type, and no to someone who is an actor – and Gao Zi Qi fit every one of her no’s but she couldn’t help it and fell for him. They’ went public with their relationship earlier this year and things moved fast as both sides met with each other’s families and gotten their blessings. Gao Zi Qi joked that he got lucky because he couldn’t communicate with Chae Rim’s parents at all so was under no pressure since Daddy Chae couldn’t grill him. LOL.

Chae Rim speaks fairly decent Chinese after working in China for the last decade so communication between them is doable though they do struggle with deep discussions which can take all night. But both confess that it makes them really work hard to understand and appreciate each other and that’s why the relationship is so special. Congrats to the happy couple and I’m genuinely thrilled that hardworking Chae Rim finally has her man to create a family with and continue growing both their careers together. Over on the Korean side, former Fin.K.L member and actress Sung Yuri is confirmed to be dating professional golfer Ahn Sung Hyun. The relationship is relatively new and if it goes all the way will make Sung Yuri the second Fin.K.L member to settle down after Lee Hyori got married to singer Lee Sang Soon. K-netizens are pointing out how Sung Yuri is the new MC of the variety show Healing Camp and is dating a professional athlete much like her predecessor. She took over for Han Hye Jin who got married to professional soccer player Ki Sung Yueng last year. I’m always happy for some positive relationship news as a notch in the romance column.


Ladies Romance News: Chae Rim to Marry Chinese Actor Boyfriend and Sung Yuri Dating Professional Golfer — 18 Comments

  1. I’m so happy for Chae Rim and Sung Yuri. I love them both. Chae Rim has been in China all this time that it’s a treat to see her news. I have seen that actor in many dramas. I remember him fondly in New My Fair Princess that came out last year. Thought he was pretty decent. CR last marriage partner left her heartbroken so I hope he’ll bring her some happiness. Though CR can speak some Chinese it’ll still be hard for them and I hope it’ll not hinder anything in their future.

    As for Sung Yuri, I wishes her the best too. Years back there were rumors that she dated Yoon Kye Sang and Song Seung Hyun. I thought that her and Yoon would have made a great couple; sadly things don’t work out in life. Congrats on her new relationship and hopefully a comeback to rom-com soon.

  2. Wow, chae rimmmmmm….

    Been a while since i heard abt her, she captured my heart since i first saw her in oh my lady. So I’m thrilled to hear her news and the ‘getting married’ news, which is amazingly lovely. I hope its happily ever after.

  3. Congrats!!!! I first liked her in all about eve. I confessed to not liking her as much in cdrama early on about ten years ago and then I grew to like her more and more over time. So I am very happy for her. Hope for many years of wedded bliss and a lifelong of happiness!

  4. Pardon me if I m wrong..wasn’t chase rim married some rock star??
    And has she had plastic surgery?her features look different from the days of all abou Eve.she was adorable then.

  5. I watched her since All about eve but she won my heart in Dalja’s spring really. All the best in her upcoming marriage. Dont know much about the guy but he looks kinda sweet and a little like Jo In Sung…lmao.

  6. chae rim hopefully you will always happy with zi qi. to zi qi, please protecting and loving chae rim everytime, dont ever make her hurt. happy togetherness and never never divorce … much wishes for your both and god blessing you both,…

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