Aaron Yan and Tia Li are Gorgeously Flirty at the SPop Magazine Signing for Fall in Love with Me

I’m still staying away from Fall in Love with Me with Aaron Yan and Tia Li after a terrible first episode (IMO) and lackluster follow up episodes that left me floundering for any reason to keep watching when I couldn’t stand Tia’s acting. The lure might just be here in the recent promotion that Aaron and Tia went on for the magazine signing fan meeting as they graced the June cover of SPop Magazine. The magazine is published by SETTV so it always features the popular leads of the network’s latest idol or weekly dramas. I bet the next month’s issue will have Puff Guo and Liu Yi Hao from Pleasantly Surprised on the cover. Back to Aaron and Tia, I loved their SPop cover and photos which is a testament to how Aaron rocks both acting and still photos equally. He’s just got charisma and the ability to move his face into all sorts of sexy smirky looks. My biggest gripe with Tia isn’t that she is a bad actress, honestly Puff used to be pretty bad too especially in parts of Just You when she overacted until I wanted to give her sedatives, it’s that Tia’s bad comes in the form of being really stiff.

Her face barely moves and she says her lines with this robotic tone of voice that destroys my sanity. Feeling and intonation matters a lot in Mandarin. I find her voice lovely but her line readings need the help of a dedicated speaking coach. Aaron and Tia do look ever so gorgeous together both in the SPop spread and attending the magazine signing, and sometimes the promise of gorgeous eye candy plus angsty make outs can tempt me back. Aaron definitely knows how to fan the flames as evidenced by his princess carry of Tia and then kissing her with a finger strategically between them. He’s purposely cockblocking himself so audiences will turn to the drama to get the fix. Damn him! Aaron is also in the news for abruptly shutting his mega popular Weibo account and he explained at this event that he was getting fed up with antis flooding his account with plastic surgery allegations and generally hijacking posts over fans who actually wanted to get updates on his life. It’s a tough line to toe and I’m sorry any entertainer needs to deal with the critical aspect of their job.

Tia is much MUCH better as a stills model than she is as an actress. I love these pics of the couple together!


Aaron Yan and Tia Li are Gorgeously Flirty at the SPop Magazine Signing for Fall in Love with Me — 44 Comments

  1. Aaron yan should be memorialized with a statue right in front of that production company hahah thats how much he is awsome !

  2. She looks so awkward in those top photos from the event, I find it weird she is so stiff even in real life. But even if she is a horrible actress I’m liking fall in love with me I just keep picturing how good it would have been with pretty much any other actress.

  3. I watched 3 episodes and I just really found no motivation to keep following the drama. I don’t know, there’s something about her acting. However, the only plus side to watching the first 3 episodes was discovering Aaron! How did the drama gods give birth to such a perfect human being?! His jaw line!
    Contemplating if I should watch Just You…newbie to T-dramas.

    • Yes! Watch it!
      Qi Yi > Lu Tianxing, hands down. Plus you’ll get to hear more of Aaron’s beautiful voice in the Just You OST. ^^
      However, be forewarned that JY is all brainless fluff, though imo it is nowhere nearly as offensive as the idiocy that is FILWM.

  4. No matter how much I like Arron, I also stayed away from this drama because of Tia. Really never liked her acting at all, plus I don’t see her as a convincing female lead whether it’s acting or the way she looks. Despite the occasional awkwardness and overexaggeration, Puff is way better. At least she looks sweet. Tia… IDK sorry but she just has that look that reads third party. In addition to her personal rumours, she just gives off too much of a negative vibe.

      • Rumoured to be the third party of Roy Qiu and Tang Yan, also with many insiders such as Tang Yan’s assistant and her bff Yang Mi that hints that the rumours were true. The news was quite big back then. I love Roy, but even I kind of believe that he wasn’t good to Tang Yan.

  5. She looks stiff even here. It’s like she’s forcing herself to crack a smile. And it’s sad because she’s very pretty and should be happy on her drama! with Aaron Yan! lol. I will try watching this after the bar.

  6. Like you, I was turned off by the first episode of Fall in Love with Me. However, I got back into it during a short-lived drama famine, and found that the show wasn’t too bad. I prefer Just You, because I honestly think that Puff has better chemistry with Aaron. Unfortunately Fall in Love with Me is now into the big separation/nobile idocy part of the plot, and that gives Tia plenty of opportunity to look stiff and emotionless (can I say how thrilled I was that Rock ‘n Road’s BS/NI turn lasted less than two episodes? Although, I’m not sure that another one might be coming…)

  7. No wonder I don’t see him on weibo anymore. what to do when people out there refuse to acknowledge that he naturally looks like a Greek god, only smaller and Asian.

    How many episodes is the drama? It is getting seriously draggy with all the crying, morphing and seemingly unnecessary side stories. The leading lady is like a foil to aaron, her parents make more of an impression than mopey she. I hope the writers will give her a backbone rather than just the ability to shout and cry. The butler’s my favorite character ATM.

    By the way, are aarons’s lashes for real? He looks like he has eyeliner on all the time.

    • “naturally looks like a Greek god, only smaller and Asian”. Erm… No. Just no. Refusing to see that aaron’s face is completely plastic at this point is being beyond delusional. I assume you’re a new fan, because if you followed him from the beginning you wouldn’t be saying something like that. Just go and see how he looked in his Fahrenheit days (pre “Super Hot” era, that is when both him and Jiro Wang got themselves a new nose). Aaron used to look like a cute anime character, now he looks like a very feminine Ken doll.

      And quitting weibo account was the best thing he could’ve done for him image, imho. He might still be one of the prettiest taiwanese stars around, but he also got the worse temper imaginable. He got a pass when he was still with frh because he was the cutest and the youngest, so everyone blamed it on immaturity. But he often throws tantrums even nowadays and goes on long rants on his weibo, insulting even his own fans. So… yea. If he just shut up and let people stare at his pretty plastic face instead, he might do a lot better…

      • Aaron looks the same. He just outgrown the baby fats.He trains really hard to maintain his fats at 3.3% and who will looks the same from 19-28?

        If only I can post picture here.

        As for quiting weibo, he just would like a quieter place to interact with fans. Whats wrong with that? He is still on facebook and instagram. He did not insult fan. He is well known for loving and protecting his fan. Do your research before you post.

  8. So cute together ^_^ I actually enjoy FILWM. Probably because Aaron plays in it and I get to see his divine and overly handsome appearance. Such a sight to see.

  9. I rarely agree with negative drama assessments but geez this drama’s first ep was horrendous. I watched the preview and found the trajectory ludicrous and never turned back.
    Tia Li is one of the stiffest “actresses” I’ve ever seen… EVER! How is it she’s even bad showing up to an event as herself? But I’d love to see what happens in the studio to make her print sessions so lovely. What on earth are the photographers whispering in her ear that a director can’t?
    Perhaps it’s a matter of what she enjoys and doesn’t. Can’t help but feel bad for her everytime I see her. She’s delightful as a DG and I think she loves her day job. Wish she could just stick with that.

  10. Maybe I agree that tia is better be a model than be an actress bcus of her expression better in photos, but we can’t just see her acting so easily like that. Actually I’ve watched FILWM until ep 6 and I like it bcus of the story.

  11. I wonder why Tia looks like she’s a squirrel stuffing nuts in her cheeks at times. Makes me second guess she had cheek implants.

    She has natually sad eyes. She must be under so much scruntiny and reads all these sorts of comments aren’t making her days mote beautiful.

    I’m trying to not judge her as a human, and I really like celebs with subtle PS. When one exaggerates or do ’em excessively do I shrug my shoulders.

    You guys have more patience than me. FILWM lost my attention after ep.02 but I do know their OST is good.

  12. Filwm drama was the first time I get to know who Aaron and Tia are. I have watched all the episodes and bts of Filwm. Although both are beautiful and compatible with each other, but at times I feel sorry for Aaron as he tries hard to create a cheerful atmosphere during filming or photoshoot…yet He just doesn’t get the same feedback from Tia. Like all who commented, Tia is almost like a robot, so stiff and awkward all the time. I don’t mind her being stiff in the drama as she is still green, n not have too much acting experience, but even at the fan meet session, she seems so distant. Having said that, it’s just my thoughts. I don’t know them personally to judge. Perhaps she is a very conservative person… Ganbate !

  13. Hey does anyone know if I am able to purchase SPop magazines online? I really wanna get one of Pleasantly Surprised/Love Myself or You!

  14. I totally agree! Tia’s acting is so hard to watch. She literally only have 3 different facial expressions. It is really frustrating and painful to watch.

  15. i agree..aaron is very hndsome.i envy those sharp jawline..hwevr.someone mentioned earlier abt roy chui..why isnt he getting mkre ezposure..most of his drama series im unsble to watch.im trying to see unbeatable amongst others but so far no luck i cant find the link.such a pity

  16. Those stiff photos are just a few bad ones from good photos. I could find other actresses’ bad photos too. So you cant really judge her base on this tbh.
    I liked Puff and Aaron in Just You ALOTTT too.
    So when I heard Tia was the lead, I did go “ugh why?”
    Aaron even had to plead his fans to calm down.
    He said “It is difficult to always have the same pairing to continue in any drama. Everyone has his or her own schedule. This is a good opportunity for Tia too. The character and personality of the female lead suits her well. There will be a lot of fun moments in the new drama. People will definitely like her role.”
    And he was also right for saying
    “People should accept different pairings. However, I can understand how the fans feel. If I were in their shoes, I would want to see more romantic scenes of my favourite pairing too.”

    So after reading what he said, I thought the fans, including myself are really immature for disliking Tia without watching.
    Surprisingly, I actually enjoy the drama as a whole(I couldn’t wait for more eps > <) and thought her acting was pretty impressive. I couldn't come to dislike her +You cant really hate her for her character. The BTS videos were really cute, Aaron&Tia are much closer(as friends) outside filming than you think, that's why they aren't shy or awkward. Apparently, that great chemistry between is just friends. Overall, I sincerely think Aaron&Tia are actually the best fit for "Fall in Love with Me".

  17. Been watching the episodes in a crazy-like marathon. What? Tia? Stiff? Didn’t even notice that coz I can’t take my eyes off Aaron. He just pulled you into the drama and your eyes can’t focus anywhere else, but on him. Yes, he is THAT good and handsome! :)))

  18. I watched both pairings. I think the personality of the female lead in FILWM suits better Tia than it would Puff. Tia is more reserved which adds maturity to the personality that she is playing. After watching the full drama of FILWM I must say that I appreciated every moment of it. I was very curious at the beginning as these two leads are both good looking (plastic or not is irrelevant as most of the actresses and actors do go through cosmetic surgery), so in the end I really enjoyed the drama and would really want another drama with these two characters.. btw I loved the backstage shooting of SPOP magazine :)) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG4UpsEX31k

  19. Omo. It was really sad to read about Tia. I don’t think she has a bad acting or her personality just suit well with her character in FILWM. And I started to like this couple too. But to see negative comments made me a bit sad like am I only one who loves them? Hahaha. But at the end of the day, I realized that people have different taste when it comes to drama and luckily, this really suit my taste. 🙂

    • Don’t worry, you’re not alone in here. I love them both, Tia and Aaron. They are cute together. I watched the series’ BTS and found myself laughing at their jokes. I hope they will have more projects together soon.

  20. she’good, maybe because of the character that she’s portraying…its hard to cry but she killed it i cried of all the crying scene..Tao Le Si suits perfectly for Tia Li..They have a great chemistry, i want another show for this pairing.Love you Tia and Aaron…:)

  21. aaron yan and puff hands down. i watched FILWM before even knowing about Just You. yet, i never continued FILWM after the 2nd episode just because i couldnt stand tia’s face for some reason.. sorrry for saying that. when i started watching JY though, i couldnt stop. it was addictive and an amazing drama as a whole.
    to the people who said that puff wouldnt have suited tia’s role in FILWM because tia gives a sense of maturity, thats not true! who’s to say puff is a childish person? her voice in JY is just for show, her real voice is so much more matured. 🙂 i love aaron yan & puff nobody should interfere with themmmm!

  22. Aaron is not only handsome but a versatile actor either.His acting in filwm is great and the story is good but the lead actress can’t act that made the story down.

  23. I love the movie still yet to finish 3 episodes. The guy is handsome but It could be better if the actress be active and smart in the movie. All I could notice is crying the whole episode. she doesn’t seem strong and firm in the movie. This movie was to be beautiful if the girl character in the movie was well modified.

  24. Reading all these VERY mean & hateful comments regarding Tia makes me sad. Her acting is appropriate for her role in FILWM. Since I couldn’t stand Puff Guo’s childish “cuteness” in “Just You”, I lost interest in that drama. She was just turning me off so bad. On the other hand, I discovered that Tia Li is such a great singer and her singles “Not Good Enough” (~52 Million Views on YouTube) and “We Should Have” (~1,7 Million Views) are amazing. Tia Li (IMO) has got it all: Beauty, Sex Appeal, and a certain endearing shyness which is rare in all these attention grabbers you’ll find among celebrities. IKR European and American male audiences love her. Asians seem to mock her as looking “Mixed”, whatever they mean. She just does not deserve any of these unkind remarks!!!

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