SM Investigated for Tax Evasion and Required to Pay Back Taxes While More Dating Scandal Emerges

SM Entertainment was just slapped by the Korean government for tax evasion and required to pay a chunky back tax. That’s not really a big deal as corporate tax fraud is about as prevalent as plastic surgery is over there. What’s getting people’s attention is how this news slides under the radar while the media waves are abuzz with juicy SM entertainer’s dating news that have been like the floodgates opening up since earlier this year. Almost every entertainment news is arranged so the public isn’t as readily fooled that this is all just coincidental that tabloids like Dispatch and Sports Seoul happened to snap SM stars on late night dates time and time again. Whether SM is using its stars to deflect attention from its corporate shenanigans, it’s doing a great job at that since the dating news keeps getting more and more gossip-ready. In SNSD alone there is Lee Seung Gi and Yoona, Jung Kyng Ho and Sooyoung, Nichkhun of 2PM and Tiffany, and now Baekhyun of EXO and Taeyeon.

That’s not even mentioning the massive shocker that is f(x)‘s 19 year old Sulli supposedly dating Dynamic Duo‘s 34 year old Choiza. That news broke early this year with pictures of the two holding hands on an early morning walk to a breakfast joint near Choiza’s apartment. They were even wearing couple sneakers. But SM tried to blatantly deny their way out of those pictures and insisted that Choiza and Sulli are just like “brother and sister” and were merely hanging out. There was zero attempt to explain the hand holding, the wearing couple sneakers, the hanging around his place super early in the morning. This news died off after a few months but has been resurrected with a vengeance this week by the online posting of a netizen who claimed to have found Choiza’s lost wallet and posted a picture of its contents which included two pictures of Sulli, one of which are those photo booth pictures that show Choiza and Sulli goofing around like a couple. Choiza has confirmed it’s his wallet but still no response from SM whether it’s very young idol star is in fact dating a dude old enough to be her uncle. Hey, she likes ’em older and he likes ’em younger, as long as they’re happy.

If folks are taking a bet on the next SM “dating scandal” to drop, I’m putting my money on Krystal of f(x) and of clean cut Suho of EXO. Those two have been shooting glances at each other during shows and have been spotted by eagle-eyed netizens wearing two different sets of couple bracelets and having the same colorful iPhone case. Their in denial fans or SM will probably explain it as the two of them having the same tastes in accessories LOL.


SM Investigated for Tax Evasion and Required to Pay Back Taxes While More Dating Scandal Emerges — 29 Comments

  1. why are you suddenly interested in kpop scandals and news -_- and don’t spread rumours or speculations, for baseless and unconfirmed stuff. It creates fanwars. We’ll deal with it when news breaks – but couple items, or similar items does not equal to dating.

    • this is not the first time she has done it. it’s her blog, she can do what she wants and you are free to either not read or leave.

    • Its free nation to speak your mind about something that has caught your interest as long as it doesn’t do harm.. and Koala is usually spot on when it comes to news.

      I simply don’t understand the psychology of fans in terms of “having to deal with the broken news” or starting a fanwars over idols personal life.. its personal for a reason. Do not take it in the wrong way, I do not mean to be offensive towards you or any fans.

    • So what if Ms Koala has an interest of kpop idols? You don’t have to read it plus she’s only voicing what some netizens are speculating…she’s not spreading rumors. Geez, don’t have a heart attack now.

    • You kidding, right?
      Fanwars are the fans getting their panties in a twist for no reason other than immaturity. It is on them, not on people that chose to talk about the rumor.
      Also, Koala has more networks ( as do certain other bloggers) so her conclusions are not baseless. Nichkhun-Tiffany were an open secret in the K-industry, so are Changmin-Victoria and Suho-Krystal. The only difference is that they haven’t been caught redhanded.

      • So true about Changmin and Victoria! They almost got found out because of the spoon reflection thing lol
        They are way too obvious, them using SUJU’s Kyuhyun as a decoy is not always going to be effective.

      • I get a kick out of imagining top secret double dates between Changmin-Victoria and Nichkhun-Tiffany all these years and sometimes watching Khuntoria WGM episodes together and Tiffany and Changmin complimenting those two on their great acting ability, and then surfing Khuntoria shipping fiction online as a group as a night cap.

      • And all the while hardcore WGM fans drown in salty tears of despair, because you know, they totally had a thing for each other during the show and God what happened?!
        On a brighter note, it shows how much trust their partners had in them and their relationship, which is always a good thing.

  2. They’re busting their asses and teasing our’s. I mean none of these relationships are likely to last, so why not just let them be instead of bothering us with a break up news later on.

  3. Suho amd Krystal supposedly had an ugly breakup last year. Besides Tao and Luhan on Weibo and MeiPai EXO has been silent on social media since the Byuntae (lol) scandal broke. Presumably they are cleaning things up.

    “It’s not tax evasion”…but you have to pay $10M USD…please.

    Luhan also had a sasaeng put a camera in his hotel room and post the photo on her Weibo.

    SM’s PR department needs to do better…look at how they handled Leeteuk’s situation with his Dad

    • The camera incident: man!
      Luhan’s scary fandom is scary. It’s gonna be with him for life, he’ll make a heartthrob granddad too, I think he should just remain asexual forever. Girls’ll like jumping off bridges in mass suicide attempts if he was ever to get caught in a scandal lolol.

      Koala: wait whut? Suho and Krystal? I thought Suho and Jung Eunji had something going on? Nevermind – this is sweet – ship! Shippp!

  4. Imagine how shocked everyone should be that these attractive sexy people find other people sexy and attractive enough to date. I have never heard of such a thing!!

    Do fans really give up on loving their stars because they actually have boyfriends/girlfriends?
    We should be happy for them that the songs they have to sing over and over are actually aimed at real humans.

    Mes deux centimes

    • Only in Korea is dating considered a scandal. Pretty silly IMO, especially when compared to the likes of Bieber, Lohan, and Cyrus.

  5. It would be really awkward if things don’t go well for the SM couple(s) because they’re under the same management.

    • SM probably has ways to handle it if things get too ugly though, it must be in their idol contracts somewhere.Jessica and Donghae dated before she debuted, but they are still friends. JYJ’s Junsu and Taeyeon dated back in 2008 and they were civil after their break up as well. Kahi and Yoochun dated back when she was a dancer for the company, and while she has hinted at their old relationship before, it’s not really been in a negative light.

  6. Oh god I bet in Korea each and every move of their stars are being watched I mean cmon they still have a life m not saying anything against you koala ..m just curious like seriously Korean netizens are really smart when it comes to dating or scandals which concerns their stars…I just came across an article where a singer female cried and apolized to fans for dating….cmon they have a fucking life…they can do anything they want with it…Korean netizens can’t really leave them alone…they entertain us with their songs and acting ..we pay to watch them they are doing their job…done …I still don’t get … why is it such a big deal whether their favourite star date or not??

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