Fated to Love You Releases Adorably Charming Official Drama Posters

There’s cute, and there’s so sweet it gives you a toothache level cute. The three official posters for the upcoming MBC rom-com Fated to Love You fall into the latter category. I love them all! Such a great pick me up after a lackluster premiere to the rom-com Trot Lovers, reminding me that another potential rom-com crack is coming along even if this current one didn’t live up to expectation. Jang Hyuk‘s hair is doing all sorts of weirdness above but I’m still oddly mesmerized by it. Jang Nara is adorable the girl he knocked up after a one-night stand who then becomes his reluctant bride. Their expressions above don’t indicate reluctance, her smile projects shy excitement and he looks more like “that’s mine in there” proud when pointing to her protruding belly. The second poster is a riff of Romeo and Juliet except it’s gender-reversed, this time Juliet Jang Nara is dressed in a maid’s uniform and climbing her chaebol Romeo’s balcony. I like everything about it except her maid’s uniform which for me always triggers memories of Makino in Hana Yori Dango or Jan Di in Boys Before Flowers. The third and final poster shows all four leads, with Choi Jin Hyuk hoisting Jang Nara up so that she can swoop down to accept Jang Hyuk’s raised flower bouquet. A very annoyed but pretty Wang Ji Won stands off the side looking over, and I hope it’s not a foreshadowing that her character will be sidelined.Β What I love the most about this set of official drama posters is the surfeit of color and liveliness. I’m sick of the photo shop all the leads into one frame type posters and even worse is going for a moody dull vibe that screams pretentious. These are cute and like a manga come to life which pretty much sells the central premise of this drama.


Fated to Love You Releases Adorably Charming Official Drama Posters — 16 Comments

  1. I have grave concerns for Wang Ji Won’s character if they remain anywhere close to the original. She was nasty and commited an act that was pretty close to unforgiveable – except of course, that she suffered no consequences for it. I don’t want to see the lovely Ms. Wang suffer similarly.

  2. I like Wang Ji-won too much to watch her end up as a bitchy second lead. Please don’t go there show. I love the last poster the most because Choi Jin-hyuk oppa is in it. FTLY fighting.

    • I love her too as well. She was gold as Se Ryung in INR3. And i am especially attracted to her husky voice. I really hope they give her a character trajectory that is well developed and not just a use-cut-and-loose side. I will end up hating this drama no matter how cute the OTP is!

  3. Ahh Choi Jin Hyuk!! Haha, he does “cute” pretty well too so I hope that he would have a few cute scenes in this drama even though he is the second male lead!! (:

  4. Love that last poster with Choi Jin Hyuk. Didn’t love the original version so I didn’t think I’d watch this but it looks cute so I just might πŸ™‚

  5. I’m excited for this drama even though I did not even finished the TW one. I like the posters, but watching Jang Hyuk smiling and with that hair just feels weird to me. My brain seems unable to put it together. I’m more used to his gloomy characters. Can’t wait to see what they will do with this.

  6. the poster while cute i don’t get them is it pose to be like love impossible? other then that the granny really sealed the deal in the tw on i hope they have a great granny.

  7. Jang Nara haven’t age since I saw her on screen 10 years ago, I wish we can have access to her fountain of youth…LOL.

    Also, the poster and teaser looks very cute, I’m surely going to be tuning in for this.

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