Controversial Couple Sulli and Choiza Confirm Breakup After Nearly 3 Year Relationship

It’s a buzzy start to the week for K-ent as Monday dawned with news that controversial couple Choiza and Sulli have broken up. Both sides confirmed the reports and announced it was an amicable breakup after nearly 3 years together and the two will resume being senior-junior colleagues. Choiza is a member of Dynamic Duo while Sulli went from being a member of f(x) to leaving the group and focusing on her acting career. I don’t care for either of them whether dating or not but the netizen furor over their fourteen year age gap relationship that likely started when Sulli was still not of age, not to mention his reputation for being supremely well-endowed and her reputation for posting outre and provocative shots on social media. I wish both well in finding lasting love in the future, and hopefully this will end the netizens fixation on their relationship ups and downs. Continue reading