You’re All Surrounded Episode 14 Baby Recap

Like all cases in You’re All Surrounded, the bag beat down on Soo Sun’s mother limps to a puttering conclusion in episode 14. It’s anti-climatic but understandable since apprehending Madam Yoo would open up a big can of worms and this drama has another 6-episodes left to fill. Congressman Yoo and his nasty daughter will have to get off easy so leave us with the greater pleasure of taking them down for the murder of Dae Gu’s mom and the attempted murder of Dae Gu. I feel a shiver down my spine when watching Congressman Yoo sociopathically cover up his daughter’s crimes time and time again to save his career and not because he really loves her all that much. She’s a danger to society and not just a one-time offender, with her temper she’s a walking time bomb that goes off anytime someone crosses her. At least this drama throws in a gender twist since it’s usually a coddled rich son that gets bailed out of repeated screw ups. It’s safe to assume that Dae Gu is probably Madam Yoo’s husband’s illegitimate son with Dae Gu’s mom, which makes him unrelated to the Yoo family but might have a dad and half-brother out there.

Normally I’m all for finding long lost family especially for a character like Dae Gu who is an orphan. But I don’t want him anywhere near that bunch even if dad and half-brother are currently not that objectionable. Having Dae Gu form familial friendships with his rookies and mentors in Pan Seok and Eun Do is good enough for me. Even better is watching his sweet slow and steady connection with Soo Sun take a big step forward in this episode. They are friends and partners, and both are great foundations to build a romantic relationship. Soo Sun’s mom already has him calling her mom so might as well make it legit and form one big happy Masan family. The two leads continue to display just the right low key chemistry rendering parts of this drama like a daily with how we follow the little moments in two people spending time together without it feeling like going from one big event to another. Then the drama shifts to murder and mayhem and I’m reminded the procedural side still seems more like hapless bumbling office workers investigating a leak in the roof. It’s gotten to the point of being amusing to watch random cases as the drama treads water until little by little all the clues in the Masan murder are unveiled and the true villains apprehended.

Episode 14 baby recap:

Madam Yoo is shocked to find out the lead detective investigating her bag assault is none other than the still alive son of the woman who was murdered in Masan twelve years ago. Daddy Yoo seems upset that his demon daughter found out that he was keeping this from her. He calls her to come see him immediately. She quickly leaves the gym and continues to rudely ignore Dae Gu as he tries to get her to come in for an interview.

Madam Yoo waltzes to her daddy Congressman Yoo’s office and the Terrible Twosome sit down to discuss this conundrum. She asks how this could happen, didn’t he take care of it back then? These two talk about murder like they are having tea. Dad claims he just found out the boy is alive and Madam Yoo snarks that he’s lost his touch if he can’t take care of things cleanly. Dad says the boy doesn’t know anything but Madam Yoo points out no one can know that unless the boy is asked. Dad promises to handle it and Madam Yoo demands it be done immediately since she doesn’t want to see that boy around EVER.

Soo Sun is still mulling over the offer Chief Kang made to convince her mom to let this matter go. She finds her mom talking to her dead husband’s picture and apologizing for making a mistake and causing problems for their daughter. But their daughter stood up for her and refused to let her be mistreated like this. She cries to her husband that they raised a great daughter and that is all she could want in life. She thanks her husband for leaving her Soo Sun. We see Soo Sun listening to this conversation and crying.

Soo Sun sits down with Chief Kang to turn down her suggestion to let it go. As police they have to uphold justice, those who committed a crime must be punished. She knows it’s hard for Chief Kang to run a precinct but their job is protecting the innocent people out there. She apologizes for not being able to do what Chief Kang asked of her. Chief Kang accepts this decision.

Dae Gu goes to see Chief Kang because he heard that she asked Soo Sun to let it go. He used to see her as someone who is righteous and upholds the law. How could she ask Soo Sun to let it go? Chief Kang admits he’s right and asks if he’s disappointed in her? She’s disappointed in herself as well and explains that when a person climbs to the top sometimes the person has to make decisions that are not always right to maintain the position. Chief Kang apologizes to Dae Gu and says Madam Yoo asked her to resolve the situation and she couldn’t say no. Her tearful admittance placates Dae Gu and he pins all the blame on evil Madam Yoo.

Soo Sun keeps her mom from her cellphone so that she’s not watching the viral beating video or know that the country has seen it. Soo Sun has also been deleting messages from friends asking if Soo Sun’s mom was the one beaten? Tae Il sees Ji Gook going online to try and get all the media portals to take down the viral beating video. Tae Il is impressed with what a great friend Ji Gook is and gets to work with him trying to take down the video one at a time.

Dae Gu comes to breakfast and sees a panda-eyed Ji Gook and hears from Tae Il that Ji Gook pulled an all-nighter to get all the beating video taken down. Dae Gu offers his banana milk to Ji Gook and reluctantly admits that what Ji Gook did is pretty cool. That makes the two older guys laugh at Dae Gu acting like a maknae.

Pan Seok asks the officer handling Killer Boot’s case and hears it’s about to be wrapped up. He wonders about the killer sent to off Killer Boots but there is no trace of that person so the matter is closed. Director Cha sees Pan Seok poking his head into Killer Boot’s case and yells at him for being such a busybody. What is Director Cha’s purpose in this drama exactly?

Team 3 hears that the department store employee who recorded the beating video has disappeared. The other two in the room that day won’t say a word. The rookies won’t let this set back stop them from this case. Madam Yoo has squirreled the employee to a secret mansion and confiscated her phone. Madam Yoo’s son arrives and recognizes the girl as the one who recorded his mom’s beat down video. His amusement at this whole matter is pretty odd but whatever. Pan Seok and Dae Gu go everywhere the missing employee could have gone but find no trace of her.

Pan Seok and Dae Gu grouses at the legendary Seo Pan Seok having no clues other than pound the pavement to look for the girl. Pan Seok wonders if he’s supposed to have ESP? They grab lunch together and Pan Seok nicely puts scallions in Dae Gu’s pot of stew and this time he complains that he doesn’t eat it. Conversation finally turns to Killer Boots and Dae Gu confesses he’s still got questions about the other killer in the garage and who Officer Seo is. Pan Seok also has the same questions but Killer Boots told him to stop investigating which further confirms he’s covering something up. Dae Gu makes Pan Seok agree to take him along to keep investigating that case.

Congressman Yoo gets a report that interest in the video is decreasing and public doesn’t yet know Madam Yoo is the daughter of Congressman Yoo. He tells his lawyers to make sure it stays hidden otherwise his political career is over.

The rookies are looking for more clues and Dae Gu remembers looking at the family pictures in the Yoo residence and one of them has a ship called the Neria. A search reveals the ship docks near a family mansion by the shore. Dae Gu gets a call from a Shin Ki Jae who identifies himself as the son of the bag lady. He wonders if Dae Gu has arrested his mom yet and if so he can sneak out of the house to go play since it’s Friday. Dae Gu asks if the family has a mansion by the shore and he confirms it. After hanging up Shin Ki Jae marvels that he’s really liking the hyung a lot, he’s able to make the connections even without him dropping hints.

Dae Gu and Soo Sun arrive at the mansion and beg the employee to help them. She’s actually ready to leave as well and not take Madam Yoo’s money anymore. She hands Soo Sun the full video which started recording when Soo Sun’s mom signed the settlement letter prior to getting beaten. Team 3 watches the full video which confirms that Soo Sun’s mom was deliberating set up to be beaten.

Dae Gu goes to the Yoo residence and doesn’t find Madam Yoo but runs into Congressman Yoo. He asks Congressman Yoo to tell Madam Yoo that they have the full video so now Madam Yoo is officially a suspect. He also tells Congressman Yoo to ask his daughter not to contact Chief Kang, this time there is too much evidence so don’t try to interfere. He heard Congressman Yoo was formerly a legendary police officer as well and he hopes Congressman Yoo will do the right thing and not thwart justice in this case. After he walks away, Congressman Yoo says being too hot blooded can incinerate oneself.

Congressman Yoo mulls his options and takes matters into his own hands. He goes to see Soo Sun’s mother and bows his head low to abjectly apologize for his daughter’s wrongdoing. He says it’s his fault that his daughter suffers from depression and acted out. She couldn’t do what she wanted because her dad was a politician and it’s all his fault. Soo Sun’s mother buys his sob stories and decides to let it go since the Congressman works so hard for the country.

By the time the entire Team 3 arrive at the hospital, Congressman Yoo is smiling and Soo Sun’s mom announces that she has decided to let this matter go. Congressman Yoo apologized many times and she’s gotten the closure she needed. Congressman Yoo takes his leave and keeps bowing to Soo Sun’s mom as he walks out. He shoots a satisfied shit-eating grin and pats Dae Gu on the shoulder as he leaves. Soo Sun tries to get her mom to reconsider because Congressman Yoo was clearly not being sincere. Soo Sun’s mom knows that but having such a powerful person bow low to her felt good, plus what good will it do to lock up Madam Yoo. She took a picture of his 90 degree bow and cackles over it because how many people out there have had the great and powerful Congressman Yoo bow low like this.

A furious Dae Gu goes to confront Madam Yoo and warns her to remember his name and face. Madam Yoo laughs at him and asks why he doesn’t know how to surviving a tragedy. Congressman Yoo calls Chief Kang to warn her that the boy cannot do what he wants in front of Congressman Yoo again. If that happens, Congressman Yoo will take matters into his own hands. Chief Kang understands and apologizes before hanging up the phone and angrily slamming her hands down on the desk.

Pan Seok pulls Sa Kyung aside and doesn’t understand what she means by why he signed on the divorce papers. Wasn’t she the one who asked for a divorce? He’s the one who was dumped so why is she asking why he signed? Sa Kyung is amused that Pan Seok really doesn’t know why she handed him the divorce papers that day and Sa Kyung tells him to just live his life trying to figure it out. Tae Il overhears this conversation and goes to Pan Seok to help out. He feels no need to explain what happened between him and Sa Kyung in the past but offers to tell Pan Seok why Sa Kyung handed him divorce papers that day. Pan Seok doesn’t want to know from him and orders him to get out.

Team 3 head out on a mission to investigate an underground drug ring run by gangsters. Dae Gu and Soo Sun are to go undercover as a couple while Ji Gook and Tae Il are friends. He shows them the picture of the gang leader they need to spot. Pan Seok compliments Soo Sun on her girly undercover outfit today and Dae Gu checks her out as she steps off the van.

Soo Sun and Dae Gu walk arm-in-arm to an outdoor cafe where the gangsters are gathered just chilling. They don’t see the gang leader in question but decide to take pictures of everyone present to take home. Soo Sun pretends to ask her honey to take pictures of her so that Dae Gu can surreptitiously snap the gangsters.

The cafe staff come out with a cake and singing a celebration of the couple’s 100 day together. They chant for the couple to kiss and Soo Sun awkwardly takes the initiative and pulls Dae Gu in for a lip press. That gets the team hiding in the van to stare in shock.

After Soo Sun pulls away is when Dae Gu stares at her before pulling her back for a real mouth moving lip lock. That gets everyone in the van to stare even harder with mouths wide open.

I’m surprised that cold fish analytical Eun Dae Gu/Kim Ji Yong has some smooth moves on him. Heh, Soo Sun is one lucky girl.

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You’re All Surrounded Episode 14 Baby Recap — 29 Comments

  1. I’m glad you pointed out the bit about the gender switch. I did find it really interesting after watching scores of Kdramas with the misbehaving son, to have a daughter who has to have her crimes repeatedly covered up. Not sure I’ve seen that before in quite this way. So, props to YAAS for that, I guess.

    • That really stuck out at me because she’s such an extreme level of awful that most female villains don’t really rise to that level.

  2. Hi, thanks for the recaps.
    I don’t like however that you always find ways to put down this drama. I really like your blog but you can cool down a bit on the snarky tone you use for this drama.

    • Okay, now I’m genuinely confused. I like this drama, too, otherwise I would have stopped recapping it. Can you explain what exactly makes you think I’m putting it down? You mean calling out silly bits and lamenting how stuff that could be better? That’s upsetting to you? But that’s how every recap is written, to capture what happened and offer critical commentary.

    • Have you read enough of her blog and recaps? I’ve seen this tone in plenty of recaps. Why it would offend I don’t know. Each person has a personal writing style. Why ask someone to change it just for you? Why don’t you write your own then? After all both you and I can watch the episode ourselves.

  3. Excellent ending to an enjoyable episode. The second kiss shocked the heck out of me. Can’t wait for the awkwardness coming in the next episode cause we all know that’s gonna happen. Loved your recap. Thank you!

  4. I’ve kinda stopped watching the drama, so thanks for the recap. :)Might need to watch this episode for that kiss tho. ^^~

  5. The first kiss is expected judging from the preview. And then BAM! The second one shocked me and made my mouth wide open.

  6. LOL… Ms. Koala, i think Yoona is more lucky then Soon Sun just because lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating and she gets to kiss him whenever she wants too…

    • That is assuming they even have time to meet with both their crazy schedules! I actually worry for them!

  7. Finally. While I am relived/satiated, I cannot help but feel a sense of disjoint in DG-SS developmts in the dept of romance. It seemed like they poured in all the signals in the last 2 episodes, after the shut up kiss and the secret smiles in the loo. But that is all there is. More camaraderie than lovey dovey between these two – smthg about their chemistry maybe?

  8. I really hope Hyung Chul comes back. That deep voice of his. It’s just so fascinating. Anyways, that kiss though! A little disappointed how Pan Seok’s reaction isn’t as funny as his previous one.

  9. I just feel the kiss scene was done as a fan service. It feels to sudden in their developing relationship. Somehow feels like a cheap way to bring in ratings. It was a well made scene just felt out of place.

    Oh & thx for the baby recap.

    • i would not be surprised, since DG lost his defense mechanism anyways. He is opening up xD! The kiss was so sweet, however, maybe its best they fasten the relationship building because there are tons of things was left hanging (not to mention its the main pillar and base of the story) which is needed to revealed. With only 6 episode left, theres no guarantee they can end it if the relationship is slowed down. Just my opinion, though.

    • My only possible guess for why she gave him the divorce papers was to get him to consider their relationship. For him to weigh his commitment to his wife over his job.She wanted him to decide which one was more important to him.
      I believe that if he made an attempt to reconcile with her and fix what was broken, she would have forgiven him, or at least been more inclined to forgive, over their son’s death. However, he simply threw in the towel, giving in to what he believed she wanted.
      As a man, I can understand where he was coming from. We tend to do things without thinking, assuming it will be the best choice for the person we love, without actually sitting down and talking it over.
      But I can also see things from the feminine perspective.
      She wanted him to realize what he was losing, and to come to his senses.

      • Aaargh, I hate it when people play games like this. A loving relationship is not about laying out tests and then judging whether the partner “passed.” And it isn’t just a female thing, men do this, too. He had been running around in a fever of guilt, trying to clean and cook and make everything look OK for her. So when she silently drops a divorce decree in front of him and storms out with her suitcase, he is supposed to know that she wants him to fight for her, or whatever?
        I don’t care what her motivation was, how she keeps laying out these little traps for him is all wrong, especially when anyone can see that he is putty in her hands except when he is engaged in his job. So she has just set him up to fail once again. Not liking her very much. He is what he is, accept it or go away.

    • I think she was hoping he would rip up the papers and not sign it. That he was going to fight for her, for their marriage. She didn’t count on him being too broken up with guilt to do what she really wanted.

      Honestly, these mind games are exhausting. She really should’ve just let him know what she wanted from him. He’s a man. Sometimes, they really don’t have a clue.

  10. LoL, nothing like a kiss to bring out the commenters!

    Seung Gi is definitely a good kisser in dramas now… I’m sure Yoona is a lucky girl!

  11. Anyone care to answer this question. Did Sa Kyung have a one-night stand with Tae-il? At first, I thought this was the case. But after this episode, I don’t think so anymore.

    Sa Kyung tends to use her one-night stands in a callous way and not want to be bothered with them later on. But she displays compassion and friendship towards Tae-il. My guess is that she was a confidant to him during a low period in his life.

    Anyone else crack up at Pan-Seok’s statement: “These kids! One’s after me, the other’s after my woman”. LOL.

    If you look real close, there are some witticisms hidden in the writing of this drama. A good example is Director Cha’s outburst in the chief’s office as he recaps all that has gone wrong with their precinct like it’s an ongoing Kdrama, he said all that was needed to complete the picture was a birth secret. ‘Truer words have never been spoken’. LOL

  12. I love how the recaps are and look forward to them every week. Even though I watch the episode before I read the recaps (so I know exactly everything that goes down before hand) I love seeing the recapers opinions through their writings and the different remarks they add to show their personality! Keep up the great work and I’ll look forward to next week!!!!! Fighting <3

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