Li Yi Feng Kinda Confirms Dating Lee Da Hae Who Broke His Heart

I’m sorry but I am dying here with the latest juicy on-dit to drop in C-news. Seriously spazzing and falling off chairs and rubbing my eyes to make sure I read the news reports right. I also watched the actual media event to make sure my baby boy said what he said. And he said it all right! On the promotional trail for the upcoming mega action-packed and stuffed-to-the-gills cast wuxia Ancient Sword Fantasy, leading man Li Yi Feng either (1) decided to be honest or (2) had a momentary scripted answer lapse, when asked about his heartbreaks the adorable rising Chinese actor admitted having his heart broken after dating a fellow actress from overseas that the media is connecting to Lee Da Hae who he was rumored to be cozy with two years ago when he filmed the C-drama Love Actually with her and Joe Cheng. I’ll admit that this dated before news does not surprise me at all, and shouldn’t surprise any fan of Li Yi Feng or Lee Da Hae.

During the filming of LA the news and gossip coming out of the set was that Lee Da Hae and her second male lead Li Yi Feng were really really close. I never expected to hear any confirmation about the relationship so hearing him confirm now that he dated a non-Chinese actress girlfriend is what shocked my socks off. This news is rocketing through the C-media right as I speak and clearly it’s up to Lee Da Hae’s side to admit or refute it (or stay silent, I suggest just staying silent since he didn’t name her by name). Li Yi Feng explained that he was madly in love with that girlfriend but she was the one who broke up with him. He even flew to her country to try and make the relationship work but it was a no go. He shared this story in the context of how much he was torn up over the break up and that was his last major crying session in real life. He spent a day just sitting on the sofa in a daze without eating, drinking, or sleeping, absolutely brokenhearted that it was really over. I love how candid C-stars can be because it’s a necessary reminder that they are human even if we like to swoon over them as goddesses or hotties.

The relationship is a bit of a noona-dongsaeng set up since Lee Da Hae is three years older than Li Yi Feng. But they are soooo cute together!

Lee Dae Hae and Li Yi Feng (start at 5:10):


Li Yi Feng Kinda Confirms Dating Lee Da Hae Who Broke His Heart — 39 Comments

  1. If it’s true….LDH what were u thinking? The boy is adorable & plus he’s super into u as well. It wasn’t meant to be indeed.

    • She’ fake? But why nearly all her male costars want her.So all her male friends from Jang Hyuk up to Lee Dong Wook are fake too.

      • Hmmm. I suppose these people are just jealous or shallow minded. Need to say something negative to cover their insecurity

  2. I thought another Chae Rim. Korean actress with Chinese actor.

    and I thought she close to Joe, and the message in yellow card he gave to her is very cute.

  3. Is it a big deal for cross the border dating when there are lots of actors working in foreign projects? I would think that it happens a lot. I haven’t seen LDH in anything lately and I tried Hotel but I couldn’t get into it.

  4. Yeah, I think staying silent on her side is probably the best option. No point making a big fuss about it when it’s all in the past anyway. Feel sorry for him though!

  5. she deserves and has the right to choose who she wants to be with.. it’s call human right… who are we to object..

    • Yep. I don’t like this trend of actors outing their personal lives for attention. We all know that they don’t suffer any consequences but it can be devastating for the ladies involved.

  6. What a douchey thing to do. It doesn’t affect his reputation, so who cares how it affects hers, right?

    Ugh. No wonder she broke up with him.

    • Exactly. Judging from his action I’d not blame her for dumping him. So thoughtless and immature.
      He might get the attention he wants but this will affect her reputation in both Korea and China

      • Well, excuse me for breathing. How the dickens can dating a man affect LDH’s reputation in Korea or China??. Are you for real, which planet are you from, the galaxy of S*H*I*T?????

        Please explain your stupid asinine comment.

  7. I don’t find what he said wrong. He never said he dated Da Hae or outed her specifically by name. In the context of a question about heartbreak he mentioned a relationship with an overseas actress that ended which left him really understanding a broken heart for the first time.

    Lee Da Hae herself admitted a few years ago that she once dated a costar in one of her dramas. Confessing to dating history is fine in vague terms.

    • Exactly. It’s rather comical that he’s deemed “douchey” or “uncool” when he didn’t use names, whilst other actors are specific and obvious yet considered “sensitive,” “transparent” or “courageous.”
      Everyone assumes it was LDH cause they want to and because she the “obvious” choice in their understanding and purview but everyone could be so wrong and they’re all chuckling somewhere about all the media speculation. Fans crack me up.

      • He’s being deemed “douchey” because although he did not explicitly single out LDH (c’mon he’s smarter than that) he wrote this very publicly, knowing that people would assume LDH.

      • I agree with Autumnbug. Even if he didn’t say her name, he basically outed her already. He even said it is an actress overseas which anyone who looks into his acting career would know it is Lee because she’s the only foreign actress he worked with. Plus the timing is exactly right around when they worked together. Guess he’s still bitter over it.

        I’m not surprise because Lee is very popular with the guys. She has a huge group of guy celeb friends. Her personality outside is more like a guy and not like her image. She probably dated Lee dong wook too like the rumors circulated years ago.

  8. I don’t know her until Hotel King because of Lee Dong Wok, but what I know is that, she is an outspoken person who I heard made a remark regarding certain women in another country that these women only know how to do domestic helpers job. I didn’t hear her say, it was mentioned in a fan’s blog. Well, anyway, bf/gf come and go, if someone gets tired of a relationship, he/she can just dump their partner, so it is just natural if one does not really have a real feeling towards the other. So be it.

    • She didn’t insult the DH job, I think(?) Hmm… The closest I can recall is she went on a talk show and was asked to imitate different English accents. She did American, British, and “Asian” but the talk show labeled it with a Philippine flag caption, because LDH had a Filipina nursemaid at one time.

      I’m a bit disappointed that other Filipinos jumped on the issue without checking the context first. *sigh*

      The accent she imitated was actually funny not because it sounds stupid, but because the accent was a good imitation. (And I’m saying this as a Filipino.) Each country has different speech patterns and all of us will always have a bit of an accent when speaking a foreign language — unless we spend years practicing and talking to native speakers.

  9. Awww, poor thing sitting on the sofa. It is not easy being rejected, especially if she did like him for a little while.
    Getting his heart broken does make him seem like less of a god, and that’s a good thing. Plus, it’ll help him (hopefully) in his real life relationships and roles. Unlike those in dramas, people IRL actually do fall in love with more than two times. How does that saying go? You have to kiss a lot of frogs to meet a princess? Something like that. Just think – those stars get to kiss a lot of pretty, too!

  10. Lee Da hae has been known in korea as a quitter when it comes to work. After My Girl, her career slowed down and her reputation had been known “quitter”. Google it for proofs. I just finished watching Ms. Ripley, i didn’t recognized her at first coz it’s so obvious she went through plastic surgery. Just saying 🙂

  11. I had been wondering what this Li Yi Feng dude looks like. He’s got a bit of Vic Zhou vibe going on, but man, I’m sure he’s still getting carded everywhere.

  12. Its only dating…getting to know one another more.Why a big issue? Any one can reject the dating partner if there is no chemistry. I see her as a good artiste and very natural. The different english accent ..the script writer needs to be more cautious. LDH is doing her act with no malicious intention. I also read in youtube that LDH apologise formerly for her dress codes in some areas during shooting of hotel king. Its so easy to point fingers at others . I am wondering what the custome director think abt it. Its sheer hard work to be good actress n actors esp. The standard is high like in korea n many other lets be positive abt her unless we can do better.

  13. I knew there was a reason I hated that bitch. She’s the slag that bounces from one guy to the next. She used Rain in the same way as this poor man.

  14. Maybe no one will read this post but I bumped into Lee Da Hae when I was on vacation once. I swear she knows how to speak English but she looked daze when I asked her for a picture. She was quite casual and promptly just gave me a nod. We walked to the side of a hotel/mall and took a quick selfie. Thanked her and she moved on. Couldn’t really judge her too much based on that but I thought she was nice to a fellow fan. Btw she’s super pretty and thin in real life.

  15. I believe Lee Da Hee date with LFY,, and I also believe LDH date with LDW.
    What I see LDH and LFY relationship has ended.
    I look at the BTS and LDH interview about “Hotel King & LDW” they are very close even adlib of them were kissing and selfie them so real as lovers. In the filming of Hotel King I saw the figure of a woman (LDH) is so menggagumi men (LDW) and LDH highly visible awkwardness apparent.
    LDH looks so comfortable near the LDW,
    I still believe the relationship LDW and LDH back.

  16. i think she is the best artist in this universe in evryways and the most beautiful one ….evry things perfect besides her!!!!!

  17. I’m only here because I’m a newly fan of Li Yifeng from The Legend of Chusen so I don’t know who Lee DaHae is, but looking at the picture, she looks so old compare to him. Naturally, I’m happy that he is now single so he could date Zhao Liying, my other favorite actress.

  18. It seems it wasn’t meant to be .poor guy I hope he can move on .But I guess now he knows the feeling of a broken 💓 heart😭😭

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