SBS Admits It’s Okay, It’s Love Teasers Were Plagiarized From an Original Video by a New York Artist

Sometimes the difference in a few hours is as stark as night and day. I was just getting ready to post about the two new teasers for It’s Okay, It’s Love, which would join the first two released earlier showing the two leads dancing like happy dorks, when the entire tenor of my post got upended because I waited a few hours to write about it. The upcoming SBS drama has been skewing more and more rom-com-ish with promotional materials in bright cheery colors followed by video teasers of the leads Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin being quirky and adorable together. It doesn’t tell us anything about the story but does showcase the nice chemistry of the leads and a vibe of relaxed goofing around. I enjoyed the first two teasers but liked the second two even more which builds upon the couple dancing and shows Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin doing all sorts of random things that are supposed to convey reluctant interest in each other. It appeared creative and cute, that’s for sure. Sadly now we all know it’s not creative at all as SBS has admitted to the immediate netizen feedback that the teasers were full on plagiarized from a video directed by New York based artist-dancer-choreographer Celia Rowlson-Hall. The original video is over three minutes long but most of the snippets from the It’s Okay, It’s Love shorter teasers were scenes directly lifted from the original video. Not cool, SBS, not cool. The network gets brownie points for immediately admitting to the copy and paste job and vowed to remove the teasers immediately and never use it again. Currently it’s still available so check it out before it’s gone forever. 

If only SBS had contacted the owner of the original video and asked for a license to use scenes from it, I still quite enjoy watching Jo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin enact their version of the cute scenes and wished it was all done the right way so the work product can remain for the audience to enjoy.

Additional Two Teasers for It’s Okay, It’s Love:

Original video by Celia Rowlson-Hall:


SBS Admits It’s Okay, It’s Love Teasers Were Plagiarized From an Original Video by a New York Artist — 17 Comments

  1. Definitely a dick move (in this day and age, you know you’ll be found out) but at least that will do some buzz for the drama on the net and given the topic of the show (mental illnesses), it will be needed. I’m still very excited.

  2. Well someone will be thrown under the bus somewhere. Hope it’s the person who actually came up with this stupid move.cant believe they just stole it…

  3. What I find so amazing about this – besides the fact that they had the hubris to think they would get away with this – was that they were so blantant. It is not like they couldn’t throw them in front a white wall with bright colors and have them dance and it wouldn’t have been wonderful but frame by frame they clearly stole the whole concept and that is just awful.

  4. Woaaaaahhh~ SBS, at least try to make it less obvious.

    Honestly, why directly copy scenes when it would have just been better to be inspired by it and use some creativity. Gah. And they look so cute too~ it must have been disappointing for GHJ and JIS.

  5. I am sure that SBS could have bought the rights for a few bucks, this is going to end up costing them more + a bad reputation.

  6. Did SBS ran out of creative juices to resort to plagiarism? Tsk, tsk, tsk. I wonder what else they plagiarized…

  7. Looks more like SBS is fully aware of it. It has been copied wholesale and its so glaring. How then can it not know. Anyway, the teaser has already helped to draw viewers’ attention to the drama even if SBS withdraws it now. Not sure tho whether an apology is all that SBS needs to pay for this sly manoeuvre. Its a small price to pay if it is.

  8. When I see all those things about plagiarize, when they extend a drama, when they make advertising in a drama about a specific product, I can only think about the k.drama The King of drama, for me is the best drama ever just because we can see everything about a drama and the truth behind this one’s!!!!

  9. Oh may…..this is not the first and for sure not for the last either.
    SBS…how could you ? and why everythings on SBS ?….
    I pity the actors who doesn’t know this kind of situation….

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