Third Teaser for Fated to Love You Plays Up the Comedic Antics of the OTP Romance

I need to thank the K-version of Fated to Love You for plastering a happy grin on my face with its latest and most substantive teaser to date. I can’t believe this drama is premiering next week! Oh how times flies and it did fly a little faster for the FTLY remake since its predecessor A New Leaf shaved two episodes off its run. I’m glad this drama started filming pretty early plus it’s a rom-com so less preparation all around then if it was a sageuk. FTLY did have an extensive overseas shoot in Macau but that’s in the bag already. The overseas shoot portion in Macau plays a critical plot point in this drama, with the former Portugal colony and now special administrative region of China standing in for the infamous cruise of the original drama. I quite liked the cruise setting because it hasn’t been done to death and conveyed a sense of confinement amping up how the OTP meet.

In the K-version, leads Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara end up in the same Macau casino hotel and a series of laughable and improbable hijinks ensue that lead them into bed with each other. It’s not one of those chaste falling asleep in the same bed scenarios that K-dramas so love to toss out there, the lovely Jangs will be doing the horizontal mambo after some cold medicine and some aphrodisiac collide. A baby is made and the rest of the drama will involve a reluctant couple forced into matrimony and discovering along the way that they are made for each other. The third teaser is chock full of pratfalls and physical gags which once again confirms this version will share the same zany DNA as the TW-original. This teaser also gives a better peek at the second leads Choi Jin Hyuk and Wang Ji Won and both are looking mighty gorgeous as well.

Fated to Love You third teaser:


Third Teaser for Fated to Love You Plays Up the Comedic Antics of the OTP Romance — 7 Comments

  1. I am super excited for this one and can’t wait to see CJH and WJW too, this drama looks like it is going to be awesome. Great cast.

  2. I’m so watching this one.
    The TW version remains one of my fav TW dramas, mainly for the acting and chemistry of the leads.

    And I’m looking forward to watching Jang Hyuk in a light hearted role!

  3. I’m quite excited about this remake I enjoyed and loved the TW version so much and while the ending was too over the top IMO. The whole drama was enjoyable and fun to watch. I can’t wait to see how they edit the -sex- scene since the TW version was all kinds of hilarious wtf moments with the trains coming into a tunnel and misils being thrown, still my mind for watching this will be low expectations.

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