Dr. Stranger Episode 18 Recap

The end is getting so close and the light at the end of the tunnel is either my salvation or Dr. Stranger done killed me and I don’t know that I’m heading towards the light. Episode 18 continues to be as nonsensical as all out but, and that’s a very qualified but, it actually didn’t leave me quaking with anger with an acrid aftertaste of fury in my mouth. All four leads are collectively not that bad all of a sudden. There is still noble idiocy of the blood spitting variety but it doesn’t really usher in an upending of narrative canon built up so far. Jae Hee/Seung Hee might still die in the end, but at least she’s not leaving behind a dazed and confused Park Hoon since he emphatically tells her how he feels about her. The two second leads in Soo Hyun and Jae Joon are back on their own narrative arc, with the hospital revenge story taking the forefront in a quickie wrap up. Jae Joon finally gets his big revenge jollies off even if everyone tells him he really shouldn’t do it for his own good.

Soo Hyun has finally stopped moping over Hoon and in fact spends an episode being all sorts of emotionally relevant. She finds out what Jae Joon is planning and then tries to beg him to stop while pleading with her dad to do the right thing. In essence, Soo Hyun returns to being impassioned and useful, the two things she hadn’t been doing for the last few episodes prior. As she leads the stupid void behind, Seung Hee decides to occupy the spot so that she can act out her one-woman play called “you killed my dad to save me so now I hate you!” She’s so unconvincing I’m surprised Hoon didn’t burst out laughing when he heard it, or it could be that Jin Se Yeon’s performance every time she tries to be mean to Hoon is what’s unconvincing. Either way, Hoon tries so damn hard to tell her that he’s sorry and that he’s not loving her out of guilt but that he simply loves her just because she’s been the one for him all along. That doesn’t quite work when Seung Hee is riding the self-sacrifice train all the way outta town, so let’s just see if she makes it there alone or Hoon hops a ride-along with her.

Episode 18 recap:

I don’t know why Myung Woo Hospital can’t have Hoon or Jae Joon performing surgeries outside of PK-battling each other but the final final (seriously!) final surgical showdown begins. This time the rules of the battle are like the first twins battle, the first to successfully complete the surgery wins. Yes, and get a cookie, too.

Just as the surgeries are about to begin, Dr. Kim has an epiphany when his sister’s cell’s beeps with a text about cancelling the wedding hall. He decides that his sister needs to live a normal life and rather than barging into Jae Joon’s OR, since he’s the one operating on Sister Kim, he barges into Hoon’s OR. Dr. Kim begs Hoon to swap patients with Jae Joon so his sister isn’t operate on. On what planet does that reasoning make sense, please send the screenwriter to live there. Dr. Kim is basically laying the guilt trip on Hoon’s sense of medical ethics to save his sister, but then lose the surgery battle. Rather than, yunno, Dr. Kim go ask Jae Joon directly to stop.

Just as Jae Joon gets ready to slice into Sister Kim’s chest, Hoon barges in and dramatically grabs Jae Joon’s wrist. Oooooh, a man-on-man wrist grab in a K-drama! Soo Hyun wonders what Hoon is doing and Jae Joon asks the same thing. Hoon turns to look at Seung Hee before sighing that he lost. Seung Hee looks down seemingly relieved.

Even the President watching this cluckerfuck in the OR asks PM Jang what the hell is going on? PM Jang says the game is over. I still can’t believe people in this drama openly talk about surgery like its a game. The other doctors are all atwitter about this suddenly white flag from Park Hoon. Dr. Yang watches and looks amazed before smiling. Jae Joon wants Hoon to repeat himself so Hoon says again that he lost and asks Jae Joon to put down that scalpel. The two men stare at each other some more.

Sister Kim is wheeled out of the OR by Dr. Kim who at least stops to thank Hoon. Dr. Moon is furious at what Hoon did and how it ruins Dr. Moon’s plans to run the hospital one day. But Dr. Moon is down and not out, he’s not so easily destroyed. He calls himself a weed and weeds aren’t so easy to kill. Dr. Moon storms off while Nurse Min compliments Hoon on what he did back there. Dr. Yang arrives and beams approvingly at Hoon before walking away with Nurse Min.

Jae Joon is now operating on Hoon’s male patient with Soo Hyun as his assistant and Seung Hee as the anesthesiologist. Seung Hee pauses and looks up at Hoon looking down at her from the OR viewing room. After the surgery, Seung Hee walks out to talk with Hoon. But first she pauses with a monologue about how sorry she is to Hoon to have to do this to him. But she has no other choice if she’s going to send him away safely. Seung Hee holds back her tears and activates her spy mode to get ready to spew horseshit from her lips.

Seung Hee tells Hoon that his decision back there was something he would do so she’s not surprised. He apologizes since he lost the battle now but she doesn’t want an apology. She calls him insincere and false in his pledge to walk with her all the way. Hoon walks up to her all confused with her sudden change in attitude and Seung Hee brings up how Hoon transplanted her dad’s kidney into her. She claims to have just found out from PM Jang who heard from Comrade Cha. Ahahaha, love this drama’s reveals being all about pass-it-on.

Seung Hee is furious and demands Hoon admit what he did. Hoon stammers and confirms that he had no choice, with a flashback to near dead Jae Hee laying in the hospital while her dad begs Hoon to save Jae Hee even if he dies. We hear the rest of what Jae Hee’s dad said that day, it doesn’t matter if he dies but his daughter has someone she needs to see. He begs Hoon again to save Jae Hee. Hoon can only apologize now to Seung Hee but she doesn’t know what he is apologizing for. For killing her dad or for saving her?

Seung Hee believes Hoon should have let her die back there, she would have died happily still loving him. She doesn’t believe what he did was love, how could she kill his dad in order to keep the woman he loves alive? If it’s for his own selfish desires to have the woman he loves alive, then Seung Hee cannot accept what he did. She calls his love a lie and now he’s just living in guilt over what he did. Seung Hee claims Hoon is just trying to atone for his sins against her. Hoon begs her to stop talking but she calls him pretending to be a doctor so that he can finish the mission with her and they can live happily afterwards pretending the transplant never happened.

Hoon is near tears as Seung Hee drives the dagger in deeper calling him a fake. She demands that he not call her Jae Hee since he hasn’t the right to say that name. She doesn’t ever want him to appear before her again. She’ll never forgive him even in death. Seung Hee leaves Hoon standing there in stunned silence but the moment she is alone she collapses and slumps over in pain. Seung Hee takes deep breaths to control her tears.

The President confirms with PM Jang that Han Jae Joon will do the surgery. He’s fine with that and wants his schedule clear to do it next week. PM Jang wonders which hospital and the President points out it should be at Myung Woo, right?

Hoon staggers back to Chang Yi’s place and sits down next to his mom. He tells his mom what Seung Hee said to him about never forgiving him and never wanting to see him again. Hoon wanted to save her first and then tell her, but later he realized that if she didn’t find out herself then he couldn’t ever tell her. Hoon admits that he’s a man who has no right to love her. His dad reminded him that he was a doctor but he shouldn’t have become a doctor to begin with. Hoon’s mom strokes Hoon’s face and a sobbing Hoon curls up on her lap while she wordlessly comforts him.

Dr. Moon is ready to brown-nose Jae Joon now that he won the battle. Dr. Moon isn’t even ashamed to be so blatant and tells Jae Joon to help him out because he’s so willing to go whichever way the wind blows.

Jae Joon is summoned to meet with Chairman Oh who is super proud of him. He invites Jae Joon to the upcoming board meeting and reveals he’s going to send Dr. Moon to the secondary hospital. As for Park Hoon, Chairman Oh has Sang Jin looking for any reason to have his medical license revoked. If none can be found, then he will use pressure to make sure Park Hoon never practices again.

Jae Joon wonders why so much hate towards Park Hoon and Chairman Oh candidly reveals that Park Hoon’s dad Park Chul tried to oppose him once. He was going to testify in a lawsuit and ruin Myung Woo. If he hadn’t gotten rid of Park Chul, then Myung Woo wouldn’t exist today. Jae Joo is shocked to finally learn the truth.

During the board meeting, Jae Joon zones out thinking about what he just learned. He’s called to stand up and give a speech as the youngest acting chairman in Myung Woo history. Jae Joon reluctantly stands up as everyone around the table claps for him.

Sister Kim is awake and furious with her brother. She slaps Dr. Kim for not being a better doctor otherwise there wouldn’t need to be a last minute decision not to do the surgery. Dr. Kim admits he’s not a good brother but will study hard and in the future he will personally do her heart surgery when the time comes. Sister Kim thanks him and asks that he has to remember what he just promised.

Since the drama is coming to an end, we have to make another PPL return trip to Dunkin Donuts. So when Jae Joon calls Dr. Kim out to talk, they pay a visit to Chang Yi’s store. Jae Joon orders four breakfast sets while Dr. Kim keeps his head lowered behind Jae Joon. He apologizes for what he did yesterday in disrespecting Jae Joon. He’s not upset and tells Dr. Kim to have a seat with two other doctors before asking Chang Yi if she can reach Park Hoon? Chang Yi asks if Hoon isn’t answering his phone and Jae Joon wants her to have Hoon call him if she reaches him first.

Dr. Yang submits his resignation letter to Jae Joon despite hearing that a position will open up once Dr. Moon is sent off to the secondary hospital. Dr. Yang isn’t interested since it’s just being a trash doctor anyways. Dr. Yang also included in the letter a recitation of all the bad things Jae Joon and Chairman Oh asked him to do. Jae Joon wonders if this is a threat but it’s Dr. Yang’s attempt to save Jae Joon from going deeper into this hell. Dr. Yang doesn’t want to live like a stranger here for the rest of his life. He bows to Jae Joon and takes his leave.

Jae Joon rips up the documents Dr. Yang gave him and then gets called by Sang Jin to go to the Chairman’s office. Sang Jin asks him to deliver a set of documents which of course is the most efficient way to get something important into Jae Joon’s hands. Jae Joon opens up the documents to read that it’s a proposed budget for the opening of another Myung Woo secondary branch in Jeju. He flips through the documents and sets it aside when Sang Jin pops up to ask him to deliver it to Lawyer Kim.

Jae Joon sits down to dinner at the Oh household and Chairman Oh is angry that Sang Jin handed the important documents to Jae Joon to deliver to the lawyer. He orders Sang Jin immediately called home. After dinner Chairman Oh asks why Jae Joon and Soo Hyun are so silent this whole time. Both make an excuse and Chairman Oh brings up Jae Joon becoming the acting chairman. Soo Hyun congratulates Jae Joon and hears that Chairman Oh is planning a party for Jae Joon’s promotion and being selected for the PM Jang surgery. He also wants to announce the engagement of Jae Joon and Soo Hyun. She is about to say something when Jae Joon gives her a look to be quiet.

Sang Jin comes home and gets pulled aside to be chewed up by his dad for handing the important documents to Han Jae Joon. Sang Jin thought Jae Joon could handle it since he’s acting chairman now. Chairman Oh says no, these aren’t just administrative documents.

Once alone, Jae Joon assures Soo Hyun not to worry about the pressure to get engaged. He’ll handle it for her. He brings up how he misunderstood Park Hoon and now thinks he’s worthy of Soo Hyun liking him. Soo Hyun takes her hand off her duck mug in surprise when she hears this and the camera hilariously pauses on the mug. If this isn’t the most blatant confirmation that the production is taking into account fan service in rewriting the second half of this drama I don’t know what else other than having Soo Hyun actually quack like a duck.

Soo Hyun is in Jae Joon’s office looking at his model castle when Dr. Kim comes on. Soo Hyun mentions Dr. Eun being away to plan the wedding, but then I say Dr. Eun and Dr. Keom have been sent to the great beyond where Dr. Choi and Chang Yi’s mom are also partying up a storm to be written out of this drama. Dr. Kim is impressed that Jae Joon is now the acting chairman and fulfilled his goal of taking the castle. Dr. Kim heard Jae Joon make an allegory about a knight winning the castle and seducing the princess to do so. But he really fell in love with the princess and then got his heart broken when the princess fell in love with another man. Dr. Kim thought the castle story was about Jae Joon but it can’t be since Soo Hyun didn’t fall for another guy. Soo Hyun realizes now that Jae Joon is trying to take down the hospital.

Hoon rings Seung Hee’s doorbell and calls her cell but can’t reach her either way. Soo Hyun comes home and the two of them sit down to talk about Jae Joon. Soo Hyun asks if Hoon knows whether Jae Joon is planning something against the hospital? Hoon doesn’t think so since Jae Joon will be doing the surgery and is now acting chairman. Soo Hyun feels something is off since Jae Joon said to her before to forgive him no matter what he does.

Hoon remembers Jae Joon mentioning his friend Lee Sung Hoon’s story. Hoon notices Soo Hyun’s odd look and he asks if she has ever heard of Jae Joon’s friend Lee Sung Hoon? Soo Hyun hasn’t and hears from Hoon that the name is related to the lawsuit twenty years ago that send his dad Park Chul to North Korea. Soo Hyun can’t believe this is all connected.

Jae Joon stands before his castle and tells his dad to watch carefully as his first revenge is about to start. He picks up the castle warden and snaps his head off.

The Myung Woo Hospital celebration party is underway and Dr. Kim is playing video games while chatting with Dr. Moon about whether Park Hoon will show up. Dr. Moon runs off to keep buttering up to Chairman Oh. Sang Jin calls up Jae Joon to make a speech since he’s been selected do to PM Jang’s surgery. Jae Joon thanks all the guests for coming and hopes everyone has a good time. During the party, Jae Joon keeps watching Chairman Oh walk around chatting with guests while Soo Hyun watches him.

Jae Joon is called aside to talk with Hoon who has arrived asking why Jae Joon wanted to see him? Jae Joon wants to apologize for misunderstanding Park Hoon’s father’s involvement in the lawsuit. Hoon doesn’t see the need to call him here just to say that. Jae Joon has another reason and brings up how Soo Hyun genuinely likes Hoon. But Hoon asks if Jae Joon doesn’t also genuinely like Soo Hyun? He doesn’t want Jae Joon to keep saying stuff like this otherwise he’ll be in greater pain later on. He doesn’t want Jae Joon to regret anything. Whatever he is hiding, whatever he is planning, he needs to stop now and ask for forgiveness. Jae Joon says it’s too late since it’s already begun.

The sound of police sirens reach the party and a bunch of cops arrive to take Sang Jin into custody for misusing public funds. Sang Jin begs his dad to save him but everyone can only watch as he’s dragged off.

Hoon asks if Jae Joon did this? Jae Joon did but this is only the beginning and what will happen later will only hurt Soo Hyun more. Hoon asks if he’s doing this for revenge? Jae Joon says Lee Sung Hoon lost both his parents and lived for the last twenty years for this revenge. Hoon points out that the target of Jae Joon’s rage is the father of the woman he loves. Jae Joon says only Han Jae Joon loves Soo Hyun, Lee Sung Hoon doesn’t love her. Hoon says that is wrong, both men love Soo Hyun.

Chairman Oh hears from Dr. Moon that there was a tipster that altered the authorities to the misuse of funds. The person is apparently named Lee Sung Hoon. Soo Hyun storms up to Jae Joon and asks if he’s Lee Sung Hoon? Jae Joon says it doesn’t matter who he is, all that matters is that the wrong done twenty years ago will be made right. All Lee Sung Hoon wants is a sincere apology for what happened back then.

Chairman Oh has a drink with Soo Hyun who asks her dad who Lee Sung Hoon is? Chairman Oh explains that Lee Sung Hoon is the son of the patient who died during surgery twenty years ago. Back then Myung Woo was about to get certified so they couldn’t risk of lawsuit. Soo Hyun begs her dad to sincerely apologize but Chairman Oh insists he did nothing wrong. Soo Hyun worries about her dad getting destroyed but he’s not scared since he isn’t that easily destroyed. Oh kiddo, at least you tried.

Seung Hee continues to ignore all calls from Hoon while just moping. She gets called in to meet with PM Jang who is taking his role as a substitute all the way and is dressed like a patient in the hospital. Seung Hee heard Sang Jin was arrested and hears that Han Jae Joon did it. She wonders who he really is and hears that he’s real identity is Lee Sung Hoon and is the son of a patient who died in Myung Woo twenty years ago. PM Jang doesn’t want her to worry about Jae Joon, he will handle things. He also assures Seung Hee that he will send Park Hoon and his mom somewhere safe like he promised.

PM Jang sends his other lackey to bring Park Hoon and his mom to the airport to catch a flight to Switzerland. Hoon refuses to leave unless he sees Jae Hee.

Seung Hee reluctantly comes to see Hoon and he wants to know why she keeps avoiding him. He knows why she’s angry but explains that his dad begged him to save her. Seung Hee calls his excuse pathetic and repeats again that she can’t be with him now so he should just leave. Hoon promises that once he settles his mom somewhere safe he will come back for her. Seung Hee doesn’t want to be with him but Hoon promised her dad that he will protect her. Seung Hee keeps insisting that it’s because of his guilt towards her but Hoon repeats that it’s not, it’s not because of guilt. Seung Hee turns to walk away but pauses to tell Hoon to forget her and her dad and to live a good life.

The President is having second thoughts after reading through Park Hoon’s surgical history. He has PM Jang summoned again and PM Jang tells Secretary Kim to make sure Park Hoon and his mom are “taken cared of” and leave no loose ends.

Hoon starts to sense something is wrong as he’s driven to an increasingly remote place. The lackey finally stops the car in an abandoned area and pulls out his gun ready to shoot Hoon and his mom.

The President isn’t a dummy and has picked up on why Park Hoon suddenly conceded defeat and didn’t do the surgery. The President knows that Hoon would rather accept defeat for the sake of his patient and that is the mark of a real doctor. He wants Hoon to do the surgery. The lackey gets a call from PM Jang to stop the plan to kill Park Hoon. Hoon gets another reprieve after being yet again on the wrong end of a gun barrel. That probably explains why he just stood there as the lackey prepared to shoot him, because personal experience has shown that Park Hoon always escapes certain gun death.

Hoon gets on the phone with PM Jang and is furious that PM Jang planned to kill them from the outset. PM Jang announces that the President has handpicked Hoon do to the surgery but Hoon says he won’t be whatever they ask. PM Jang points out that they have his mom now and Hoon turns around to see the lackey has driven off with his mom as a hostage.

PM Jang informs Chairman Oh that the President has handpicked Hoon to do the surgery. He assures Chairman Oh that he will take care of Park Hoon after the surgery so there are no loose ends. He’s also pulled strings to get Sang Jin out of holding. He offers to inform Jae Joon about the surgeon switch. PM Jang warns Jae Joon to not do anything until after the surgery because PM Jang can just pull strings to fix it. PM Jang will give Jae Joon a chance to destroy Chairman Oh but it will have to wait until after the surgery.

PM Jang has moved into the hospital to pretend to be the heart surgery patient for the next week until the actual surgery. Hoon arrives to demand to know where his mom is? PM Jang assures him that his mom will be fine and he just needs to successfully do the surgery. Hoon doesn’t believe a word he says but PM Jang tells him to try and tell anyone about what is being planned and his mom dies immediately.

Hoon informs Seung Hee that he’s back because the President picked him to do the surgery. She worries about his mom but he thinks she’ll be fine until the surgery date. Seung Hee decides to go back to her original plan and after surgery she will try to meet with the President privately. Hoon worries that she will not have a chance to see the President since PM Jang will have him heavily guarded. Seung Hee isn’t worried since she was fully trained a spy before taking on this mission, but had she known what Hoon did to her dad then she wouldn’t have endured so much for him. If she had known, she wouldn’t have wanted to see him.

Hoon asks what she will do if her plans are achieved and she survives after this is all over. Seung Hee doesn’t know but she knows that she won’t be with him no matter what.

Chairman Oh finds Soo Hyun wanting to talk with him but screams at her to get out. He doesn’t want to talk about Lee Sung Hoon but Soo Hyun says the man is back and wants an apology. Soo Hyun screams at him to apologize because he lost his dad followed by his mom and became an orphan because of what happened. Chairman Oh isn’t cowed and won’t be destroyed that easily.

Soo Hyun leaves her dad’s office and runs into Jae Joon outside. She knows he lied to her and used her but she doesn’t care. She begs him to stop now. She begs him to stop while she’ll keep convincing her dad to apologize. Jae Joon tells her that he’s sorry before letting go of her hand and heading into the Chairman’s office.

Jae Joon locks the door and pulls the blinds as he walks into the office and oddly Chairman Oh just sits there not finding this weird. Chairman Oh tells Jae Joon that he wants him to handle the Lee Sung Hoon matter. Jae Joon already met with the man and Chairman Oh asks how much be wants? Jae Joon wants a sincere apology and confession of the mistake and then Lee Sung Hoon will stop his revenge. Chairman Oh scoffs at that and claims what he did to stop the lawsuit was the best thing he’s ever done.

Jae Joon asks once again whether Chairman Oh doesn’t feel a shred of guilt or wrong for what he did? Chairman Oh screams that he did nothing wrong and don’t make him laugh about giving an apology. Chairman Oh isn’t worried about what Lee Sung Hoon will be planning since the Sang Jin matter has been resolved already. Jae Joon brings up that Lee Sung Hoon met with reporters to out Myung Woo’s dirty deeds and met with the bank to reveal the hospital’s financial difficulties so now it can’t get a loan to build the Jeju secondary hospital.

Chairman Oh is furious to hear this and starts gasping as he suffers what appears to be a heart attack. He also makes the most hilarious pained faces. He asks Jae Joon to find a way to stop all this but Jae Joon says PM Jang’s involvement in the bribery matter will also be revealed.

Soo Hyun bangs on the door wanting to go inside as she hears her dad gasping. Jae Joon tells Chairman Oh that Lee Sung Hoon has been waiting for twenty years remembering all the bad things that was done to his family. He wondered what would happen if he got a sincere apology and had to forgive those who wronged him? But he’s so grateful now because Chairman Oh won’t admit any wrong even now so he doesn’t need to forgive him.

Jae Joon reveals he’s Lee Sung Hoon and thanks Chairman Oh for not letting his last twenty years spent in vain. Chairman Oh tries to call for help but Jae Joon moves the phone away from him. Chairman Oh collapses on the ground while Soo Hyun asks the secretary to find the key for the door while she desperately bangs on it for Jae Joon to open the door.

Thoughts of Mine:

Bizarre doesn’t even cut it when it comes to this drama. Sometimes one or two things happen an episode that kinda makes sense, but it’s shot out of the cannon of complete reasoning absurdity so to render it void of genuine meaning. If everything said and done has no repercussions and consequences, then why go through all of it to begin with” The surgical battle for the right to operate on the President goes through multiple rounds and iterations only to limp to the end where the President himself picks the surgeon. That does make sense, right? That the patient picks his own doctor? Could this drama not have started with that? Couldn’t PM Jang have offered the President Jae Joon and Hoon and told him to pick one? All I can think about are the poor patients that we’ve watched paraded through the Myung Woo Hospital ORs, suffering through late arrivals and last minute surgeon swaps and countless other travails all for nothing. This episode also unleashes the fury of Jae Joon on Chairman Oh and Myung Woo but it feels so anticlimactic by how easy it was. He’s effortlessly made acting chairman, Sang Jin happens to hand him very important incriminating documents, you get the drift.

I feel like Chairman Oh is just as bipolar as the leads with how he goes from approving of Jae Joon to disapproving to approving over and over like a hamster running on a wheel. Chairman Oh also spends the entire episode sneering and hollering in unrighteous fury, all the way until he actually has an apoplexy. It’s to be seen to be believed in all its glory. I wished Jae Joon would have struggled a bit more with putting in motion his revenge because his conflicting feelings over hurting Soo Hyun while bringing down Chairman Oh does have real meat on it. But like everything in this drama, the execution is so lackluster with his mostly expressionless reaction to everything. He basically hands Soo Hyun over to Hoon the moment he clears up the misunderstanding about his father. Poor Soo Hyun, she’s gone from Park Hoon junkie to being passed around and ignored by all the men around her. The whole PM Jang surgery selection gets upended again as the President steps in and chooses Park Hoon to do his own surgery. I don’t know why the lazy MoFo didn’t just do that to begin with rather than have surgery battles where the outcome doesn’t even matter if he gets to make the final choice. Sigh.

I appreciate Hoon basically being the only person so far that has remained true to his actions stemming from his feelings. Yes, his thought processes have been here, there, and everywhere like a rodent on acid, but at least he knows how he feels about Jae Hee/Seung Hee. He loves her and it’s NOT guilt, no matter how much Seung Hee is harping on it to push him away. He says it over and over again that he wants to be with her and he’s sorry about his role in the kidney transplant. That issue did have to be raised to some point but it’s just so frustrating to have it come via noble idiocy on the part of Jae Hee. She definitely loves Hoon and her whole shtick in this episode fooled no one. It’s even more hilarious to have it be pointless as well since Hoon came back in the end anyway after PM Jang kidnapped his mom to force him to operate on the President.

At least the whole love triangle is moot now and hopefully died it’s natural death after Hoon has spent 4 straight episodes rejecting Soo Hyun in different ways both subtle and direct. He even tries to get her back with Jae Joon by pointing out Jae Joon really loves Soo Hyun and will regret it. I sense Seung Hee knows her late ditch effort hail mary hasn’t a chance in hell to succeed which is why she has to get Hoon safely away at all costs, even playing the cold-hearted angry bitch. I think it’s important for Hoon to confront some of his forced medical actions in the past so that he can work through it with a chance to truly be a real doctor in the future when all this conspiracy shit is said and done. Hopefully the ending will at least deliver that if Hoon survives, even if I can care less anymore who ends up with whom and whether any of the leads survive.

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Dr. Stranger Episode 18 Recap — 36 Comments

  1. The writer immediately needs to quit this profession if Hoon ends up with Soo Hyun at the end. It in no way consistant at all to all those previous episodes, and even this that Hoon outright says he doesn’t like Soo Hyun, and that Jae Hee is the one he truly loves.

    Anyways, glad the misunderstanding cleared up. This could have been done way earlier, but no. The writer had to drag that out, and to take up time that could have been used for the plot. One of the best part was definitely the end. I just loved how Jae Joon took that phone and dropped it on the floor. It’s just so satisfying to see him looking down at the suffering Chariman Oh. Is there something wrong with me when I smiled at that? The chairman was such an unlikable character.

    Does the writer even remember who CHOI BYUNG CHUL is anymore? Whatever happened to him? I really find it hilarious if the writer literally forgot one of his characters. Choi Byung Chul could have been put to good use and help Hoon and end all of this stupid madness that the drama has been giving us.

    • I don’t care about the others but I actually do care who ends up with Hoon. Think about it. This series has been built up around Hoon and Jae Hee. Everything Hoon did revolved around his love for Jae Hee. It would be a major inconsistency if ever Hoon did end up with Soo Hyun. The whole series would have been meaningless.

      • That’s exactly what I have been saying. I really want to throw each and every episode right in front of his face and make him see how much wrong he has done with the drama.

  2. Oh my gosh, I totally agree with you. I don’t even care who ends up with who now. And also the part about Chairman Oh’s pained faces made me laugh so hard. I’m still laughing lol.

    Thank you so much for the recap! This drama is kind of driving me crazy and I don’t really want to watch all of it anymore, so thank you for providing these informative and entertaining recaps 😀

    • I totally remember the part where he shouted and his mouth make an O …
      I laughed at that… I don’t know else how should I react…

  3. The events in this episode should’ve been done 5 episodes ago. Hoon and Jae Joon should’ve become friends earlier. Soo Hyun should’ve never juggled between two guys. I felt like the excuse for Jae Hee’s father was the writer’s desperate reasoning to split Jae Hee and Hoon. It happened so forcefully. Maybe I missed something, but how does North Korea benefit from all this political conspiracy?

  4. Iam so LOL’ed with this, OMG my head. I spending time patiently waiting to watch PM jang heart surgery, and then its turn out what i need to watch is actually, the president heart surgery but now i have to watch by force (so lol here), okay i never know that the writer is so so so bipolar because i can sense it now, that next eps i will by force of everyone in DS world to watch the jerky chairman oh heart surgery, why in this universe, all of sudden everyone have a heart problem that immediately need a surgery.

    i bet because of jj love for SH is so sincere and he just realize it next ep, he will do surgery for chairman, save the one that cause the death of her mom and covering the crime behind his dad death. And forgeting about all the revenge (i try to read this bipolar writer mind, XD) and then how they will together take the pm jang down probably if chairman oh survive he could redeem all his bad deeds by help to destroy the PM since PM also back stabbing him. And they will just let the OTP be happy for the galaxy sake :)))

  5. Please make JJ save the chairman.. not Hoon!! And the chairman will not die!…I really hope the ending will not be like in the novel..

    Hoon choose SH because JH leave him and sympathy with SH cuz her father died!!
    The writer really crazy!!!..I will hate her/him if the ending like THAT!!! -_-

      • Dr. Moon is so funny in this episode. Glad that Dr. Yang decided to turn over a new leaf (Ugh, A New Leaf, another drama where the latter half wasn’t as good as the first)

  6. my gosh…anyway, we can see that at last, Dr Park Hoon is becoming the heroic doctor that his dad wants him to be…truly touching…

    Dr Park not only saved lives, but now made the right medical ethical choice, together with redeeming even a lost soul, Dr Yang..and eventually saving Dr Yang’s family. Dr Park won all hands down. Too bad for Jae Joon. He won the battle but lost the entire war…

  7. Im not sure why we are actually watching the show sometimes. To see who gets together with who finally or the story lines behind it? If it’s who’s getting together with who, I seriously dont care. Yes, I am a fan of Kang So Ra, but I must applaud JSY aka Jae Hee’s character for truly maturing that character entirely into its full blown character where it is now. The plot is unfolding at last. That’s the most important part. All pieces are coming back into one piece. From unethical medical competition to being a real doctor (Park Hoon vs Jae Joon), from dodgy doctor to being a real doctor (Dr Yang), from destroying lives / families (Dr Kim’s sister and Dr Yang family) to putting a family back. Now, we only have the remaining pieces to figure out…

    (Nevertheless, I must say, what this story could accomplish in 2 hours, they did it in 40 hours…too much crap going around in between..seriously…well, that’s drama right? Dramatize it all the way…for more commercial air times, etc etc…)

  8. Dear Koala and fans of whoever,

    Please do not get angry with the show. Or even the scriptwriter. I was angry with the scriptwriter and the show for a while, but I believe episode 18 is bringing all broken pieces back into one (1) piece. We were angry cause the pieces were breaking up here and there, but episode 18 truly pulls all pieces back and more will be pulled back.

    I am starting to enjoy the show at last. It started well at first, got lost somewhere in the middle (and I believe that was meant to prolong the show to make it 20 episodes) and the ending is coming back with a bang..

    For once, I felt the doctors’ profession are being redeemed with Park Hoon’s decisions. It also addresses the real issues of how doctors could live in a dangerous situation, where we serve patients at war torn or extremist government styles.

    So, I beg all, please stop all this nonsense about who is getting together with who. I really dont care at this moment. Instead, look at how the characters (especially Jae Hee / Park Hoon) have evolved and how even Jae Joon’s characters are taking a turn, even with Soo Hyun’s characters taking a turn.

    Now, if we are looking at a fully blown matured Jae Hee character, there might be a major sacrifice at the end. Jae Joon has already sacrificed Soo Hyun. Now, it is probably Jae Hee / Park Hoon’s sacrifice…

  9. My only last wish is that NightShare will assist Park Hoon. Apart from Jae Hee, I dont see anybody else capable of saving the day. I hope Night Share betrays Premier Jang for all the premier’s evil. I hope that the President gets to assist in the full revenge eventually.

    Seriously, the show is turning up the way how I would like it to be. Scriptwriter seems to reading my mind…haha..

    I am not talking about the love part, who gets with who, but more the building up of each character in the show…how it is becoming more relevant, redeeming and even meaningful..

    • I’m sorry to say this, but your posts could have been in one long post, or two posts(That’s barely, or crossing the line). People generally doesn’t like reading post after post from the same person.

  10. I have stopped watching this strange draining drama…I read your recaps and they are sufficient. Thanks! Glad to know that Soo Hyun has more self dignity….hope she ends with JJ. The medical storyline is dragging and weird. Hope Hoon and Jae Hee have a happy ending….but that would be asking too much from bipolar writer….

  11. I really want Hoon to end up with Soo Hyun. I never really liked Jae Hee’s character, although I do understand why she did all this.

  12. Finally some traction the plot! Yippee. This should have happened eons ago! Imagine how more interesting this drama would have been if they had shown us some scenes of how Jae Joon executed his revenge over the past episodes – him going to the media and the cops – rather than just lumping it all in ep. 18 when the drama is about to end.

    I’m very glad that Chairman Oh did not repent and got his due comeuppance for his crimes. There’s some justice in the universe. It would have been too easy and too flat if he had just confessed and gotten pardoned for his crimes.

    Now I’m waiting for that oily Prime Minister to get his due. He’s tried to kill Hoon twice. I wonder why Hoon didn’t tell Jae Hee that he was held at gun point and let her continue in her delusion that her plan will work. Commonsense should tell her that the PM may not let her live once the plan has been carrying out. Though I have a niggling suspicion that she’s already aware of that.

  13. ew why would u guys still want SH to end up with JJ? he almost killed her dad while bangs away at the door crying. i want her to be with a man who actually is worthy of her. hoon and JJ are honestly both scum. and JH is just so bland i could never stand her

  14. god, if hoon and soo hyun ends up together… i think i will die laughing. laughing at all the bitter tears from hoonhee supporters.
    hope that doesn’t happen though since soo hyun deserves someone better.

  15. Jae Hee: Love is dying to yourself. Always thinking about what’s good for the other person.
    Park Hoon: Love is not a feeling. It is a decision. A decision to love Jae Hee and stay with her.

    I hope this same love will find a way for them to be together.
    HoonHee fighting!

    • I totally agree with you so far the writer is pissing me off. Is this is his way for making Soo Hyun and Hoon end up together I will be forever angry because this does not live up to the premise of the story of two hearts one heartbeat.

  16. I thought you had an allergy when it comes to LJS (?)
    Maybe I missed you reason in some points, but thank you for the review!
    I can’t wait for the next episode and I totally don’t want Jae Joon to be arrested be’cos of killing someone ><

  17. Speechless!!!! After enduring 18 eps with no memorable storylines to linger on, I came to a conclusion about the script writer – Master of Inconsistency. Finally, one more week, then we’re done with the strange plot of Dr. Strangers. LJS, I’ve already been anticipating your next drama. Please work carefully with your agent next time picking a good script to redeem our disappointment.

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