Poster and First Drama Preview for It’s Okay, It’s Love Hints at a Sexy Flirty Romantic Vibe

Remember how I said that in all the early teasers from It’s Okay, It’s Love showed the two leads Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung giving off a more friends than lovers vibe? I added to it when the first poster was released showing the two of them buff in the bathtub, joking that they are could be llovers but in a friends with benefits way rather than romance-laden. I swear none of the released promotional information said anything about that type of relationship so I kinda hit it on the head by a lucky swing because the just released first substantive preview of the drama has Jo In Sung’s character asking Gong Hyo Jin if she wants a friends with benefits relationship. He even wonders if she likes it rough or with handcuffs! LOLOLOL this is going to be interesting to say the least. I have no clue what to expect from IOIL but I like what I see in the very captivating first look at actual scenes in the drama.

Jo In Sung is charming and carefree, the type of character he can easily play that straddles the line between sleazy and assured. Gong Hyo Jin finally isn’t playing frumpy (thank god for that) after four successive dramas where she’s been stuck in the ordinary to dowdy category. The OTP is sparring but not in a “I hate you way” but a more cable drama adult flirting way. Rawr. The drama also released the rest of the official posters and none stand out as much as the naked bathtub one. Two of them with the full main cast of the OTP plus Song Dong Il, Kwang Soo, and EXO‘s D.O. fairly reek of hippie commune love what with the group hug time and another with everyone doing the jump for joy. It’s different, I’ll give you that. And none look like the characters took their own shots and were photoshopped into the final frame. All in all, keep on bringing the neat stuff IOIL, consider me still intrigued.

I really love this couple’s poster above. It’s so romantic without being cheesy, I think mostly because Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung sell it madly with their in sync and intimately comfortable body language and eyes only for each other smile. LOVE.

First preview for It’s Okay, It’s Love (English subs):


Poster and First Drama Preview for It’s Okay, It’s Love Hints at a Sexy Flirty Romantic Vibe — 13 Comments

  1. Lol. This is going to be fun. My mind is going nuts already. Will he be treated for sex addiction? And stuck with a conservative shrink? We are not on cable but… Rawr indeed!

  2. whoa, now I realized how much I miss JIS. I love rom-com JIS WAY more than melo JIS. I had to skip TWTWB…he needs to do more rom-coms!

  3. She is my favorite Korean actress so I’ve watched everything she has done so I was planning on watching this no matter what but the more I see from the posters and now teaser I really can’t wait for this

  4. I can’t wait for this drama to air, i’ve been waiting 1 year for another project of GHJ. She’s my favourite actress, very talented with awesome personality. GHJ, fighting!

  5. True that she’s a good actress but she rarely reciprocates in kissing scenes except in “biscuit teacher star candy” (hello my teacher). How is she going to perform here or are those scenes going to be glossed over!

    • I think you have missed the kisses from the drama ‘The greatest love’.Go watch it.
      As for Master Sun, from what I remember, SJS was the one who wanted the kisses in the last episodes to be sweet. There was more action in their kisses, but all that camera moving ruined it+ they cut a lot of it.

      • I beg your pardon
        but I only remember one scene where Cha seung wo kissed her with the half of his long and sexy body out of his car and she looked like a terrified nun in the interim…. I am sorry but she nerds learn something ABOUT THE MATTER AT LEAST IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA
        Kim sun ah its the best actress comedy drama kissing scenes

      • And don’t forget the ending scene of Pasta. Lee Seon Kyun had to work so hard to get that kissing scene going.

    • Gong Hyo Jin has zero problems during kiss and love scenes. I’ve never even seen a complaint about that until this comment. lol She has perfectly fine kiss scenes. Pasta, Greatest Love, Biscuit Teacher…all good kisses.

      Also watch her movies. She has some nice kisses in those. My favorite movie kiss of hers is from “A Bizarre Love Triangle” with Jo Eun Ji. That was an R-rated movie in which she played a lesbian who falls for her best friend who’s married to a man. They have some very nice kisses and a couple love scenes too.

      • Maybe she does well in movies since I have never seen any of her movies, but I have seen her dramas and I stand by what I said on those. Apart from biscuit teacher, pasta, masters sun and greatest love were all camera work and let’s not even get into that drama she did with Jang Hyuk.

  6. And believe me, I love her too and I wouldn’t care much whether she does her kiss scenes with conviction or not if it wasn’t because of the subject matter of this drama.

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