Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are Triple the Handsome for Marie Claire Korea to Promote New JYJ Album

It’s good that Triangle is almost done airing, despite getting a random two-episode extension, because the promotions are going to explode in a few days when JYJ releases its second full-length album Just Us. It’s the group’s second full-length album since The Beginning was released three years ago, and will likely be the last album released by JYJ for the next two years. After promoting the album and going on tour this fall, all three members of JYJ including Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu will be enlisting for their mandatory military service. No word yet on which division(s) they are interested in joining or whether they will do the entertainment route or active duty. I keep my eye out for this group since they’ve been around forever and are quite talented, not to mention they successfully sued SM Entertainment and managed to have a career afterwards.

I confess to never listening to their new music but the last two years both Yoochun and Jaejoong have been hit-and-miss with their acting projects in ways that are memorable for me. Jaejoong is currently vastly improved in Triangle and really the Lee Bum Soo idol-whisperer magic has struck again. I actually like Jaejoong’s male lead character the most in that boring drama and his performance is also the most interesting to watch. I’ll consider his epic fail in Dr. Jin as a huge step back after a great first impression in Protect the Boss, and now he’s stepped back forward again. I’m less partial to Yoochun as an actor though he’s overall a much stronger actor than Jaejoong is, and probably ever will be. The problem I have with Yoochun is that he’s just not charismatic to me, whereas Jaejoong for some reason totally makes me want to stare at him when he’s onscreen. To ramp up the return of JYJ as a musical group, the handsome trio graces the cover and pages of the upcoming edition of Marie Claire Korea. They seriously look so fine together, love this pictorial!

I enjoyed Yoochun the most in the wacky but endearing Rooftop Prince, but he needs to stay away from melos like Missing You. Yoochun will have a big screen blockbuster in the movie Sea Fog to promote as well before he enlists, but for now his last drama might end up being the disappointing Three Days. Junsu is currently playing Dracula on stage where he’s most comfortable being able to sing and act.

This picture above is my favorite of the batch by far. So now that YunJae is but a pipe dream, is everyone shipping YooJae/JaeChun now LOL? XD


Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu are Triple the Handsome for Marie Claire Korea to Promote New JYJ Album — 24 Comments

  1. Gorgeous boys with immense talents! I hate the fact that they are still somewhat banned in their own country as singers. JYJ hwaiting 🙂

  2. You hit the nail right on the head. Yoochun might be a better actor than Jaejoong at present, but he doesn’t have the charisma that Jaejoong has, for me, at least. Jaejoong wasn’t bad in “Protect the Boss”, I didn’t watch Dr. Jin, but in “Triangle” he really is mesmerizing. If he can bring that intensity and charisma to his future projects, he really could solidify his rep as an actor.

    Nevertheless, all three guys look super hot in these pics. And you can see they’re totally at ease with each other. Great shots!

  3. Not a JYJ fan but Yoochun is the better actor and in the projects I’ve seen (3), I’ve genuinely liked him. Jaejoong does absolutely nothing for me and I still for the life of me can’t get through Triangle cause they spend too much time with him. No one should speak of Dr. Jin…. But PTB for him was promising and I loved his OST track. Still play it.

  4. Haha loved your reference to the Yunjae shippers still grasping at straws for their ship. Chunjae (genius in Korean) or Jaechun the ultimate drinking couple!

    Small correction, JYJ actually released In Heaven in 2011 which was their latest album. Nevertheless it has been a long time since any group release.

    In terms of acting I find that Yoochun’s real test will be Sea Fog. Depending on critical and public reactions to that he may have a real long term career in acting like KSH or SJK. Crossing my fingers for him.

    Jaejoong has so much potential, but his looks may be polarising for some viewers. He’s on the right path so hopefully he chooses better projects in the future!

  5. I adore this pictorial! I think I’ve started seeing Yoochun as more of an actor now, but Jaejoong always scares me with his projects. I keep hoping everything will be alright unlike what happened in Dr. Jin.

  6. Have never been a dbsk music fan, but loved them on Xman, heartbreaking to see them separated because I loved u know yunho first, but through that whole SM debacle, I jumped ship man. JYJ hwaiting. I do love junsu’s laugh.

    I mean everyone should know ST is cray cray, since they tried to separate shinhwa–how MEAN. Who can trust them?

  7. I agree that Yoochun is a better actor at this moment but Jaejoong got some serious charisma to compensate that. Now I want to see Junsu in some drama!

  8. Yoochun brought me to JYJ actually since I’m not a K-pop lover..
    Besides his acting skills, he is CHUNFACE..LOL! Sometimes, he looks ugly and so ahjussi style but sometimes too hot, manly, cute that I can’t handle myself..What I can say is, I will never get bored of him and always excited to see his projects..

  9. i love yoochun after skks. He is charismatic enough for me. and i think he didn’t look like a male idol who is stereotype skinny. Love the style for him in this

  10. ahh! my first korean loves (plus the other two still in tvxq. How you’ve aged so well especially Junsu and Mickey. JJ still looks the same after all these years lol. Not really a fan of JJ on acting but he’s servicable. Anybody else see the jdrama sunao ni narekute. That drama was all sorts of adorbs till the end and I liked him in that role. Not leading man quality, but good enough.

    As for the acting abilities of the two in TVXQ though…

  11. So happy for the boys…..Yuchun, always for me, the better drama actor than JJ, but love watching Junsu in his VERY popular musicals! He becomes so emotionally involved in his characters, and his wonderful strong voice!
    Anyway, after watching the teaser for “Back Seat” I cant wait for their new album!!!! 🙂

  12. They’re so handsome and talented. The pictorial are incredibly awesome. The teaser for their MV is superb. I can not wait to lay my hands on their body *oops* I mean on their pictorial magazine and the new cd album 😉

  13. “The problem I have with Yoochun is that he’s just not charismatic to me, whereas Jaejoong for some reason totally makes me want to stare at him when he’s onscreen.”

    The Song Seung-heon effect? You did say Jaejoong was like Song Seung-hoon v 2.0, with the chiseled face, hot bod and overflowing charisma. Also, questionable acting talent. I’ll take your word for it that Jaejoong improved since I only ever saw him in a handful of episodes of PTB.

    p.s. This is a great spread. JYJ looks fantabulous in the photos.

    • I used to think Yoochun was better actor than Jaejoong before but “Triangle” happened.It´s impossible to deny Jaejoong is great here. He became into his character and managed to steal the show from Lee Bum-Soo and Im Siwan.
      I think Yoochun is pretty good at acting but I really doubt Yoochun would play a character like Heo Young-Dal fairly. Besides he lack this type of aura too.

      • I’m sorry, IMHO it’s not fair to say “I really doubt YC would play a char like heo Young Dal fairly”..It is like a questioning can Jaejoong acts as Lee Gak’s role like YC did? or as Han Tae Kyung, Lee Seon Joon or Han Jung Woo? We should know, everyone has their own way style to act..I admit JJ has improved but still for me has lacks in certain parts which I think almost all actors/actresses has their own weakness points too including Yoochun..So let’s enjoy their sweet bromance moments above instead..haha

  14. I’ve always loved their talent as 5. As an Acapella group. But, with just TVX2, they never got the range back.
    As for YunJae, still there. And always, always worship YuSu. Because they’re just too cute together. Haven’t stopped shipping that pair. YuSu 4 EVER! LOL.
    As for the acting, I think that Yuchun’s acting is a bit better for Rom-Com. Three days didn’t do him justice because the plot line was too convoluted. Everything revolves within three day increments. It was like a drawn out story of 24. BUT, Yuchun does the character justice. It wasn’t his fault the story sucked.
    Jaejoong has always been erratic. He needs time to find where he’s really good at. And hitting the J-Rock/Rock genre in his solo work was brilliant. So, I’m sure his acting thing will go the same way. He plays Yeong Dal brilliantly because as he said, it’s closer to his true personality.
    Charisma wise, Jaejoong always had it. Yuchun has it at a close second. After all, in DB5K, Jaejoon singing with his whole body is what drew me into listening to them. By the way, I like all of the Korean boy bands offereings more when they’re in Japan. Japanese material for any of them is a better quality it seems than their Korean offerings. Why is that?

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