Reunion for Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as Confirmed Leads for Rom-com Movie Today’s Love

I love Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won individually but did not love their first time pairing together in Shining Inheritance/Brilliant Legacy. Oh don’t get me wrong, that crack drama was hella addicting and Han Hyo Joo was adorable as Eun Sang and Seung Gi was endearingly awful in his first acting gig as Hwan. The drama was probably impossible to stop watching in large part due to the two horrible female mother-daughter antagonists with Moon Chae Won as the second female lead that was so easy to hate. That’s why I can’t say I like Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s first acting project together since she was the clingy calculating witch trying to hold on to her man while sabotaging the nice leading lady six-ways to Sunday. But in another acting universe I would totally welcome these two to work together again, especially since Seung Gi is much improved as an actor, and now that wish has come true with their reunion in the upcoming rom-com movie Today’s Love.

Lee Seung Gi plays a beta-male lead who fails at relationships because he gives too much and gets routinely dumped by his exes. Moon Chae Won is the self-assured and successful alpha-female meteorologist who wins the affection of guys easily with her wit. This movie isn’t centered simply around Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won’s unlikely couple falling for each other, Lee Seung Gi will find himself vying for Moon Chae Won’s heart along with his two best guy friends after each guy falls for her separately without realizing it. Man, Moon Chae Won’s character is tailor-made as a lady’s fantasy for her own life to have three guys to choose from all of a sudden. The other two male leads haven’t been cast yet but will clearly not stand a chance to Lee Seung Gi walking away with the heroine’s heart in the end. It’s great having Lee Seung Gi doing an pure rom-com and hopefully with this being a movie instead of a drama there will be lots of sizzle onscreen.

Above is the concept poster with the tagline for this movie: the romance between a man and a woman that is unpredictable like the weather. Below is a compiled photo walk down memory lane from Seung Gi and Chae Won’s first outing together in SI/BL. They are so gosh darn young back then!


Reunion for Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won as Confirmed Leads for Rom-com Movie Today’s Love — 19 Comments

  1. I am SO EXCITED for this, these two have great chemistry better than he had with HHJ for me at least. After his last two females who I will never watch again, this is GREAT NEWS and I hope your right about the sizzle LOL

  2. They were cute together before Seung-Mi went wacko crazy and I still say they had better natural chemistry than the OTP. They’ve both improved a lot since then so I’m super excited! It’s been so long since we’ve seen Seunggi in a romcom too.

  3. Shining Inheritance was not his first acting gig. It was Famous Princesses/ Infamous Chill Sisters on KBS, and he was playing the same type of character that he always plays. It is hard to say that he is grown as an actor when he does the same type of roles.

    • Total BS. His last three dramas especially… Jae Ha, Kangchi and Dae Gu were nothing a like at all. Drama roles are pretty limited in characterization and he’s done a pretty good variety of them all things considered.

      • Agree with you mel. I think he has good variation in all his character. Even Hwan and DaeWong also different. Both of them indeed are rich brat who didn’t want to listen to their Grandma/Grandfa, but thier character and personality different.
        Let say, If all his character sit in the same room with the same clothes and same hairstyle, I can recognise each of them by look at thier expression and the way they talk,because all of them have different character, and SeungGi play the diference and their character well.

    • Nah, Lee Seung Gi has played different types of male leads, but it’s true he does have a Seung Gi-aura that carries through no matter what kind of lead he plays. With that said, he has improved immensely in acting and even having a relatively unique stamp doesn’t mean he doesn’t get into character and sell it sufficiently. He does.

      • I think that its because we can see something of Seunggi’s real character in each of his reel characters, especially after the transformation.

  4. Seung-gi was pretty decent in his first lead role and has improved leaps and bounds since. I thought he and MCW were great together even if I was definitely in love with the OTP. Its interesting that he’ll be playing a beta since I don’t remember him in such a character before. Very excited!

    • Dae Woong was pretty beta, though not really in love since Miho chased him the whole time and he had other girls after him too.

      • Oh yea, Woong-ah was wimpy and a bit of a beta. But I suppose his character in the movie is more Mr. Nice-innocent-naive guy. Would be so refreshing to see Seung-gi play a straight up nice character.

  5. HALLELUJAH!Finally, a Moon Chae Won article! Thanks Koala for the translation. I can’t wait for this film. Both characters sound so amazing and they had better chemistry in Shining Inheritance, even though her character tuned crazy. They are still good friends (along with Han Hyo Joo) so the behind-the-scenes should be fun.

  6. Brilliant legacy was one of my first dramas and it was definitely fun to watch. I didn’t rly hate moon chae won character though, her mum kinda influenced her to do mean stuff and destroy her innocence

  7. Oh, Hwan and Seung Mi. Can’t wait to watch Seung Gi’s first movie. A cameo from Han Hyo Joo and Bae Soo Bin would be really nice.

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