Incredibly Hot Jaejoong in New Star 1 Pictorial and Drops Fantastic OST Track for Triangle

It’s a new record for me to write about any of the JYJ boys twice in a week, and I might’ve written about them three times this week had their new track “Back Seat” dropped but alas that’s not coming until July 29th. It’s promotional time for the trio as they dive back into music and I couldn’t be happier when Jaejoong got a head start last week by releasing a track for the Triangle OST. I always think a singer-actor ought to contribute a track to a drama OST that he or she is acting in, it’s just a nice synergy and for the drama fans adds more depth to the story to hear the actual singing voice accompany scenes from the drama. For example when Lee Seung Gi was in The King 2 Hearts he didn’t sing for the drama but afterwards he covered K. Will‘s track “Love is Crying” and holy bejebus was it a million times more poignant because it was like his character was singing. That’s why I’m over the moon that Jaejoong is singing for Triangle, and not just a forgettable track but actually delivering a song that I love absolutely love. It’s a rock ballad called “Coincidence” and it suits his character and narrative in the drama. On top of that he also dropped a solo pictorial for Star 1 magazine that did weird things to my ovaries when I saw the pictures. It’s incredibly sexy without Jaejoong’s usual overwhelmingly pretty features distracting from his manly aura. I’m so happy his last drama before enlisting ended up being Triangle because a great and memorable performance from him trumps the drama actually being a good watch. Check out the Star 1 pictures and have a listen to Jaejoong’s crooning about love and dreams.

Kim Jaejoong “Coincidence” for Triangle OST:


Incredibly Hot Jaejoong in New Star 1 Pictorial and Drops Fantastic OST Track for Triangle — 24 Comments

  1. Dang, Jaejoong has a darn good voice….

    He does weird things with the “e” vowel in this song. Don’t really like it, but man, he’s got power and emotion in his voice….

      • Not weird in the sense of pronunciation (I don’t know very much Korean so I can’t speak to that), but weird in the sense that he does something funky melodically when he sing a syllable with the “e” sound.

        It doesn’t really sound on pitch when he does it, which is a main reason why I don’t like it.

  2. lovely, just lovely!

    I like it when the leads in dramas sings beautiful songs as part of the OST just like Eunji and Seo In Guk for Reply 1997 and Junhyung for Monstar (to name a few recent ones)

    Now I want Kyungsoo to sing for Its OK Thats Love. His voice is just perfect and shows great emotions when he sings.

  3. I’m still waiting for jaejoong’s song “love” from heavens postman OST to be released officially. That was a great song, in my opinion.

    • I’m also dying to listen the full song of Love. Unfortunately, that song see no light after JYJ walk away from SM. Nevermind..I got to listen JaeJoong’s other OST, I can keep living with it.

    • Me too! It’s already been 5 years and counting so I’m not expecting a copy anytime. Jaejoong’s solo and the DB5K version were both beautiful songs

  4. Jaejoong, Yoochun and Jusun are the 3 great singer from the band 5 boys DBSK. Im glad they are still around even with all the boycott etc..JYJ is pure goodness

  5. Dang, the boy looks so much better without as much makeup on. Good for him. I like the jYj boys even though I don’t fully follow them by any means. I think they sing well and have catchy tunes. I am not watching triangle but maybe one day when I have more time. It would be a crime if one of them didn’t sing for the ost. Glad it’s him.

  6. Hot and nice.
    My first awareness of him was from the SKKS soundtrack, but I had no idea who DBSK or JYJ or any of the bands were. Still a little unclear on them all, but he does sing rather well, don’t he?

    • Yeah he sings well and also a good composer. He composed and wrote many songs in JYJ’s album and his solo albums. ‘Coincidence’ is his second ost in triangle. The first ost is a ballad, “But I”.He also wrote the lyrics for both the songs. He is one hell of a busy guy this month, acting, osts and now preparing for JYJ album. Hope that he won’t collapse from all the stress and works before his enlistment.

  7. I think this is the second song he’s released for triangle. The first being ‘But I’ which I love. I’m find triangle really boring right now except when Jaejoong’s onscreen. He bring so much charisma to the show whereas I think the rest of the characters are so underwhelming even the great Lee Beom Soo.

  8. The first pic is sexy!!

    I was watching Triangle in one sitting and boy did he surprise me! Jaejoong hugely improved his acting and I’m so proud of him (even though it has nothing to do with me lol). I hope he picks good dramas after army.

  9. Boy is Jaejoong looking great for that pictorial.
    As a long time fan it’s good to see him improve so much in acting and just flexing his muscles in different fields (as well as in magazine shoots :P)

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