Yunho is a Believably Sweaty Warrior in Latest Stills From Records of a Night Watchman

Can’t believe I’m saying this but Yunho may just be well-suited to look the part in a sageuk role. Whether he can act the part is a giant question mark, but the big jaw I tease about him seriously makes him look so manly and warrior-esque in the latest batch of drama stills from Records of a Night Watchman.  I wonder if most people aren’t interested in this drama because it looks like a potential hot mess, or because its a sageuk and that genre typically has less international viewer attention than the rom-com. Yunho plays the second male lead to Jung Il Woo‘s Crown Prince Lee Rin. His character is named Moo Seok and is the best swordsman in all of Joseon. He’s both a military official, bodyguard to the prince, and a member of the night watchman brigade. He’s described as cold and hard to approach, he was trained since a child to be the best fighter in the land. While he serves as Lee Rin’s bodyguard, he’s also secretly keeping tabs on him for his uncle Minister Park.

He’s best friends with Lee Rin but that friendship is tested when he falls for leading lady Do Ha played by Go Sung Hee, and finds himself rivals for her affection with Lee Rin. Say what you will about Yunho’s terrible acting, at least he’s wisely been doing second leads ever since his disastrous first lead debut in Heading to the Ground. Second lead Park Soo Ryeon played by Seo Ye Ji is Moo Seok’s first cousin and she has a crush on Lee Rin. The first still released of Yunho was terribly due to the unnaturally bad photo-shopping but since then I’ve actually been rather pleased when what I see of him. Or perhaps it’s that everyone in this drama looks fantastic compared to the rock star reject shaman villain plyaed by Kim Sung Oh. I remained curiously optimistic this might be entertaining since the production company behind this drama produced Sungkyungkwan Scandal which was unexpectedly good. Night Watchman premieres in a little over a week after Triangle wraps up its extra week run.


Yunho is a Believably Sweaty Warrior in Latest Stills From Records of a Night Watchman — 10 Comments

  1. Lol doesn’t anyone finds it ironic that Yunho’s previous bandmate (Jaejong) drama is preceded by this drama?

    • Jaejoong is having good and positive reviews as an actor for his role in triangle. It is fun time comparing the two former teamates *wink*

    • Yes!!!!! And even here JJ post came first!! I’m so happy that JJ made an amazing improvement in his acting. Love him 🙂

  2. Well at the end of the day is whether he can ACT. Hopefully he is not a distraction to the other casts. I tend to think he looks weird in that. More like some mainland chinese rookie actor .It is fine if he has a minor role but going against Jung II woo I don’t know about that when they are projecting their characters side by side. It is a high risk cos his acting is really ground zero and it sucks

  3. I read in one of your earlier posts that you didn’t like Sungkyunkwan Scandal and dropped it…so do you like it now?

  4. I remember a comment I made in one of your last post of him from his last drama (QOA). Anyways that he would be better in an action drama. Little more ACTION & a little less dialogue. He is a M Arts guy. I’m glad someone in his team realize that about him. I think action is his thing and if am wrong, oh well at least he has a bad ass body to look at!! 😉

    Ps, thank you Ms Koala for your translation of “Lost You For Ever” incredible book!

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