Lee Min Ho Tries Out the Bad Boy on a Motorcycle Image for New Chinese CF

With screenwriter Kim Eun Sook in the news this week with her post-Heirs drama update, naturally it would lead me to wonder what the heck Lee Min Ho has been up to. It’s still a bizarre casting choice for him to play an emo high school student, it worked five years earlier in his break out drama role in Boys Before Flowers but by the time he reprised it for Heirs the entire shtick was stale. He also got his thunder stolen by Kim Woo Bin, who was playing an even more reprehensible male lead, and that was partly due to an excess of electric charisma from Kim Woo Bin. Sometimes I felt like Min Ho-shhi was sleepwalking his way through the Heirs detritus. Up next for Lee Min Ho is his first movie role in eight years in the dark gangster flick Gangnam Blues. It might even be his last acting project were he to enlist later this year or early next year, which could be leaving on a high note since Heirs made him even more popular. Or he could try to leave on an artistic high note either through a revelatory performance in Gangnam Blues or pick another drama that emphasizes quality over PPL opportunity. There has been no shortage of CF opportunities being thrown at Lee Min Ho, and unlike popular Kim Soo Hyun who picked a sticky controversial mineral water CF that got him in hot water with the K-netizens, so far Lee Min Ho’s endorsements have been all acceptable in a vanilla way. This might be his edgiest one yet, LOL, as he just shot a CF for a Chinese motorcycle brand. What? You couldn’t tell based on his brooding leather jacket pose above? He may not always light my screen on fire but I have such a soft spot for him and enjoy very much keeping an eye on his career.

The official commercial video and stills haven’t been released yet but there are plenty of BTS pics available that are interesting enough to share. I can buy Kim Woo Bin as the bad boy on a motorcycle but when Lee Min Ho does it I think of an asexual Korean version of James Dean in Rebel Without a Cause. Maybe that was exactly the image the motorcycle brand was going for?

Beam me up, Scotty.


Lee Min Ho Tries Out the Bad Boy on a Motorcycle Image for New Chinese CF — 21 Comments

  1. No controversy means vanilla? Thank god. He is wise enough to choose vanilla over money. Cause you know, it is really hard to have no controversy over those years for a hot star like Lee Min Ho. It requires much of self restraint and wisdom.

    • No, it requires good handlers. Kim Soo Hyun’s and Jeon Ji Hyun’s failed them in not doing enough due diligence. That, or they mistakenly thought it wouldn’t become an issue.

  2. A bad boy riding motorbikes? Pick your choice. On the left side, Marlon Brando in “The wild one”. On the right side,Lee Min Ho making sure his hair is ok with a pink mirror designed for ladies. ROFL.

    • Yea it’s already sad that there’s no LMH drama this year. Thank God there are some awesome dramas airing. Thank God for LJK and JIS.

  3. Hehe.. Oppa is too cute here to be a bad boy, especially with pink mirror.
    His gangster role is gonna be revolutionary, atleast for me. I heard he filmed rated r scene with Kim Ji-soo. Can’t wait 😉

  4. i really like lee min ho…however maybe life is too good and he’s not hungry enough…i am just not seeing a lot of passion in his acting lately

  5. I hope he will comeback to dramaland soon. Although movies are better quality wise but I’ll be more happy to have him for 20 long hours.
    He needs to do one more drama before enlistment. Something like City Hunter. No ppl drama. He is enough popular and rich.

  6. Unpopular opinion but I never really found him too attractive and his persona and acting for the most part, bore me. He does have a nice smile though.

  7. I don’t buy LMH as a motorcycle-riding, rugged bad boy. He always look so clean and handsome that he looks better in a shiny limo 🙂

    I have a soft spot for him too as he dragged me into the world of Hallyu by being so awesome as Gu Jun Pyo but I haven’t managed to finish his other dramas after BOF.

  8. LOL forever! He IS too pretty to be a bad boy. Still, nice to see his face on my screen. Fangirls aren’t too particular, ya know. 😛

  9. I too have a soft spot for Lee Min Ho. But somehow he’s just not pulling off the “I’m what your mother warned you about” look. I hope his role in Gangnam Blues is a new role for him. I think he’s probably a good actor, but he’s played that Sweet Arrogant young man with daddy issues to often.

    • I can reduce Lee Min Ho into one word. He’s just so “square” and not in the “hip to be square” sorta way. In the movie Pleasantville, he would be the pre-aware Skip Martin character.

  10. Hmmn…..Maybe he’ll go for a remake of Bad Couple and play virginal heir chased for superior gene quality, or is it to soon for a remake?

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