SETTV Holds August 10th Charity Sale of Popular Drama Clothing and Accessories

There’s a cute and worthwhile cause happening in Taipei on August 10th for folks who are able to attend. SETTV is holding a charity sale with all proceeds to go to the recovery efforts for the Kaohsiung gas explosion tragedy last week. The event this Sunday from 3pm until 5 pm at SETTV headquarters and the line starts forming at 11 am with numbers passed out for the entrance order. Fans will get to meet sift through over 1300 items of clothing and accessories used by SETTV for the filming of its recent dramas Pleasantly Surprised, In A Good Way, Just You, Fall in Love with Me, Two Fathers, and Fabulous 30. All of SETTV’s major and supporting entertainers have also donated personal items to be sold off for this event so if you’re in luck and get in early then you might pick up something from Lego LeeΒ or Cheryl Yang or Chris Wang and many more. The two leads of FILWM Aaron Yan and Tia Li will be hosting the media at the press conference before the sale event and and some lucky fans will be receiving autographed items from them. I would definitely head over to check it out if I was in town and scoop up some IAGW Liu Chuan collector items even if Lego won’t be there that day. As for getting something that is wearable, there are tons of SETTV dramas where the leading lady actually has adorable clothes but the sizing might be an issue so perhaps check out the accessories section for something flattering and chic. This is a really nice event put on by SETTV where the charity begins at home with its clothing and props department yet will entice all the drama fans out to open their wallets and donate.

Follow this link for all the charity sale information:


SETTV Holds August 10th Charity Sale of Popular Drama Clothing and Accessories — 6 Comments

  1. Apple posted a photos of her, Rong Rong and Xhen Ni at this event and even though I guessed what is was about and for, which made me happy, it made me sad thinking about the movie we’re 99% certain not to get. πŸ™

  2. And that just reminded me most if not all the TW dramas I’ve watched in the last 2 years were all from SETTV. Huh.

  3. What a waste to not have iagw movie. It’s the more popular twdrama I watched since autumn concerto. And with such an ending, I can’t even find closure. Arrr..what is Settv smoking with false promises. So diss appointing…thumbs down!!!

  4. Just finished In A Good Year, and wow one of the most incredible journeys you could ever experience. I watched it because when it was showing I remember everyone here was raving about it, and I know many people hated the ending, but I still wanted to watch it anyway. And I definitely did not regret it.

    The ending made so much sense because in the end they both sacrificed for their own freedom. Even if there was no movie, I still feel that the ending matched with the whole theme of the series. I loveeeee this series, and will definitely watch it again.

    Love Lego li omg…But this is by far one of the most incredibly beautiful love stories I have ever watched. a true definition of pure love. the character development and the chemistry is beyond belief. it’s definitely one of those addicting drama that you can’t wait to see what happens next episode. it makes you care about every side character as well, and truly gives meaning to how first love is so pure and innocent, and how we can fight for justice and ultimately gain freedom. I’m definitely a lego lee fan now πŸ™‚

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