Popular TW-actor Kai Ko’s Arrest for Drug Use Along with Jackie Chan’s Son Stuns Chinese-speaking Entertainment World

The biggest entertainment news this past weekend in the Chinese-speaking regions of Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong was the unconfirmed report that young A-list Taiwanese movie star Kai Ko (Ko Chen Dong 柯震東) had been arrested for drug use in Beijing. That was followed by even more unconfirmed reports that the sting also netted international blockbuster movie legend Jackie Chan‘s son Jaycee Chan (Fang Zhu Min 房祖名). The news broke open with a weibo post by a girl claiming that her cop daddy was interrogating Kai Ko all night at a Beijing police station after Kai was arrested for drug use. The weibo was taken down shortly thereafter but not before the media jumped on it. Kai’s manager the famous agency director Angie Tsai was immediately asked if it was true and she promised to contact Kai and get back to the press, but then shortly thereafter told the media that she was unable to reach Kai herself. Yikes.

A weekend’s worth of media speculation and Kai’s friends and family growing increasingly worried about his MIA status finally got confirmation with the Monday morning statement release by the local Beijing police station that both Kai Ko and Jaycee Chan were arrested last Tuesday for marijuana use and/or possession and due to the strict drug laws in Mainland China they have been in administrative detention at the local jail since then and won’t be released until next Tuesday. After the 14-day administrative jail time, both will then be charged after being released (Kai for drug use, Jaycee for use, possession, and intent to distribute) and be sentenced accordingly. Both the Taiwan and Hong Kong entertainment world is understandably freaking out about this and both Kai and Jacyee’s dads have reportedly rushed to Beijing to deal with the fallout.

During the weekend of news frenzy, all of Kai’s famous entertainment friends like his break out movie You Are the Apple of My Eye director Giddens and costar Michelle Chen both also revealed they desperately tried to reach Kai after the drug arrest rumors broke but their calls all went straight to voicemail. His ex-girlfriend the songstress Elva Hsiao was asked about Kai’s drug arrest rumors and their break up a few months ago must’ve been bitter indeed because she coolly replied that she doesn’t know because she hasn’t been in touch with him for quite some time. Ouch. Kai also hadn’t updated his facebook, weibo, or instagram in over a week which pretty much meant he was off-the-grid.

This drug scandal is going to be a major MAJOR blight on Kai’s exploding movie star career. He got his first movie role in Gidden’s phenomenally popular You Are the Apple of My Eye which also won Kai the Best New Actor award at that year’s Golden Horse Awards. He also has a major role in all three movies in the popular Tiny Times trilogy. He’s actually supposed to be ramping up promotions soon for his next movie about to be released which is also directed by Giddens and based on another of his novels. It’s called A-choo (as in the sound one makes when sneezing) and is a superhero rom-com costarring Ariel Lin. The movie was scheduled to be released in two months on October 24th in China and Taiwan but who knows what will happen after this shocking scandal.

Kai’s directorial mentor and good friend Giddens had vehemently supported Kai when the drug arrest rumors first started saying it was impossible. After confirming it was true, Giddens posted a supremely angry and disappointed post on his facebook:

I am very heartbroken. Until the very last moment I hoped that it wasn’t what people thought. He couldn’t be reached and reportedly there was no record he was detained by the Beijing detention center. Both left me anxious and very scared, very frightened. But there was also the hope because he couldn’t be reached, hope that it was all just a misunderstanding. I prayed nonstop that it wasn’t true. I would rather use my entire life not making another movie in exchange for him to be upstanding in behavior. I just learned after much communication that my hopes have been dashed. Other than disappointment comes shame and anger. Those who accompanied you in all the hard work, those who shed tears along with you, you couldn’t have known about this. The hope that after you became famous you could be happy living as yourself. Yet you trampled on your good luck. Other than a fist to the face, I have nothing more to say to Kai Ko for the rest of this life. I’m sorry but I’m very very very heartbroken right now. I’m sorry.



Popular TW-actor Kai Ko’s Arrest for Drug Use Along with Jackie Chan’s Son Stuns Chinese-speaking Entertainment World — 73 Comments

  1. Why do famous people turns to drugs, it must be a universal disease in show business, to take drugs. I know they are just human beings, but they are role models for so many young fans to follow them. What a disappointment. I know I’m over generalizing this matter, but majority of actors/ress and singers do drugs in the western world, so it seems so do their counter parts in the far east too. I guess the trappings of fame and money does not exclude drug abuse and stupidity. If his friend and mentor the director is disappointed in him and no longer wish to be his friend than that says a lot!

    • I’m not defending him or anything but you’re being too much. You try living in their shoes- the fame, papparazi, fans, anti-fans, etc. and not be overwhelmed or stressed out. I’m not saying that what he did was right but you made it seem like everybody who takes drugs just wants to do it cuz they wanna.

      • People who care about themselves, love and respect themselves and others would say NO to DRUGS, full stop. Drugs does not only affect the drug user but also everyone that knows them on a personal or intimate level. Drugs destroys lives.

        Everyone has problems, everyone goes through some sort of stress, trauma etc in their lives. There are alternatives to relieve that stress, massages, meditation,a long vacation, see a shrink etc.

        So yeah, people who take drugs want too, otherwise they wouldn’t touch the stuff, whether its class, A, B or C drugs, a drug is a drug.

        If a person have fans and are famous then they have a responsibility to those fans that hero worship them, and follow them, they are the ones at the end of the day that makes famous people famous.

        Sorry but everyone know that the entertainment industry is a very stressful environment, its tough and there is no real escape for anyone in that industry. But if you have a strong network of supporters, then making a decision to take drugs is Big NO NO, why do it?

        Both guys have ruined their lives, by the own action, that’s enough punishment.

    • It makes me remember this quote:

      I pity [celebrities]. No, I do. [Celebrities] were once perfectly pleasant human beings…but now…their wrath is awful…More than any of us, they wanted fame. They worked, they pushed… The morning after…each of them became famous, they wanted to take an overdose…because that giant thing they were striving for, that fame thing that was going to make everything okay, that was going to make their lives bearable, that was going to provide them with personal fulfillment and…happiness, had happened. And nothing changed. They were still them. The disillusionment turned them howling and insufferable.

      Cynthia Heimel, The Village Voice, January 2, 1990

  2. Pretty big cultural differences on display here, as my first reaction to this was surprise over the level of outrage for smoking marijuana. I get that mine is a very American attitude that doesn’t really translate overseas, but that letter from Giddens seemed incredibly severe from someone who was allegedly a friend. In any case, I hope that these two men are able to get whatever support they need to bounce back from this scandal and that it doesn’t negatively affect their upcoming projects, for the sake of their costars & other members of the creative team if nothing else.

    • In asian societies, drug abuse of ANY drug is considered illegal and terrible. I live in Singapore where possession of a certain amount may even cause the death penalty. While some people say it’s overly harsh, I think it’s good as it quite effectively deters people from dabbling in it.

      • Actually, I’ve read that societies/countires with harsh, severe penalties for drug use of this kind often have the worst cases/difficulty handling such issues. I have friends who live in countries like Singapore and they say their country has extreme undergound drug havens, moreso than regular (non-overboard with laws) countries thanks to harsh penalties like that. So I don’t think harsh penalties like the death penalty is really better at deterring drug use.

    • I can see why Giddens was so upset, because now everything that Kai Ko has ever done will be tainted by the fact that he was arrested and held (and perhaps sentenced and jailed) for drug use. This means that Giddens’ hard work will be viewed not on its own merits, but for some outside sensational appeal. There will also be doubts cast upon him, because he used Kai Ko in so many of his movies – did he know about it? Did he condone the drug use, or perhaps even introduce Kai to the drug culture? In Asia this is a serious offence, and as a frequent employer of Kai Ko, Giddens will also be affected.

  3. Jaycee will be fine, I think. He is citizen of the US, if I am not mistaken, and his dad will prob do everything in his power to save him. Mainlaind jailtime equals death, its prob worse than hell there.

    • Actually Jaycee gave up his American citizenship a few years ago and is now a Chinese citizen (living/staying in Hong kong) So he will be punished accordingly. 🙂

      • That could mean that he’s a HK citizen instead? You could have dual citizenship of HK & USA. (Cause I have that.) But if it’s true that he’s a Mainland China citizen, then he must have given up his US citizenship. Though I doubt that is the case. You must be stupid to want to give up your US citizenship for a Mainland China one…

      • I doubt Jaycee has Chinese citizenship, since that’s one of the hardest citizenships to attain in the world. Like the above-poster said, he probably has dual citizenship of US/HK. Even as a US citizen, he is punishable by Chinese law, but since it’s just marijuana, I think there will be bail that can save him jail time.

      • Yep. Taken from Wiki: “He renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2009 and became a PRC citizen, earning him praise in Chinese media for bucking the trend of Chinese actors obtaining Singaporean or other foreign passports.”

        From Stareastasia.com: “Hong Kong action superstar Jackie Chan recently revealed that his son Jaycee Fang has given up his American citizenship and take up Chinese citizenship instead.”

      • Wow, just wow. Then I hope his dad can’t pull strings for him. If you choose to be a citizen of a country, you should live by that country’s rules or be prepared to face the proper consequences if you do not.

  4. I’m not going to look down on someone taking marihuana. That’s not a big deal to me (I’ve never smoked anything myself, nor ever will). A lot of young people dabble in that – particularly those at Kai Ko’s age – and to pretend otherwise, is deluding yourself.

    The problem here is mainly that it’s illegal, which I think doesn’t make it worth the risk. Distributing however is a lot more iffy…

    The other problem is that the entertainment world likes to present squeaky clean images, which are just utterly unrealistic.

  5. Wow!!! First you think this is all a hoax but then you read about the positive test results and if their friends and agency can’t reach them…then you know it’s not good.

    Kai Ko really hasn’t had a good year-the breakup with Elva Hsiao, posting negative comments about her, the late night hang out with girls, and now this. I wonder what is next for his movie career?

    Gidden’s message laid it down!!! These two men are both ADULTS and should of known better and should serve time but I do hope they get help and learn from their mistake.

  6. whoa, this is beyond idiotic. out of all places to get caught in, china is one of the worst. JC’s son could face life imprisonment or capital punishment. if it’s played by the books, Jaycee is mincemeat. I’m not surprised that folks are starting to break ties…b/c has anyone ever recovered from a tarnished reputation of a drug related arrest, in China of all places? I don’t think the argument is about the severity of using marijuana but rather about the country’s cultural and social mores. Literally zero tolerance for it. KK just went and ruined his life at 23 – that’s incredibly sad. He went from bankable to being a liability.

    • Kai Ko’s career is basically over. He’s not a B-or-C lister who can slink off and come back in a few years in supporting roles. He was an A-lister flying at the top of his career. I’m sad he made the choice and ended up being caught. Regardless of whether we think pot use is not a big deal, ANY DRUG USE is a huuuuuge deal in Asian countries both legally and morally. That’s the problem here really – Kai is an actor in a a place where he is expected to be a role model in not breaking the law (doing something that is not legal in that place, i.e. doing pot in China) and not doing something parents think is bad (i.e. doing drugs which includes smoking pot).

      • That’s my take on it too. I couldn’t care less if someone smokes pot because I am an American in a jurisdiction where it will probably be legal soon. BUT. To do so knowing that in your environment that means career suicide, universal stigma and possibly a nasty jail sentence is insane. Why on earth would it be worth the risk? I mean, if you are dying to smoke pot, go on vacation to Colorado and marinate in it! Don’t do it in PRC.

    • They were caught with marijuana, not heroin. They will not get life imprisonment or capital punishment. I doubt they will even get jail time since their families can probably pay the bail. There is actually quite a long history of entertainers doing marijuana (and sometimes worse) in China, but they are usually good about hiding it or has a good relation with the media so it’s not publicized as much.

      Kai Ko has the unfortunate luck of being the current IT boy, which means a lot of public attention, as well as a short career, so he doesn’t have as strong of a foundation in public goodwill. He also hit jackpot because China has been seriously amping up its campaign against the “three evils” of sex/porn, gambling, and drug use earlier this year, so he basically rammed himself against the gunpoint to be publicly reprimanded at this point.

      He might have some chance regaining popularity in TW or HK, but in mainland, he might get sanctioned for a couple years and suffer serious losses in popularity.

      Zhou Xun and Faye Wong are some A-listers who have been rumored to be even with drugs, even hard drugs I believe. Recent confirmed high profile cases are actor Gao Hu, singer Li Dai Mo, and popular scriptwriter/director Nin Cai Shen. They all have definitely took a huge career in their careers.

  7. They could go anywhere in the world where it IS legal to smoke, and they pick Mainland China? They coulda just done shots for the same high/mellowing or visited Colorado.

    • Honestly, I very much doubt that people smoke less weed in China than in other places. These kind of things always go on, in dark bars or people’s homes, even if we pretend otherwise. It’s just that there’s recently been a crackdown (targeting celebrities it seems) so now suddenly people will have to think twice whether it’s worth the risk. Since they have moved from C-list to more A-list, I imagine that’ll be more of a deterrent.

      • I wonder if the coppers were sick of the celebs getting off easy, then…The charges may not stick but the legal punishment won’t be as bad as the public shaming that’s going on.

  8. Wow…talk about differences in cultures…

    They are trying to legalize marijuana in the US…and you go to jail for smoking it in china!

    That director “friend” is not a real friend in my opinion…No real friend will write crap like this about their friend…

    a true friend will support their friend through thick and thin, and during difficult times like these…and will certainly not tell the whole world how disappointed he is of his “friend”…duhhhh….

    what real friend says “I will not talk to him again for the rest of my life”….

    is that director some perfect specimen who has never made a mistake in his whole life to be so publicly condemning of someone else like that?

    He sounds like some emotional douchebag to me.

    I was somewhat a successful fashion model for 10 years and let me tell you I saw it all….people have no idea how bad the entertainment industry is…Some of these celebrities that have the cleanest “image” are actually the worst in real life, and most people will be shocked if they saw them in action.

    • I agree about the director “friend”. I imagine he’s insta-reacting in a moment of anger and possibly also to protect himself, but given that he’s 35, I’d expect him to think and then react a bit more maturely.

      He has every right not to associate with someone of course and sometimes you do have break off a friendship, but publicly airing out his grievances and “never” talking again without even giving his supposed friend a chance to explain?

      If someone’s a close friend, I wouldn’t drop him/her the second I found out they are taking drugs (any) – I would try to see if there was a way to help that person since we are talking addiction. (Of course, marihuana is not even addictive.)

      Incidentally, this story popped up in the Daily Mail (I know I know) and half the comments there are “3.5 ounces? That’s nothing”. Cultural differences indeed.

    • Please see my note above. This isn’t just an issue between friends, this is something that will taint everything that Kai has done, and quite a lot of that has been done with Giddens. Let’s say, for example, that you started a fashion boutique and one of your best friends wanted to be a part of it. So you gave her a job, and she was a great designer, and she helped make your shop really popular, but then it came out that everything she had done had been stolen. So now your shop was the-shop-with-the-stolen-stuff. Would you still want to stand by a let everyone think that you were a part of it, too? Wouldn’t you think about how to preserve your business? Would you still want to be friends? This isn’t high school, this is his life’s work that affected.

  9. Man..

    These people sound like they need to take a chill pill. Maybe i’m wrong but they are only caught with marijuana. That is a very light base drug, not E, Cocaine, and the list goes on. It’s not anything to go and SHAME them having the director to post such nasty comments about how he can’t deal with them. I would be concern to be one of his children. How would he react? He would disown his own children from the way he sounded. They shouldn’t condemn as if they are hard core criminals. There are more things to worry about . I think their status definitely have impacted the reaction of the people involve.

    I don’t know of laws in China/Taiwan but it’s so wrong for the police department to go and tell their children about their work. I wonder how that conversation. WOW.. GUESS what we caught a movie star with drug today. Such a violation of privacy. I don’t know I would sue the media for the bad press.

    • I agree it’s only marijuana. I’ve never smoked it but know ppl who do from high school drop outs to doctors/lawyers/etc. To me alcohol causes more problems than marijuana. Alcohol= violence, alcohol poisoning, drunk driving, liver damage, no help with any medical issues. Marijuana=get the munchies, some possible brain cell damage, helps with medical issues.

      • Yup.. I recommend that they (especially the director) take marijuana to relax during this particular crisis in addition to pain management remedies. I’m sure there are research available to indicate it’s uses, affects, and the advantages of marijuana. There are more pressing matter at bay here like killers, rapists that are on the loose you know.

    • LOL, this is why mugshots hit the news of famous people all the time. And yes, cops do talk to their family. Criminals have no privacy. Bounce a check under $100 in Florida and we can look up your mugshot too.

  10. So looking around the net the best case Jaycee can get for the intent to distribute charge is 3 to 5 years and the worst case death…China is apparently very serious about it. I don’t see any estimations on Kai Ko’s drug use charge.

    It’s all speculation anyway…since Daddies flew to the rescue already they might just live abroad for the rest of their lives once they leave detention

  11. Gee, a lot of you are forgetting what country we are speaking of. Didn’t they ban time travel dramas and wanted to promote the “Chinese Dream”; you know work hard, don’t expect things given to you, and if you inherit be an example to others.

    Jaycee is an entertainment heir that apparent doesn’t pay much attention to his surroundings. He’s prime for the government to make an example of and I don’t think Daddy can help.
    Yes arguably this is considered to be a recreational amount in other countries but, you can still face jail time (1-3 years), be a misdemeanor or felony (depending on how many strikes) and if you are including a minor x2, in the US.

    Of course director friend would denounce KK in this way…it’s called save yourself. Anyone associated with these two are going to be affected.
    Come on we know the steps
    beg forgiveness
    community service
    live under radar
    then return with more solemn persona or as a family man

    • The other issue is that KK’s lapse in judgment doesn’t just affect him. All the trust, work, commitment and monies invested in working with and backing him has likely been seriously drained. I don’t know how pr and publicity works in china but this setback for all involved can be quite huge. The worst case scenario is that none of his movies get promoted due to a high likelihood of conviction. That’s affecting a lot of meal tickets! (…and flushing a lot of hard work down the drain.) The social and reputational fallout is huge. It’s China, not the U.S. so the usual societal rules do not apply.

  12. we have marijuana day in Vancouver! we celebrate it every year in the streets right along with the cops. Too bad its getting such bad raps in Asia, where cigarettes and alcohol is so much more deadlier…

    • I used to think Vancouver is a really nice city to live in but nowadays I’m seriously thinking of moving elsewhere. Marijuana stinks. BADLY. I feel like I’m suffocating every time our home gets drenched in the smell thanks to our neighbors. There’s no escaping it because it’s EVERYWHERE these days. At least cigarette smokers learned not to invade other people’s space now. If people want to smoke pot, fine. But why can’t they at least have the decency to smoke in their own homes and SHUT the window while they’re at it..

      • I agree with you that pot stinks, I live with a family that smokes it. But where I live, cigarette smokers are really rude so it bothers me more.

  13. In general, some celeb are DUMB.. They have $$$$$ and I guess they don’t know what to do with the rest, so they turn to drug. Wow.. What a way to mess-up ur life.

  14. Oh Kai, I liked you so much D: Why did you have to do this to yourself
    Growing up in a Western world I don’t think its absolutely unforgivable to take drugs – but am most definitely against it (for recreational uses anyway)and I’ve long accepted that the entertainment industry is iffy even if we don’t know about it….I just feel incredibly sad for Kai that he did this to himself and chose to undergo this path of destruction – he’s still so young and has SO MUCH potential and market

    • Oh and does anyone else find it incredibly sweet and sad that Michelle Chen’s the pretty much the only celeb that has posted up something nice and caring about Kai – compared to all that dissing he got from Giddens…

  15. woah…

    While I am heavily influenced by my western upbringing, I do still think breaking the law is bad bad bad, and doing drugs is bad. I know weed is not that bad in terms of all the substances out there (Alcohol and smoking probably does kill a lot more) but illegal is still illegal. So they just should not have touched that stuff in China of all places. I know the entertainment industry is not clean and certainly officials aren’t there but it doesn’t matter does it. These two got caught and now, it is bad news for them and their families.

    As for the so-called friend – well he put himself in a hole and of course he has to save himself. It’s just too bad that it had to go that way. I do believe in second chances. Maybe they needed this wake up call.

  16. Just a clarification – Giddens Ko is not just a friend or director to Kai. He’s Kai Ko’s mentor and a second father figure almost. He’s also way more famous and accomplished than Kai as both a writer and director. He’s not distancing himself from Kai as some sort of self-preservation since it’s not necessary. This case doesn’t reflect on him, he’s really genuinely PISSED at Kai for letting everyone down who helped him, supported him, and cared about him. Kai Ko owes his entire career to Giddens so if he’s that angry then it’s between the two of them. When the media first asked Giddens about the Kai drug use rumors, Giddens went out of his way to stake his reputation that Kai would never use drugs and it was all a smearing campaign or wrong rumors.

    • Thanks for clarifying, I think that provides much more light into how significant the director’s words were after having used his reputation in support of him. Just goes to show how a small decision can have huge ramifications.

    • Which makes his public rant even worse in my eyes…

      What “father” will go state publicly that their son is a disappointment and he will not speak to him for the rest of his life.

      I don’t buy it.

      He is just angry that he wasted his time and money on the boy, which is totally normal, but a friend and father figure…he’s not in my eyes.

      • I’m with sogazelle on this one. While I can understand the anger, publicly kicking someone while they’re already in the depths of despair and facing the end of a career, public shunning & jail time is just horrible. That is not fatherly behavior. If Giddens is really so angry, he should save it for confronting Kai in person rather than make a public spectacle of it. This screams “righteous anger” to me, and I can pretty much guarantee that anybody who has made a career in the entertainment industry has seen worse mistakes, abuses of power, etc. Kai’s actions were clearly stupid, but he is a 23 year-old. Who doesn’t make some dumb choices when they’re 23? Being family doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to mistakes, but it DOES mean stepping up and supporting each other when the going gets tough. Not jumping on the bandwagon to publicly shame one’s adopted “son” and writing them off completely. These actions say to me that Giddens is more concerned about his own public image than Kai’s well-being.

      • After seeing the news clip of Kai Ko crying and apologizing Giddens Ko posted a new message that he would support him and help him face his problems…he said he literally burst into tears watching people. People say things when they are angry and disappointed…and in this case he didn’t mean it

      • Thanks for sharing, hipployta. People certainly do say things when angry, and I’m glad that Giddens turned around on this. I’m sure Kai needs all the support he can get.

      • That’s how I feel – agree with both so gazelle and rearwindow.

        You can publicly condemn an act, apologise for the person (since that’s what people in many Asian cultures do) but also say “I will help them see and repent for the mistake they made” rather than “go to hell for all I care…”. Especially with a 23 year old first offender that clearly had a lapse of judgment. Jaycee is another story for me… at 31 and distributing that’s more serious.

        Glad to hear the update on Giddens though.

  17. Its amazing how the comments alone reflect the cultural differences regarding drug use. Not dissing everyone who feels otherwise but Asians are more conservative and probably proud of it.

    Yes marijuana might not be the most lethal drug out there but it is illegal substance. Period. Yes they are young. But they are wrong. No condoning their actions.yes entertainment biznes might not be a bed of roses…but its their choice. Lots of artists kept away from making bad decisions. Its just sad to see them throw away their achievements like that.

    I dunno if they can have their career back but i do hope they can pick up the pieces and start anew. And for everyone who thinks Giddens is not much of a friend…they probably dont understand as well. Yes friends support each other but they should also point out your wrongs. Admittedly saying he would not speak to him forever is a bit too much…but it might just be his anger speaking. How many times have we said worse things in the heat of the moment. It will just blow away and he might change his mind later…

    • The cultural differences are interesting indeed in this discussion. Here in Western Europe no one would blink an eye at this.

      Of course friends should point out your wrongs. (In fact, friends that don’t point out wrongs are not friends either.) But there’s no need to do it publicly, dissing them completely and saying “I’m never speaking another word with you”. That’s not friendship.

      Anyhow, seems like Giddens now realised this… Let’s give him credit for that and that it was just his anger speaking at first.

  18. Haven’t seen any juicy scandals for awhile now. Am anticipating of what their punishment will be. I hope it won’t be lenient just because they are celebrities.

  19. This is a very serious matter in PRC in particular. No one is forgetting much of 19th/20th century history easily there. Just a few days ago marked the invasion on Beijing by the 8 Nation Alliance, photo records of brutal rape, murders and vandalism of innocents and that was

    • … after the Opium wars which was a massive introduction of the highly addictive drug w intention of harm and political gains. Marijuana is still considered a gateway drug and the means to get this quantity in CN can not be easy/recreational. But bottomline is it is illegal w steep punishment, severely ignorant to view it from any other vantage pt.

      And let alone the many innocent undercover Chinese cops in covert operations to crack the drug war losing their lives and there was not much compensation, nor even given the proper recognition to clear their names in fear for repercussions for their families. It is not US.

  20. nobody is above the law, i hope both of them will learn from this lesson and become wiser eventually. Compare to KK, i think Jaycee should receive a heavier punishment or longer imprisonment since he have the intention for distribution. What if he is involve in some drugs syndicate that eyeing on those teenager ? not really care about their stardom career but they could do so much to help the poorer around in China.. so many calamity happen in China & TW recently if they’re really bored should think of a way of fundraising to help those victim right ?

  21. They are most likely facing jail time, especially for Jaycee, since he could be considered a drug seller/dealer instead of drug usage, because of the high volume of drugs found in his home. I wonder if the power of Jacky Chan can reduce his sentice.

  22. So after that CCTV clip on this aired with Kai Ko’s apology and video of their interogation Giddeon posted a new message about how he’s going to stick with Kai and help him with his problems now because seeing him like that made he cry…friends/mentors say things when angry (especially after the way he was defending him) but you see anger doesn’t always last

    • Glad he did that. I don’t follow KK’s career but as his mentor, it would be best for KK to get some support. It’s too bad that at 23 yr his career is over. But hopefully he can overcome this drug issue and do soemthing productive with his life.

      For a mentor and an older more mature figure, I was just surprised he reacted that way publicly. I can understand his extreme disappointment.

      Illegal is illegal and I am personally against drug issue. I do believe they need to be punished for what they did. However, while I know his entertainment career is over as the Chinese are not so forgiving in these cases, I still believe in second chances and that a reformed young man can make something of his life if he wants to and I hope he does and can.

  23. They Made a Mistake But U Can’t Kip Blaming Dem For It D Questions Is What Is The Solution If U Really Love Them U Will Wish Dem Well Every1 Got Is Own Weakness Some People Ur Comments Are 2 Bad And Painful Challenges Are Inevitable Its Their Time They Will Overcome It 2 Be Better In Life

  24. Curious how much Jackie Chan can save his son.
    It’s a serious offence but Jackie Chan is a big name in the entertainment industry especially in PRC.

  25. wow that letter was super harsh, especially from someone who should be on his side and not publicly bashing him. i can see where gidden’s did it from the perspective of his upcoming movie will be seriously marred by this incident, but seriously, this is a young man’s life we are talking about. While I can understand the cultural emphasis placed on smoking pot, I have to say this is WAY to much and to have young lives wasted over this is just wrong. Hopefully this sorts itself out and both young man are able to move on from this.

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