Rain and Krystal Looking Good in the First Filming Pics From My Lovely Girl

It’s a relief to see the upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) filming in a low key manner after getting off to a relatively late start. Rain was confirmed early as the leading man but it took multiple rounds before the leading lady role landed with Krystal Jung. The majority reaction to her casting both in her first leading role as well as starring opposite Rain was noticeably skeptical. I think that’s an understandable opinion and really it’ll be up to Krystal to prove that she’s ready for the step up to the lead role in a prime time drama. I enjoyed her character and performance in Heirs but that might’ve been due more to her coupling with the adorable Kang Min Hyuk. I loved Rain’s first drama performance in Let’s Go to School Sang Doo but haven’t liked another drama of his since so I’m hoping this is his long overdue next hit.

The first filming stills show the cast looking nicely in character. No one stands out with a particularly dreadful hairdo or blind fashion sense, that might seem like a given but it’s actually rare so I’m already grateful watching MLG won’t involve enduring an eyesore. For example there was no reason Yoon Eun Hye needed to fry her hair for Marry Him If You Dare or Ji Hyun Woo would sport an ashy gray-blond helmet in Lovers of Music. Rain is looking mighty fine as the head of a music agency while Krystal’s long hair with bangs is both lovely on her and succeeds in aging her up. She doesn’t look 19-going-on-20 which was a potential visual disconnect that worried me about the romance to come with Rain. The rest of the cast consists of Alex as Rain’s bestie, Cha Ye Ryun as the second female lead who likes Rain, and a bunch of idols playing idols in Rain’s agency including Infinite‘s L and Hoya and Dani of T-ara.


Rain and Krystal Looking Good in the First Filming Pics From My Lovely Girl — 19 Comments

  1. Wow! Krystal looks really good in bangs! Im actually pretty excited about the drama now after seeing these teaser pics. Hopefully Rain and Krystal will have good chemistry together. Im kind of curious as to what the personality of Krystal’s character will br like.

  2. There’s something about this drama that just makes me so mad…. So disappointed in Rain for choosing this as his comeback. So disappointed dude. & no. I refuse to even watch an episode.

    • And what makes me mad is people deciding this drama is bad when it hasn’t even released a trailer, forget actually airing an episode. Or blaming Rain for picking up a ‘disappointing’ drama when – for all we know – it could be a hit.

      Of course everyone can decide for themselves if they wanna watch this or not. In any case, I think a few dozen people washing their hands of a drama because ‘something about it makes them mad’ isn’t that big a loss. Specially when its filled with idols which in turn brings in their hoards of fans to watch it. As for ratings, that’s for the Korean audience to decide.

      • I find it funny how you took my comment way too seriously. So I’m sorry if I have offended you in anyway. I base my opinion on the overused plot, & the idols who can’t act. Its the reason why I skipped practically all hollywood teen movies. It’s based on a personal preference.

        Why can’t I be ‘disappointed’ that a favourite actor of mine is choosing a plot that does not catch my interest? You make it seem like this is going to be the best drama ever. If it is, then I have no problem taking back my words.

      • @chesquared

        LOL, I’m not sure why your comment would offend me whatsoever, so if I gave that impression, my bad. You can totally be ‘disappointed’ at his choices, sure. That’s to your discretion, as it is to mine if I am disappointed at fans who prefer to jump the gun without giving something a glance.

        As for ‘making it seem like this is going to be the best drama ever’, I have absolutely no clue where you got that idea from. I said it [could] be a hit, not that it will be some major ground breaking drama. So no apologies from my end because my comment suggested nothing if that sort.

      • LOL wannabe singers turn actors??!! when the hell is it not bad when instead of hiring more “REAL ACTORS & ACTRESSES” you gather a whole bunch of idols just to sell your drama.

  3. How can people judge a drama when it’s not even broadcast? Plus what is considered good enough? Sometimes I am happy that I have never looked up or down on my bias project choice. It’s not as if I am their personal friend and can influence them.

    • Part of the fun. Some of us have been made cynical, by crappy endings or great actors that you wish had made better script choices. Or hey, even someone to just say no to the drama gods when they need to (amnesia,trucks of doom,character abrupt 180s or the new funky Mario ball)
      The drama crap to great ratio has been pretty good this year. Enough, to forget the forgettable and move on. But we can only be so lucky and it’s kinda like waiting for the really, really bad drama to happen.
      Plus something about this drama smells funny. Why can’t we catch Rain actually looking happy about this drama?
      I like Krystal too, but really, with Rain? I think Rain graduated from hugging stiff, arms by the side innocence and wide startled eye kisses like…. when he was in diapers….*LOL*
      I reserve the right to like this drama.

    • People can’t help but judge the drama based on the story, scriptwriters, directors and/or casts. Most people don’t watch all drama being aired right? That’s a waste of time.

      Besides, without reading the script and looking at the pictures, I bet this drama is nothing but hardship, angst, betrayal, love triangles and pain. It is not helping too that the casts are MOSTLY (not so likable) idols.

      As a drama fan for almost a decade, I understand why people choose to not to watch this drama.

      • I can already tell this drama will be another crappy drama. Why? Because 70% of the cast are idols. I’ve nothing against idols but we gotta admit that they are used in dramas to sell bad dramas with cliché storylines & characters overseas. And if the cast wasn’t a big warning, the plot just makes it worse. Are we really gonna get a romance between an ahjusshi and his first dead love’s little sister? Totally unoriginal and boring. I can already see this drama become messy and over-the-top by episode 8.

    • Yep, exactly. I’m always amused at those who just decide something is bad without even giving it a look. But meh, a good drama will pull in people regardless of what was initially expected. And a bad drama will drive people away even if the expectations were high.

  4. With all the idols acting in this drama, it feels like this is gonna flop. But since I like Rain’s other works, I think I’ll give this drama a chance. Though it will all depend on how they write the story and the chemistry of the 2 leads.

    • I find that a problem nowadays that this networks or producers have to cast idols to pull in ratings…But hey what the heck I’m watching it for RAIN’s sake.

  5. Rain look gooood! I really want some T’s and jeans as we progress. I’m waiting for the posters and trailers to come out so I can gauge their chemistry and the overall tone of the drama.


  6. Rain you sexy thing. Looking fwd to watching this drama don’t mind krystal I’ll have rain to drool on for 16 episode YASSSSSSS #thatisall

  7. I totally get why everyone thinks this is going to be a crap pile, but for some reason I’m still holding out hope for some miraculous second coming of Dream High. I don’t know. I want Krystal to succeed, I love Hoya for AM 97 (though I can’t stand L in anything, lol), and I want to see Rain in something good. It’s probably because I’m pretty new to Dramaland; I’ve only live watched a few at this point and I’ve been passably lucky each time so far. Once I get burned a couple times like the rest of you have, I’ll get wiser too.

    Krystal does look good with bangs, though!

    • I LOVED Dream High. I mean, the idol-acting was generally not great, but it had so much heart and really improved in the second half that I couldn’t help but like it. Plus, it had idols/actors who could actually sing and dance.

      So I’ll definitely check this out at least. Plus Rain is looking great, which, you know, bonus :)I haven’t seen any of his dramas, so thankfully have zero expectations.

  8. Dani??? T-ara Dani??? But she is like 16 o.O!!! And I don’t like her acting in School 2013. Well, at least the kid had learnt Korean since then and won’t throw some random English words in middle of a scene (well, I hope…).

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