Aaron Yan Delivers a Final Dose of Fanservice at the Fall in Love With Me Wrap Party

There will be a day where Aaron Yan fanservice isn’t enough to keep a drama afloat. That day may have arrived already towards the end of the just completed drama Fall in Love with Me which aired the last episode on Sunday. Judging from the number of viewers who stuck to it in the floundering middle for Aaron and finally gave up towards the insane end, it might be this drama really is so stupid that even the promise of Aaron hotness isn’t incentive enough to watch. Even though FILWM turned into such painful nonsense, the cast appeared to really enjoy filming and there were lots of hugs and tears at the wrap party this past weekend. Aaron is started to repeat his own playbook as he acceded to chants for him and leading lady Tia Li to share one more kiss for the road. He did the same with Puff Guo at the Just You wrap party and I’m totally biased of course when I say that it was way better last time.¬†Even in real life Tia just stands there stiff as a board.

Audience feedback towards the end of the drama have complained about Tia’s leading lady character getting considerably less screen time, an issue I don’t think is bad when taking into account what a bad actress Tia has been in this drama, but then as a viewer of the story then it would totally suck because the central OTP isn’t even the focus of the screentime anymore. Among the supporting cast I found¬†the scruffy version of Jack Lee who plays Leo quite easy on the eyes (and his resemblance to Kim Ji Seok is not a bad thing at all) while the second female lead Huan Huan played by Beatrice Fang had a lovely face but good lord it was impossible to assess her acting when she was playing batshit crazy for most of the drama. My fondest memory of FILWM will be for its theme songs sung by Aaron especially the addicting ending song “That’s Not Me” which makes being an angry obsessive ex rather sexy if it’s Aaron.


Aaron Yan Delivers a Final Dose of Fanservice at the Fall in Love With Me Wrap Party — 13 Comments

  1. Ya know, I haven’t stopped watching…in disbelief mostly.

    I don’t know how they managed to write entire episodes around Broody Brother Drinking Whiskey and Crazy-Faced Sister throwing one temper tantrum after another as she threatens to throw yet another temper tantrum and maybe fall out of her wheel chair. All of this while Worst Mom Ever looks on SHOCKED when she is the one who taught them how to be evil in the first place.

    Those writers should NEVER be offered a show again ever ever ever. It is soooo bad and sooo stupid. Yet, Beautiful Aaron is still beautiful enough to keep me watching. In disgust, of course. And the girl? Beyond bad. Like bad enough the writers can’t write words for her to say with her mouth anymore.

    When 20 is finally subbed, I will watch and enjoy the HEA, and hope never Aaron’s next show will have a better creative team, and a better co-star cause I WANT to like his shows and look at his eyes. HIs pretty pretty eyes. *sigh*

  2. I never liked Aaron’s face that I don’t consider one of my types. But I have to admit he’s gorgeous and charming as heaven in Just You. But Fall in love with me is sh*t. The plot is worse than nothing written at all. I was dragged along through the first few episodes and eventually didn’t care any more. I still think that’s one of my most brilliant decisions so far this year to quit watching the series. Most of Aaron’s dramas have really weird plots and bad script writing with bland acting of the female leads except for Just You. This last one may be the worst among all.

    • I totally agree. Just you was the first drama that I watched and even though some of the things that Puff’s character did were so stupid, I could still symphathize and it was really cute overall. And yes,”qi yi” is so gorgeous. I didn’t like Tia with him in this series, and I didn’t really like his character either…and yes, some things felt so so messed up. I quit watching in the middle as well and skipped around..the plot twists were a little bit too much.

  3. Aaron is an eye candy on tv, and I’d love to watch him over and over again. But FILWM just can’t keep me watching past the 4th episode. I think it’s mainly the leading lady, she is gorgeously beautiful, no doubt about that, but her acting is quite annoying (no offence). I always try to give every actor and story a chance, but this one is just among one of those that just can’t keep an audience.

  4. i like the pairing in FILWM. Their acting is natural though the parts of Huan Huan is offbeat. Puff Guo has a scheming look though she always acts very friendly and smiling. Tia looks honest but a pity media and others like to attack her because of jealousy??

    • I love FILWM.I also like Just you. Just in both dramas,all casts performed well and really fit for their role. Stop critizising!peace with u guys! I just love them.Show them your support!they did well.

    • Yeah.. your right they’re just jealous.. i really don’t know why they hate her do much.. while she didn’t do anything bad.. then i came to realize they’re just fucking jealous…

  5. I think the story line was really good. Aaron’s acting was the best. How he switch from one personality to the other was unbelievable. I also felt the emotions of the characters so I can say that they are really good too. This is the only Taiwanese drama that got me hooked in watching since Meteror Garden days, that was probably 11 years ago. Looking forward to more projects to these two gorgeous people, Aaron and Tia.

    P.S. Just support them instead of making rude comments. Just saying. Peace!!!

  6. Congrats to the cast of Fall in love with me as well as to the production team! Job well done. I love the natural acting that you showed. Aaron deserved the best actor award. The story is good and it is a feel good drama. I keep watching over and over again specially the sweet moments of Aaron and Tia.

  7. Just support their love team. They did a nice drama series and that was FILWM. I really love it specially Tia and I hope that this was the beginning of their true love on and off the camera. Aaron Ryan and Tia Life FOREVER!!!

    Stop critisizing about this drama because you didn’t know their hard work making this. Please don’t bush Tia because she will feel very upset. Just think of it, you were in her position what will you feel.

    We love Tia Li , we love FILWM FOREVER!!!

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