Rain and Krystal Start Getting Romantic in the First Two Teasers for My Lovely Girl

The first video teaser is out for the upcoming SBS drama My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) and its all sorts of inoffensive and pretty. Nothing that hooks me to watch the teaser more than once but also no glaring worrisome elements anywhere in sight. My only odd comment of the day is that seeing Rain and Krystal together totally reminds me of Tom Cruise with Katie Holmes, except without the creepy Scientology element. The established older top star with a not even in her twenties rising idol actress, there is this glaring experience and power differential that jumps out at me from the screen. Of course it’s because I see them as Rain and Krystal and not yet as their characters in the drama so hopefully when the story gets rolling this visual incongruity will pass. Krystal is really looking lovely with this new hairstyle, the bangs suit her and for once transform her image a bit more than usual. It’ll be nice to get away from seeing her as bratty Lee Bo Na from Heirs. Rain is smexier than ever, being in love and dating Kim Tae Hee does a man good looking at the way he fairly glows with warmth and wholesome manly appeal. If the predominately idol cast can’t cut it, at least we know there is an adorable Golden Retriever around to steal scenes. I hope the dog belongs to Rain’s character, its been too long since a male lead got a furry best friend to hang out with. Overall this is a decent first teaser which is heavy on the romantic mood and light on any plot hints.

First teasers for My Lovely Girl:


Rain and Krystal Start Getting Romantic in the First Two Teasers for My Lovely Girl — 10 Comments

  1. Rain himself looks really young (with a baby face) so I don’t really see any glaring age difference…love the teaser 🙂

    • It’s not the age difference….haha, it’s the sensuality of Rain that’s not balanced with Krystal. To quote someone I don’t remember “his sex appeal is as subtle as a punch in the nose.” Can you really see him trying to romance someone clueless? Or will this be part of the angst?

  2. Not knowing who they are, I wouldn’t have even noticed the age gap. The noona romance season has come to pass, so the timing is just right for the oppa pairings to take the spotlight.

    • I think the demographics of Kdramaland are shifting a bit with more young idol-actresses coming to the forefront when previously the 30+ actresses ruled the roost. Hopefully we’ll get to see more diverse pairings than the de rigeur noona drama q 4 months of the past 5 or so years.

  3. Aww they’re adorable and seem to have comfortable chemistry. I don’t see any power imbalance, but I do think there isn’t a lot of romantic sparks yet. Which is all well because before Rain’s character falls in love with Krystal’s, I’m sure he’ll feel responsible for her as she’s the sister of his beloved ex.

    Very excited for this, and more so for Rain’s comeback. I just hope it’s good since IOTL has been sucking big time for me.

  4. I’m surprised you aren’t recapping Fated to Love You Miss Koala. Not disappointed or angry or anything but just thought you’d be into it.

    • I love the korean version of Fated to love you, that annoying laugh he does gets me all the time…at the same time i feel like throwing rotten tomatoes at him lol

  5. I dont think age is a problem since visually krystal long quite old. So they look to be about the age which is good for the pairing.

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