First Teaser of Iron Man Shows Lee Dong Wook Climbing a Building Using Body Knives

JAW DROP. I have no words. Really, this cannot be happening. But if I were to give my two cents, I would advise Lee Dong Wook to run for his life and not look back. KBS dropped a teensy weensy teaser today for its upcoming Wed-Thurs drama Iron Man airing in two weeks after Joseon Gunman wraps up. JG needed to conjure up an extension so that IM could finish casting after multiple delays with leading men like Ji Sung and Park Shin Yang declining the role. This drama also needs a lot of CGI which means more post-production time than your usual K-drama. The first video teaser snippet is mere seconds but honestly it delivers a punch. Maybe not a good punch but I’m definitely awake and alert after watching it, wondering just what the hell KBS is thinking to green light this project and how an audience is supposed to react to it.

A standard superhero movie has its audience and trajectory, we want to see things blow up and heroes being heroic as the bad guys are dispatched. To transition the superhero to a K-drama based only on his emotional pain sounds sooooooo absurd, and now that I’ve seen the first teaser it looks as absurd as it sounded. Lee Dong Wook channels his inner Spiderman and climbs a building using only the knives that sprout from his body. The sound effects absolutely slay me on top of the image of Lee Dong Wook digging his body knives into the building exterior as if he’s rock climbing. Then Shin Se Kyung shows up looking as morose and chinless as she always look, like she just rolled right over from Fashion King and When a Man Loves to come here and just do whatever it is she does that sucks all life and energy from the screen.

Iron Man teaser:


First Teaser of Iron Man Shows Lee Dong Wook Climbing a Building Using Body Knives — 50 Comments

    • I was aghast watching the trailer. It’s sure way too early to tell, but man, that was worse than what I was expecting. And I expected BAD.

  1. I never trust anything Shin Se Kyung is in after watching and loving high kick and then the ending making me more mad than anything else in the world.

  2. So KBS tried to copy tvN with INR4 (I mean Discovery of Romance) and now they are eyeing OCN’s Hero… Booze & popcorn ready. Fingers warmed. May the fun begin.

    • yeah but hero a) wasn’t very good but b) at least had yang dong geun to carry it and make it watchable, even enjoyable not sure I trust either of the leads of this show to be able to do that :/

      • Potato potaito: They want to curb the bad ratings and they hire successful writers of other channels to deliver exactly the same stuff or they copy. >.> No clear editorial line, no in depth reflexion on what they want to do. Bad scheduling too: Except for a few happy accidents (Good Doctor last year), their Drama Department’s boss should be fired & the team reshuffled.

    • at least HERO (OSN) looked more like a superhero. i mean he fought against bad people protecting poor and innocent not climbing the building when there must be a lift or stairs like @Nimz below said. I really liked it.
      In any case i agree with everyone/s reaction WTF is this?? I didnt believe they meant the knifes literally! But I must admit i am going to watch the 1st episode to see how they are going to expain THIS! haha

  3. He looked more like he was rock-climbing. O.O
    sigh pie, I really like lee dong wook but judging from the teaser, I may give this drama a miss unless I hear good reviews from others.

  4. This looks like a horrible drama. I won’t be watching. The description made it unappealing but seeing the pictures made it unbearable.

  5. I am a regular on this site and enjoy it very much. I was tempted a few times to comment but never managed to. after reading this, i just had to. this one of the first teasers that i dont get at all.. I mean why is he scaling up the building, I,m sure there is a lift or stair.. There are many other ways of showing us his power … if that what it even is

    • I laughed out loud after reading your comment, I mean really what’s the point of having this kind of superpower? to climb some walls ? then what ? WTH is this drama. What’s wrong with Lee dong wook? He is a fine actor may not be the best but sure a passable one in Korean dramas industry, but to get to act on this strange drama WITH Shin se kyung as a leading actress, as if it’s not bad already. I have no words for him, I feel bad for him really.

  6. I swear, if that drama manages to be a hit, I would stop having faith in the KDrama industry. Not but really, the f*ck ?
    Knetz love to say that My Spring Days is going to be a flop but REALLY ? NOT IRON MAN ? AFTER THIS TRAILER ? (I am really going to flip tables if it does better than MSD though. Like, it’s my inner fangirl talking but REALLY ?)

    Seriously, I admit I was intrigued when I first read of the sypnosis. I even laughed a little because it sounded so hilarious and because I thought “no way this is the actual storyline” and here we are. GOSH GOSH. Lee Dong Wook, WTF are you doing, man !

    • I going to laugh back at knetz if MSD is the one going to be on the first on this drama’s time slot.
      I knew from the very beginning it’s going to be a lot of crap. The fact that the production was struggling with castings tells us how crap the story going to be. Adding the fact that it needs CGI worth of months prior its broadcast. I just can’t even..
      Lee Dong Wook, what the heck happen to you, man? Did you perhaps took this role out of pity-ness?

  7. That’s actually good news! Cause it means Joseon Gunman would be a sure winner for KBS year end awards, right? 😀
    (Lol, no offence meant to Lee Dong Wok fans.)

  8. This was the funniest thing I saw this week.
    OMG, what in the world??????
    Whatsr Lee Dong Wook thinking? Is he bankrupt?
    Who green-lit this? WHO?

  9. Even emotional blades were too much but it was real?! I don’t know why I feel second hand embarrassment for LDW for being related to this project. I like him.. But what’s wrong with him? He was doing dramas and variety.. He wasn’t that desperate for a role. I’m beyond glad that Ji Sung passed though!

  10. I have a question: why is he climbing a building? Does he become a superhero or something by breaking off the knives and using ’em as flying daggers? My curiosity is piqued.
    I just have to say that i was a little disappointed to hear abt d whole emotional-pain-driven-knives-out-of-body bit. I was expecting an Asian guy in the red metal flying suit thingy.
    Anyway I just hope it’s not a total ‘trainwreck’ in d end. Keeping ma fingers crossed and ‘warmed’ for popcorn picking.
    Do surprise us show…or not….

  11. Welp. Yeah. It sounded bad on paper, and looks worse. All I can say is at least my ILU is getting a paycheck from this thing. Or at least I hope he got his salary advanced, because this one is looking bad. Not even so bad that it’s good, but just horrid.

  12. Holy batman, I am already cringing for Lee Dong-wook… I feel really bad for him. I still can’t forgive the fact that he actually took this project.

    And side note, what the hell, he looks tired and skeletal. Please take care of yourself, no matter now nightmarish a drama is!

  13. 😀 The special effect is already funny. Doubt the CG will be up par lol. They could have use/design differently the knife telling that they never really put so much thought into this. They should model it from porcupines. That the closest I could think of to make it close to natural.

  14. the knives look so unrealistic…not that it ever does but this one is horrible. they could have just went with the emotional pain rather than having all that sticking out all over him. It looks silly how it’s position.

    I wonder if it comes out just how the hulk tranform himself. But hollywood have the budget to make it watchable….this not so much. And he does look skinny like he’s sick. The main girl comes off lifeless at the moment.

  15. maybe a twist will happen and the story ends up being exciting, shin se kyung acts really well haha I’m still gonna watch it though, but hope it’s not bad till the point I stop halfway

  16. Christ! Just seeing the pictures of the knives coming out of his body is making me itch all over. I may skip this one. Looks like I’m already developing an allergic reaction.

  17. Oh, DongWook-ssi… My love for you goes to no bounds but I could not stand watching the first 7 seconds. Have you been getting wrong advice lately?

  18. Woooooow.. your comments are so full of hate and grudge.. whats wrong with you.. relax, it just a drama if you dont like it, why to care so much to comment uselessly.. actually the guy is soooo sweeet,you cant deny, am in

  19. And about (WAML).. its not like the male lead is good actor.. i saw him in MP and he was less than ok he didnt add any of his charm to the role.. so stop blaming the actress for ruining that drama cause he ruined MP kkkkkkkkkk

  20. It’s not a metaphor, but actual REAL knives??? I can’t even watch the trailer tbh. Do they take this seriously? Or will this be an actual comedy in disguise?

  21. geez people how could he use the elevator if knives showing at his body! Pls think! the actor is legit he can act chanelling the pain in his eyes as if the knives are his curse in just seconds trailer. it reminds me of harry osborn desperately looking for a cure before he became goblin. grow up people by thinking of it as hero who will save people only. his power is both a gift and a curse by merely looking at the actor eyes!

  22. Cringe. I feel bad for LDW. Why would he take this role…. The Hotel King is already a trainwreck. Why take another one that more of a?

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