New Stills From My Lovely Girl Show Rain and His Dog Bestie along with Partying Idols

I love dogs and I very much like Rain, so these new stills of the upcoming SBS drama My Lovely Girl (My Lovable Girl) are a good thing, yes? Too bad I still have major reservations about this drama, but at the same time the reservations don’t rise to the level of the bracing for an immediate impact stance that comes from waiting for Iron Man over at KBS. I think if it wasn’t for this drama being Rain’s first drama since he entered the military, and in four long years, the expectation wouldn’t be as high and conversely the worry as well. It probably works better to see this as yet another Lovers of Music (Trot Lovers) with a bit of What’s Up? thrown in. The new stills show Rain’s agency CEO character spending plenty of quality time with his canine companion. One can crack jokes about how he has more chemistry with the retriever than with leading lady Krystal of f(x), but I’m still willing to give her a chance to show her readiness to be a leading lady. Plus Rain has to connect with his canine otherwise how can he sell the doggie cuteness. Apparently the dog is quite an important member of the cast and will play a pivotal romance matchmaker role in bringing Rain and Krystal’s character together. There are also new stills out (below) of the youngsters in this drama, a scene filmed at a nightclub with Hoya and L of Infinite along with Haeryung of Bestie and Krystal.

Our leading lady is actually a waitress at said nightclub and she is interacting with L’s character while Hoya parties it up with pretty Haeryung. Everyone looks fantastic and they better look good since this idol heavy cast has the looks even if the acting chops remain iffy. L stands out in these stills because he’s rocking the blond hair which actually looks great on him. I’m also going to have to dissociate Hoya with his Answer Me 1997 character.


New Stills From My Lovely Girl Show Rain and His Dog Bestie along with Partying Idols — 20 Comments

  1. I’m really looking forward to this show. He seems to be having fun in the bits and pieces I’ve seen of the show. I don’t have a problem with Krystal in this. I thought she did a nice job as a comedic actress on Heirs.

  2. Speaking of idols, koala are you going to post about the big one with Lee Byung Hun being blackmailed by Glam’s Dahee? She played Kim Nana in Monstar, shame, I liked that drama.

    • Wait, seriously? Well, that backfired and effectively ruined her chances of a career. Do you know why he was blackmailed? Regardless, I respect that he actually reported it to the police instead of just resolving it with money

      • I believe she and another model had tapes of him, er, doing/talking X-rated stuff with them (the press uses the euphemism that he was ‘using obscenities’) in the home he shares with Lee Min Jung. They’re wrong for the blackmail but he’s basically been caught out cheating on his wife of barely a year…

      • @Gina: Whoa. Well that paints a new picture. I guess no one is innocent in this scenario after all. Really, in his marital home? What a douchebag move

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