Knives and More Knives in the Official Drama Posters for Iron Man

Not gonna lie, I kinda dig these posters of Iron Man…..if you take away with knives on male lead Lee Dong Wook. Taken as a non-supernatural romance melo between Lee Dong Wook and Shin Se Kyung, these official drama posters are actually decent. KBS likes to do saturated colors and expansive backdrops and the one with Lee Dong Wook sitting on the rooftop ledge with the city behind him reminds me, in a good way, of the solo poster for Kim Hyun Joon in Age of Feeling (Inspiring Generation) where he was standing alone with a vast city before him. There’s depth and an attempt to give the story some grandeur. I’m not sure why this drama keeps using the skyscraper element though, in the first teaser Lee Dong Wook is scaling the outside of a building using his arm knives while in the posters the two leads are posed by the rooftop of a building.

If Lee Dong Wook’s character can fly then perhaps the high up on a skyscraper motif might work, now I’m just more perplexed trying to suss out hidden mean. If there is one. Shin Se Kyung’s solo poster (below) is comparatively less visually arresting than Lee Dong Wook, partially because he has body knives sticking out of him while she’s just an ordinary girl, but mostly because Lee Dong Wook has an expression that catches the eye (angry? petulant? plotting murder?) while Shin Se Kyung continues to look sweet and gormless. The main drama poster that shows the two leads in what would normally be a romantic-leaning pose, he stands with his back to her while she reaches out for him, instead makes me clap my hands like a trained seal while screaming “lean back into her, Lee Dong Wook!” 

I can’t help my heart of darkness in asking for something so macabre, the pose in the poster fairly screams for it since the knives on top are positioned right in front of Shin Se Kyung’s face while the big knife on his lower back is primed to impale her right in the heart. Heh.


Knives and More Knives in the Official Drama Posters for Iron Man — 19 Comments

  1. Ugh. Her face is always stiff and feels like she does too much botox. Girl, who the hell is your strong sponsor that you keep getting roles when there are thousands of talented actresses out there that are struggling to even get cast?

    • I just face palm every time I see casting news of her. Someone must love her in these roles. Maybe she is really easy to work with? Lights up the set every time she appears? Or maybe she just makes people want to protect her because she seems so utterly harmless?

    • Add Park Minyoung & Jin Seyeon to that list too… though props to them for having chins.

      I was excited for Tazza 2 because of TOP from big bang. Just realized she was in it though. And she has a “naked” scene. I don’t wanna see it anymore T__T.

      • @chesquared,you made me laugh “though props to them for having chins”. LOL.

        Ms. K. I agree that actually the first poster looks good minus the knives.

  2. From the start to end, all I see is ridiculousness .. Iron man (where does the trajectory to the title come from) shouldn’t it be Knives Man or something .. when people heard Iron Man it goes to marvel .. surprise Marvel haven’t shut down that title yet … or is all these just really going to be metaphorical when the drama airs that the knives are just metaphor to his anger and revenge are like knives aims to stab those that hurt him. ..

    Whatever it is this drama is going to tank I’m sure

  3. This looks like such a hot mess. But based on the glimpse of his house with his mom, I get the feeling that lee dong wook is a big fan of toys and superheroes and probably did this role out of personal enjoyment and not as a way to enhance his acting repertoire . I mean sure its not about superheroes but he has knives coming out of him for goodness sakes.

  4. I concur – how the heck does she keep getting lead roles? I can’t say anything about her acting but her face is a big enough deterrent to keep me away from anything she’s in. How the heck does she keep getting roles opposite distinguished and older actors? She’s got connections, I tell you.

  5. Ms Koala if you have to report k news, can we find out who the heck is SKS. Personally I don’t mind her looks. It’s her acting and that expressionless face. Can she crinkle her eyes or smile a lot more please? I can’t even imagine her having an emotional moment. Then you put her next to angsty looking LDW. It’s like the Tin Man or rather Tin Woman next to Shrek’s cat. You remember his big big eyes?

  6. i have watch one show with SSK in her casual days, she is rather please and easy on the eyes.I can see why people love her however she can’t act and her acting is just meh.

  7. Shin se kyung and Jin se yeon.
    My most anti in kdrama land.
    Every drama with them are always ruined.
    I really want to see what’ll iron man be.

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