Dispatch Issues Rare Denial on Publishing Rumored Report on Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Dating

In a week of genuinely depressing news from K-ent it’s actually a relief to have the tabloid Dispatch embroiled in yet another dating “scandal”. I seriously go cray cray anytime I hear the word scandal associated with dating unless one or both parties are married already yet K-ent continues to insist dating gossip between two single hotblooded beautiful entertainers is scandal worthy. The K-boards lit up this morning when a site famous for breaking gossip news (usually correctly) posted that Dispatch was in possession of evidence that idol-actress Suzy from Miss A was dating actor Lee Jong Seok. The “come again?” look on my face when I read the original gossip post ought to have been memorialized if someone was training a camera on me. This isn’t Suzy’s first public dating rumor but as far as I know this would mark Lee Jong Seok’s first public dating rumor, and he could do worse than being linked to popular Suzy.

Dispatch actually took the time out of its busy paparazzi schedule to issue a denial to the rumor, claiming that it wasn’t true and today was a solemn day for the burial ceremony of the recently departed young idol EunB of the girl’s group Ladies Code. I’m not sure what exactly Dispatch is claiming isn’t true – that it doesn’t have any evidence or that it was planning to release it today. I do think it would be in spectacularly bad taste to release today stalkerish photo evidence of Lee Jong Seok and Suzy out on some surreptitious date since all eyes in K-ent are on the sad goodbyes from fans and fellow entertainers as EunB is sent on the final journey to her resting place. So I guess…..kudos to Dispatch for having some journalistic standards? Or at least basic human decency. I actually think dating news between young unmarried stars should be received as happy news and not scandalous (and ought to brighten the mood), but since it is considered a scandal then I understand why Dispatch needs to quickly deny it’s selling scandal at a somber time for the industry.

Suzy’s first dating rumor was last year when she famously was outed by Dispatch as dating her Gu Family Book costar Sung Joon after the two were spotted cozy at dinner and later with their arms draped around each other outside the restaurant. The rumor was explained away as the two being just very good friends plus third wheel Lee Yoo Bi happened to be present at the same dinner so was used as a nice shield. I wouldn’t mind either way if Suzy date(d) Sung Joon or is dating Lee Jong Seok now, though if both rumors have some validity then she definitely has a type. The tall lanky model flower boy.


Dispatch Issues Rare Denial on Publishing Rumored Report on Lee Jong Seok and Suzy Dating — 20 Comments

    • they were both models so i guess they probably did some shows together.

      they probably have many common friends (woobin, hongjonghyun) but i doubt they’re anything more than acquaintances.

      anyway when this rumour came out i was like o.o dispatch clarified it so quickly i didn’t even have time to find out what was going on and it was already clarified. i’d be really happy for js if he finally dates though, he has been talking about wanting to date for a really long time.

  1. For once I tend to believe it’s nothing. Usually denials make me think they just haven’t gotten enough pictures yet, but this seems so random.

    It would be bad timing for both of them to be caught dating. Way too soon in their careers to enter a high profile relationship.

  2. According to my “k-ent source”, Suzy and Sung Joon weren’t dating at all at the time of the Dispatch report. Just hanging around each other like good ole buddies. Dunno about Suzy’s lovelife lately though.

    Dating news is scandalous for delusional fans but potentially a good thing for supportive fans.

    • Yeah at first I thought they were, I mean those pictures were pretty telling. Plus watching the Gu Family Book BTS and reading all the fan accounts like the good stan (of both Sung Joon & Suzy) I am it’s clear they got really close during filming. And he’s her type. But looking at the video it’s actually pretty different than what the pictures made it look like. Sung Joon just has his arm around her shoulders for a few seconds and it’s more like a buddy thing as they get out of the restaurant, the part with her hands touching his is only like 1sec, kind of like a reflex when he put his arm there she lifted her hand and barely brushed his for a sec, it’s just that the papz managed to catch that one moment.

      Sucks because the idea of 2 of my babies getting together or being good friends was nice, especially for Suzy because she doesn’t get close to people easily and barely has any celeb friends, but because of the scandal Sung Joon said it got awkward and they’re not so close anymore.

  3. Wasn’t it Sports Seoul who caught Suzy and Sung Joon hanging out together?
    Apparently when it comes to dating news, no one is reliable other than Dispatch lol.. but anyway I do agree with you koala, I don’t mind Suzy and Sung Joon dating either and they’d be a very good looking couple (superficial reasoning). Unless there’s evidence, we’ll never know the truth, but for now I think Suzy wasn’t dating Sung Joon (as of that period) and IS DEFINITELY NOT dating Lee Jong Suk for now lol.

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