Sound of the Desert Releases Poignant Official Drama Theme Song MV by Hu Ge

I’ve been thinking about the most wonderful yet thoroughly depressing to read male leads in Tong Hua novels and she’s done a fantastic job of creating many unforgettable such men. 8th Prince got it bad in Bu Bu Jing Xin since he had the girl until the tides of history kicked him in the arse and she left him rather than walk the doomed path by his side. She was pragmatic and he was screwed. Meng Jue in Yun Zhong Ge screwed himself over by having the girl and then cheating on her however briefly before realizing what he wanted was just her. Lu Li Cheng in Secrets Hidden in Time could never win the heart of the girl due to a lame memory and a grade-A douchebag for a rival. And I can’t even talk about Lost You Forever.¬†All of these men were awesome but ultimately heartbroken, but looking back now it’s clear that Jiu Ye (Meng Jiu) in Da Mo Yao might be the single most selfless and woebegone Tong Hua male lead out there. And he starts off being crippled to begin with! Oh the unfairness of life.

All the gears are turning for the imminent arrival of Sound of the Desert, the drama adaptation of Da Mo Yao starring Liu Shi Shi, Hu Ge, and Eddie Pang. There is a brand new official video arriving this week in the form of the MV for the drama side theme song “Please Live Well” sung by Hu Ge. Even though Hu Ge was not in the sprawling cast of BBJX, he actually performed the opening theme duet “A Persistent Mind” with Alan. I quite like his singing and having him contribute to the Sound of the Desert OST was a great decision…..if you like having your heart and guts ripped out through your throat. This song from the lyrics to the melody just screams “why are the fates so cruel to Jiu Ye!” and will likely leave you making agonized faces at the screen while tamping down the urge to write your own DMY fanfiction. Check out the Shi Shi-Hu Ge only official MV below and bring some tissues.

Official Drama MV for Hu Ge’s Theme Song “Please Live Well”:


Sound of the Desert Releases Poignant Official Drama Theme Song MV by Hu Ge — 16 Comments

  1. I was never on Jiu Ye’s ship when I read your translation. The MV changed that! How could I not be on Jiu Ye’s ship after watching Hu Ge’s gut-wrenching performance? I can’t wait until this comes out.

  2. ok its official! weather Hu Ge is lead or not in ancient chinese drama even if he did get the girl or not he is forever alone! so sad…

  3. Every time I watch this mv I can’t help but cry. The song, the story, Jiu Ye.. it just cuts my heart.. just like the epilogue of DMY. ): It brings me back to the days when you were translating DMY.

  4. Hi Miss Koala,

    I took the liberty of translating the song to english on my site and linked my readers to your translations of Tong Hua’s stories.

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful posts and translations, its so much hard work but it’s so appreciated. Whenever I have time, I always come and re-read the wonderful stories. Thank you so much!


  5. Sorry, forgot to add. I adored this song, and since I’ve always had a soft spot for Hu Ge, it’s going to be so much harder to watch this drama. I was thinking of recapping it, despite the fact that I agree with you Huo Qu Bing should’ve been Hu Ge.

    Darn him and his penchant for playing tragic heroes.

  6. I was never on Jiu Ye ship when I was reading the novel, I also feel that he lacks the courage to pursue the girl. But maybe it’s also because of his inferiority complex, I can understand him somehow but I still don’t think it’s a reason that’s good enough to reject her when the girl tried her best to get to him and she never really mind about his crippled legs. So I was always on the other ship, Eddie Peng looks better in modern garbs but I’m willing to give him a chance.

    • I was on Jiu Ye ship from the beginning, I like his looks. As the story progressed I understood even better why he was apprehensive to be with her ,due to the fact being the only child to survive from his mothers pregnancies. I did not like the ending though but it is what it is. The theme song I simply love love it. Thanks for the drama. 5/4/15.

  7. Same here, I wasn’t on the Jiu Ye ship when reading the novel but I’m already certain it’ll be him I’m shipping in the drama. Can’t resist Hu Ge’s eyes and expressions although I know the novel’s ending!

    I have never watched Eddie Peng’s dramas so I have no opinion of his acting yet but he looks annoyingly smirky in the MV. I have a feeling I’ll be fast forwarding many of his scenes in the drama…

  8. LOL. Too much animosity towards Eddie when the clip hardly even shows his face. I think there is an overwhelming fanlove for HuGe (deservedly I suppose) which automatically just make poor Eddie rub everyone wrong before he even had a chance to prove himself. Eddie’s character is supposed to be confident and brash anyway right. I did like Meng Jiu for his selfless love but ultimately he chose to out himself because the girl did everything to win him over…so while I did pity him I still think that Huo deserves the girl at the end.

  9. You can love Hu Ge for all you want but he can’t sing. Anyways, I do think EP’s character should get the girl. I liked him more in the novel.

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