Gorgeous Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi Dazzle at the Da Mo Yao Drama Press Conference

After translating thirty-eight dense chapters and following the drama progress for over two years, I think I’m done writing about Da Mo Yao. At least done when it comes to having more opinions about the casting, struggle to get on air, and first peeks at the end product. The upcoming C-drama renamed Sound of the Desert is finally arriving on the small screen in a few days and I’ll be ready whether or not I feel like it. Two years ago I would actually be so excited this blog would be a series of posts on just this drama. The fervor has died down but the goodwill remains, not to mention leads Liu Shi Shi and Hu Ge are two of my favorite young C-actors. The two attended the official drama press conference this week with the other lead Eddie Peng sending a video from Taiwan where he’s currently busy on a project. Eddie has been mainly movies for the last few years so I’m sure his fans will appreciate his return to the small screen playing General Wei Wu Ji. Continue reading