C-media Having a Field Day with Noticeably Chubbier Kim Soo Hyun’s Appearance at Car Show

Kim Soo Hyun (along with Lee Min Ho) have been the two most prominent Korean entertainers dominating the C-language entertainment news publications for the better part of the year. It’s not just having successful hit dramas like You From Another Star and Heirs, they’ve also exponentially grown their fanbase in the Chinese speaking countries so there is a voracious appetite for news about them. I used to keep all my news feeds separate – my K-news feeds gave me updates on K-stars, TW-news for the TW-stars, J-news for the Japanese entertainers, well you get my drift – but thanks to Kim Soo Hyun and Lee Min Ho my news intake on them have doubled in repetition thanks to their cross-border popularity. With that said, Chinese entertainment news (and C-fans) are pretty merciless even when it comes to popular stars and Kim Soo Hyun just got a taste of it this past week when he showed up at a Chinese car show looking visibly heftier. The reaction was instantaneous and overwhelming, and one thread of commentary was soooooo hilarious I just have to share it.

Fans started splicing chubbier Kim Soo Hyun’s pictures next to missing North Korean leader Kim Jung Un and suggesting Kim Jung Un has been found. It’s absurd of course but C-fans love to be tongue-in-cheek and with Kim Jung Un missing for weeks now it was a pretty cheeky timely joke. I did not splice the pictures of Kim Soo Hyun next to Kim Jung Un. These are courtesy of the C-media. And do, I don’t think Kim Soo Hyun with a few added pounds even remotely looks like Kim Jung Un. No one really does. It’s just a joke that arose because of his recent hairstyle, showing up rounder in the face and hips, and also wearing a fuddy duddy suit and jeans combo. There is also the Kim Soo Hyun connection with North Korea since he played a North Korean agent in Covertly, Grandly.

I actually don’t mind Kim Soo Hyun gaining a few pounds, he actually looks happy and healthy and that’s what matters. I do think media scrutiny on male stars is as intense as on the ladies, so even a guy who gains a few pounds is suddenly splashed all over the papers. It’s unfortunate this even merits headline news territory but at least the commentary is equal gender at this point. There’s also the Chinese saying The Big Tree Attracts the Wind (樹大招風) which means the larger the target the more it’ll get rocked. Kim Soo Hyun is popular to an insane degree in China so obviously if he gets a zit the C-media and fans will notice, much less showing up looking like he had enjoyed full meals for the last week. Poor dude will probably go on a starvation diet when he signs on to a new CF or acting project and needs to slim down again. At least enjoy living the good life when he can, right?


C-media Having a Field Day with Noticeably Chubbier Kim Soo Hyun’s Appearance at Car Show — 34 Comments

  1. Lol…It looks like it’s time for him to stop enjoying his full meals…

    Once the media “attacks” him, you know the “poor” kid is going to go straight on a starvation diet…

    Time to get back to work, Kim So Hyun…

    It looks like fans idolize these celebrities for being “perfect” by asian standards: small face, skinny and all….Once they put on 2 or 3 pounds, they become “normal”, and that is certainly not appealing to fans.

    The life of a celebrity is so hard…lol….you are never allow to take a break….unless you hide of course…

    But in the public eye, it seems like they always have to abide by their “image”…. very sad indeed…

  2. I hope he enjoyed the yummiest of delicacies and indulged all those cravings he had to ignore for quite some time. I hope JJH did the same, I certainly would after the YFAS frenzy. Celebrity focused media is a joke worldwide it seems. I know it wouldn’t be easy but I hope he didn’t take it too personally and laughed it off a bit.

    Like someone stated, he will probably be going on a rigorous and most likely unhealthy soon.

  3. Looks like he had a *taste* of real life….. 😛
    As long as celebs are healthy and happy, that’s all that’s important.
    And besides, even if he gained 50 pounds he’d still be lighter than me. LOLOL!!

  4. I’m not a fan of KSH to begin with, but I actually think he looks better with the extra weight? It somehow makes him look less babyish.

    • I agree, it makes him look older and IMO, better-looking. I feel a little sorry for him because while in China he has probably been subjected to an endless series of banquets, dinners, and get-togethers, where good manners would dictate he must eat well and appear to enjoy everything he eats. So he is either going to gain weight (and make the fans critical) or be rude as a guest (and make the fans critical).

  5. wow chinese media are pretty mean. Poor kim soo hyun, he will not want to eat anymore. I dont think he is fat and if that is fat to them then I wanna know what skinny means too.

    • Nah, it’s just a difference in culture. The Chinese tend to love a little tounge in cheek. If they like you, they will poke fun at you, but all in good humour. If they hate you, they will tear you apart, viciously. With the Chinese, it’s rarely what they say and more of how they say it.

  6. I do like the fact he has been gaining weight. It means that he is eating well and relaxing a lot. It’s not like he didn’t deserve it but LMAO, those pictures were really hilarious though 🙂

  7. I do like guys with a bit of meat of them, but it just doesn’t look good on Kim Soo Hyun. It seems that most of that weight went right into his small face, making him look like a hamster.

  8. I thought two things: 1) He actually let something disturb the looks of his perfect immoveable face? 2) This is the downside when you give up being a fine young actor learning your craft for being a very rich Asian pinup boy.

    • Downside to being asian pinup boy? How? Because his drama was so huge? So its now a crime to have successful dramas?

      I don’t know. I am not a flower boy fan girl, any actor below the age of 35 just doesn’t do it for me. However I think it’s a bit sad the hate this young boy is getting recently.
      He’s still a good actor

  9. I think he looks perfectly fine and actually healthier with the weight gain. The comparison with Kim Jong Un is ridiculous.

    Talk about media scrutiny, no wonder there are so many emaciated celebrities and young teenagers out there today.

  10. I believe that he is overrated in both departments as an actor and in his looks ,but that ‘s my opinion..Reading that article kinda felt sorry for him and considering that Asians pay too much attention in their appearance I am thinking that maybe in his next role has to look with some pounds extra that before.

  11. He might have put a bit a weight, but I think it is mainly a combination of bad hair style + bad clothing choice + bad make up + bad lighting.
    But he looks really happy, so that is what matter!

  12. Does he deserve a bit of indulgence for working so hard? Besides, it’s not like the guy gained an excessive amount of weight. A sad day indeed when one cannot indulge in the fruits of their labour without scrutiny.

  13. I think he looks more mature/manly with the few extra pounds. He looks better now in my opinion. He can’t be looking like a teenager forever.

  14. Not into skinny dudes, so the few pounds that Kim Soo Hyun put on is all good with me. I don’t want to have to look at the guy that I am with and wonder, if we are ever confronted by a mugger, do I have to protect him because he is too scrawny and delicate to protect me.

    Even if he tries not to take it too seriously, the teasing comments must sting. But at the end of the day, whether he is thinner or heavier, he is still a talented and good-looking actor. Weight gain doesn’t change that.

  15. The biggest problem is that horrid outfit. The way the suit jacket hangs and where it ends is very unflattering especially combined with jeans.

  16. I think he just needs to change the hairstyle and the suit, both of which are not flattering on him, and maybe change his stylist too…

  17. lol I think he looks a bit better? The chub made his face look a bit bigger and with his tiny face and big neck he always reminded me of that running green llama gif. The clothes are unfortunate though.

  18. Life of celebrity is the hardest especially for a hullya star like soo hyun. One really needs to keep up with their image but with a bit of exercise,our soo hyun will be back to that face that everybody loves

  19. lol,…poor handsome guy,he might be laugh when he see this article,gaining weight is not a big deal at all,his damn cute and sexy.

  20. He is still good looking, I swear people can but total b-holes when someone gains a few pounds. the weight doesn’t diminish his acting ability so they need to let the man be. I’ve found that I like the chinese and korean films/cf etc but the fans are straight up psychos.

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