My Spring Days Episode 10 Recap

All the training from Bom-yi’s childhood should have kicked in after Bom-yi kicked Dong-ha and she found out his identity. Dong-ha suddenly rose on the see-saw of Confucian society where age and rank outweigh everything else. Kang Dong-ha is not only a man, but her friend’s older brother, the CEO of a successful company, and eventually her employer. If she felt a precipitous drop in her station as compared to the CEO’s, it would have been understandable. Bom-yi, however, continues to be outspoken and free with him. He, who now admits his concern of  watchful eyes. Going out to Udo after a man by herself is completely inappropriate.

Girls should never want to appear anything but demur and chaste. That is what her mother has been selling her forever. We love her because Bom-yi is willing to challenge the status quo in order to be with person she loves. Kam Woo Sung *sigh* makes me hold my cheeks in “aww” every time I see him. As we have all said, he is not a flower boy. No heavy make-up to hide signs of age, wind blowing his hair all over, he’s rumpled and warm, and effing sexy. Thank goodness, he has a worthy match in Soo-young. She continues to do an excellent job with this character, I cheer her audacity to go after what she wants.

Episode 10 recap:

Bom-yi stands out on a rock near the ocean waves, talking to Soo-jung. The wind blows her so much there are tears in her eyes. “I know how to live now. I’ve realized too late. But if you really sent me here, that means you are allowing it.”

As if in response, she hears Dong-ha’s voice. “What are you doing there?” Dong-ha is as grumpy as ever. Bom-yi turns to face him. He doesn’t take his eyes from hers as he steps closer. “Why did you come here?”

“I missed you,” she answers and slowly a smile appears. Dong-ha scrutinizes her wordlessly. She extends her hand, and after considering what taking her hand at that moment would mean, Dong-ha walks over and reaches up. She smiles down from her pedestal as he clasps her hand. They stand there being buffeted by the wind together.

 In a café on the beach, they sit across from each other, both lost in their thoughts. The waitress delivers coffee, and Bom-yi lifts her eyes. Dong-ha eyes reveal conflicting desires of wanting to keep her there and wishing her gone.

She says, “I’m sorry for visiting. I was wondering whether you liked me… because of my heart or not. I don’t think it is because of the heart. I really believe that my feelings are genuine.” He is not as sure. “Why do you think that?” She doesn’t try to defend her view. He leans in, “The reason you’re attracted to me. I think it’s because of your heart. When you came here last time and when you fell into the sea, didn’t you see someone in the water? What you’re doing now. Your feelings aren’t real. My wife’s heart remembers me and it’s moving you.”

But she knows that isn’t true. He suggests with certainty that she’ll be fine if they’re apart from each other for a while. Bom-yi is not okay being apart from him. Not at all.

He says he’s thankful she came to see him, “But,” he says appearing less confident, “I just want you to leave.”

She walks behind him along the coastal road. He turns to face her, she gives him sad puppy dog eyes.

Gil-dong comes out of the house searching for Dong-ha, then scolds him for showing up late. As soon as Bom-yi walks up the path, he shuts up, shocked.

Dong-ha takes her into the kids’ room, directing her to get some rest, then goes into the kitchen to see what grub he can rustle up. Gil-dong gets unfairly shushed and directed to make the rice. A moment after leaving her, Dong-ha returns to ask her about dinner, but Bom-yi is out cold.

“Don’t go,” she says in her dream, “He’s gone. Where is he?” Dong-ha contemplates this and this lovely girl before him.

Dong-wook is at his desk, remembering the last image of Bom-yi before she ran to Hyung. He closes his eyes a moment. The phone rings. It’s his Mom asking after Bom-yi.

“I’ve thought about it, and she still concerns me. I don’t know why she felt so bad that she even cried.”  “That’s because,” Dong-wook admits, “she broke up with me.”

Mom’s more disappointed than surprised, “Is this because I’m opposed to your marriage?” Dong-wook says it’s because of him, and he is fine, asking her to treat Bom-yi as usual if she comes back to work.

Park and Se-na have a secret assignation outsde behind a stone wall – secret, that is, to the people behind it, notsomuch to those walking by them. They fall on each other, and talk about CEO and Bom-yi. Se-na heard she apologized to the plant manager and broke up with Dong-wook. Park makes a dig at Dong-ha’s appearance saying how amazed he is at his boss’s talent for love. She aeygu’s all over the place, and he loves it.

Bom-yi wakes up suddenly, finding someone draped a blanket on her. She runs outside, and is relieved when (hot) Dong-ha shows up.

He went to buy tofu; she thought he left her again. Inside, he puts out stew, rice and side dishes. “I really like it when someone fixes me a meal.

I like the smell of leaves after it rains and the sound of the kitchen when I wake up in the morning.” He listens, arms crossed, to a list of her likes. Things she has preferred since she was young, before the transplant. “If my feelings aren’t mine. I should hate all of my favorite things or at least be indifferent to them.” Even he said the heart was hers, and so are her feelings. Her argument is sound, but he won’t agree. “Bom-yi-shi,” he begins, but she cuts him off, “I like you.” He reacts, but only slightly, and won’t look up. “Not my heart, but I like you.”

“If you keep doing this,” he insists, “it’ll be too hard for me.” Bom-yi prolly hopes, as I do, that that means he will give in eventually.

He excuses himself because of business. He’s getting his jacket when she asks, “Don’t do that. Just once, can you please hold me?” She waits for his response, which is to look away before ordering her to eat and leave.

Outside on the deck, he pauses in front of the door, takes a step. He glances down and sees her high tops have been tied to his shoes. (OK, Awww)

After the extrication, using his sleeve, he brushes dirt from them, puts them back, giving the house one final regard before leaving.

Dong-wook divulges to Bom-yi’s Apa that she found out who the heart donor is. He’s furious. Dong-wook never should have delayed the wedding, and shouldn’t have let her work at Hanu Haon.

What’s Dong-wook going to do? Apa knows Bom-yi is stubborn. Dong-wook drops the other bomb that she has gone to Udo Island to meet his Hyung. He’s disclosing this because there is nothing else he can do. Apa throws him out, but politely.

Song is speaking with Bom-yi’s Oma, “Let’s persuade your husband. This is the only way to save the hospital. Bom-yi and Dr. Kang will get married soon. Then your son-in-law will be the next director, so it’s not all bad. He’ll agree with you happily.

 She asks about the Organ Transplant Center and he sortuv lies, something something it’s in the contract. I don’t know what nefarious plot is being cooked up here, but it seems that for whatever reason, Bom-yi MUST marry Dong-wook, or it all falls apart.

Dong-ha comes home to find Bom-yi gone. He’s totally not fine with that and runs to the ferry landing to see if he can spot her leaving.

The ferry moves out into the water, he hears Bom-yi’s voice declaring she likes him and asking to hold her. After walking a little ways, he face lights up almost comically when he sees she’s still there, on her favorite rock. She turns and discovers his impassioned gaze;

his emotions clearly displayed for her to see. He advances towards her as she steps down this time to meet him. They face each other and she asks his question, “Why did you come here?” “Well, I wanted to know,” blustering a little, “if you left without saying goodbye…”

She smiles knowing now he wants her to stay and makes eye contact hesitantly. Again, he cannot take his eyes off her.

What was she doing there, anyway? She states she was talking, but she doesn’t explain. They stroll and he very serious-like asks, “What do you plan on doing now? You don’t know how difficult it is, Bom-yi-shi.”  But she does. She is an adult who can be responsible for her decisions. Stoppng, she asks if he (really) wants her to go?

For now, he decides with his heart, “Come here.” She does, then makes him an offer he can’t refuse, “For today, let’s not think too much – can’t we just be together? Let’s go on a normal date,” (that word makes my stomach flip. How does he feel?) and spend time together just for a day.” He thinks, he looks away, he looks back and a quick nod is all the outward signs of his presumed excitement.

Dong-ha walks on the beach waaaaaay too far ahead of Bom-yi for this to be dateworthy, and she calls him back. “Walk slower”! She boldly sticks her hand out and he takes it.

(The hotness of this image breaks the heat meter, with his build sans baggy jacket is finally revealed.) He teases that he thought she had long legs, while she examines the sand. When she asks him about it, he once again forgets how dates work, and lectures her on the red mass sediment made of red algae, dropping her hand to explain. Before too long, he asks if she is boring him, which he is. She gives him back his favorite line, “What is he saying?” This makes him grin BIG. At the shops, she gives him peanut ice cream he doesn’t really want.

In the market, he attempts to discard his ice cream, but Bom-yi sees him getting rid of it. To cover, he takes a huge gulp of ice cream in one shot, getting some on his face. Bom-yi peers at him wondering if he has brain freeze, and wipes his mouth with her arm.

He shakes his head, “No,” but the instant she turns away, he grimaces in pain. LOL They pick out seafood for dinner. Bom-yi asks how to say something in Jeju dialect, and repeats it cutely.

Bom-yi’s parents have a romantic glass of wine by candlelight. Oma wants to spend time with her husband alone. They wonder where Bom-yi is; Oma called over to Se-na who told her she was there. Oma thinks she lied – that Bom-yi is actually with Dong-wook. (Phew) “I thought I wouldn’t regret what happened five years ago. I didn’t hesitate to do it at all but how you’ve lived afterwards. Watching you live like this is like torture to me. Seeing Bom-yi living well and healthy doesn’t offset it to me.” Apa doesn’t seem as anxious about whatever deal with the devil they made five years ago. Oma informs him Song wants him to resign, and have Doctor Dong-wook take over his position after the marriage. He takes a swig of his wine.

Ji-won and handsome Dong-wook have a drink.

“Do you want me to be director?” he is asking Ji-won. “I’m not asking you to do it,” she corrects him. “I’m telling you to make a choice. You can’t delay your wedding with Lee Bom-yi anymore. You should make up your mind now even though I think it’s already decided.” “What does Chairman Song have in mind? Why are you being his puppet?”

She warns him not to talk to her like that, Song was the one who helped her when she was going through rough times. Dong-wook doesn’t want to hear that since it makes him feel bad. (He always seems to know exactly what not to say with her, and says it anyway.) “See? I said he helped me when I was having a hard time but you feeling bad is more important to you than why I had hard time.” He asks more wrong things and she calls him a spoiled brat. If he were really her friend he would take her advice, but he doesn’t listen. She isn’t his lover and won’t only tell him things he wants to hear. “Meet with Song. If you’re not going to marry Lee Bom-yi, then you don’t have to stay at the hospital. Dong-wook appears to be unsure, but leaving the hospital seems like a good option for him.

Gil-dong peeks into Dong-ha’s window and makes a footprint in the moisture on the glass.

Dong-ha cooks dinner, with Bom-yi watching from behind him. “Are you really okay staying here tonight?” he wonders. “Isn’t it too late to ask me that? The ferry has stopped already.” “If someone heard you say that, they’d think I did it on purpose,” he complains. She brings back her accusation from the last time she was there, “Be honest. Didn’t you do it on purpose?” He won’t even crack a smile, but she laughs at him.

Going to the sink to wash so she can help, she asks him if he washed his hands. He says, “of course not,”  since his hands make it taste better. Examining the pot, she asks him if he wants her to taste it, she does and genuinely likes it.

“It’s pretty good. It smells really nice.” He enjoys her praise. Holding up the spoon, he asks, “Why don’t you ask me where or not I washed the spoon?” Then puts it back in his mouth before stirring again, eliciting a disgusted, “Ahhhhh, Seriously!!” LOL

Bom-yi clasps her hands in prayer before eating and says thanks, indicating he should do so as well. He protests that not only did he buy the food, he prepared it, who should he thank?

She schools him, “Thank you Mr. Rice Farmer, Mr. Fisherman, the Sun and the Rain.” He gets it and offers his thanks. He’s about to slurp his soup directly from the bowl, but remembers her “What are you a caveman?” and takes a spoon to please her. To please him, she drinks from the bowl and he laughs.

“There’s something I’m really curious about,” she begins, but he shushes her in a very dadly way. “You shouldn’t talk while you eat.”

She politely demurs, “We live in a busy time. We don’t have time to talk other than mealtime.” He allows it, again, with a very fatherly tone. She takes her opening and runs with it, “When did you start liking me?” Her boldness startles him.

“What is she saying? Wh—wh—who likes you?” She holds back from laughing, and calls him shy, Abonim.

This brings out cranky Dong-ha, who growls that women should be modest and commanding her not to talk like that. Bom-yi doesn’t relent. “Tell me. Please?” With a reluctant sigh, after searching his memory, he says, “When you came to buy meat.” (Oh, that is awesome!) We see Bom-yi give her prayer to the sacrificed animals in the shop.

“Who you were…Where you were from…When we didn’t know anything about each other…I felt the same way you did. I see how these cows are born and raised but they’re still only a source of food to others so it’s not easy for people to feel that way.” That’s why he was curious how a young lady like her could think that way. Bom-yi suggests that is why he pushed her like that. “That’s why I don’t talk while I eat.” He attempts to shut her down. But she persists with her questions,

“What do you want me to call you from now on? Oreboni?” He gives her a you-gotta-be-kidding-me look.

Dong Ha-shi?” At first expectant, his response wipes the smile off her face.

“Mr. CEO,” he insists.  She accuses him of being bossy.

“I’m not bossy.” He seems to have thought about this for a while. “That’s just the difference between us. I have a lot of things going for me. I’m older than you. I’ve been married before and I have my children and mother-in-law to take care of. I’m happy because of the things I have and if I’m greedy for you people will say I’m just selfish.” Bom-yi’s expression is lovely as she absorbs his words. He says that being a person who has so much already, he shouldn’t be greedy for her.

He studies her, and, not wanting to confesses, “Of course I like being with you.” His eyes scan her face and what he sees brings a tiny smile, “I’m happy just looking at you.” (Oh, for the love of swoon…) Of course I’m greedy for you, but if I stay that way, you’ll be the one who will hurt, not me.”

You can see his earnest response makes Bom-yi appreciate him even more, because he is such a good man. Her small smile broadens.

In the kid’s bedroom, Dong-ha is straightening out bedding. Bom-yi slips under after he leaves, and he comes back in with a pot of something warm. “The wind is strong so the windows shake sometimes. Don’t be too surprised.” (His act of kindness, combined with these words suggest that they will be fine no matter what.) She glances up at him as he says good night, but stops him, inquiring where he will sleep. He stammers his response “My room, and living room, too.” Most of his body is out of the room, as he starts to close the door. Curiously, he pauses, tilts his head towards her, asking hopefully, “There isn’t anything else, is there?”

“No,” she says. (DENG! Wrong answer!!)

They say goodnight. A wistful expression stays on her face.

He goes into his bedroom, sitting a long moment on the edge of the bed. He is the thirsty man wanting very much to dig a well, but won’t let himself.

Stretching out, he shows us his belly. (Thank you.)

Bom-yi, equally restless in her room, rolls onto one side. Dong-ha gives that a try, too, but he can’t get comfortable. Suddenly, he pops up like someone who just realized a member of Girls Generation is sleeping in his house, then gives up all thoughts of relaxing and goes outside, resting on the deck steps.

Bom-yi, also not sleepy, turns her phone on. 25 texts, and lots of missed calls. She calls Se-na. Park and she are quite cozy on her bed, however she pretends he is there to repair the TV. “Udo? You went there?”

Though she complains, Se-na did lie to Bom-yi Oma for her friend. Bom-yi says she is sorry and promises to come back the next day.

Moments later, Bom-yi wrapped in the lavender blanket, finds Dong-ha at Shepherd Rock. He wants to know why she came out. He moves over to make room for her. Maybe she’s not sleepy because she napped that afternoon?

“No,” she says, “Time is too precious.” She looks him straight in the eyes. “I want it to be night forever so tomorrow won’t come.”

Dong-ha’s almost imperceptible nod shows us he agrees. That, and we can see one of his hands is holding back the other as he struggles to be so near and not touch her. Changing the subject, she asks how long it would take to walk the perimeter of the island. He calculates about six hours, depending how quickly she goes. When she expresses a desire to make the trek, he mentions how strong the wind is in the hills, and asks if her heart will allow her. Which brings back the whole who’s-heart-is-this-anyway? Is she sure it isn’t her heart that likes him?

She reveals what she was talking about on the rocks that day. If her heart sent her there, she’s even more thankful. “I don’t love you because of my heart but I do love you more because of it.” Otherwise she may have never met him.

“If this heart has moved my mind up until now, fine. But from now on, I’m doing it on my own.” He’s listening closely. “Let’s go back to the day we were together here and I’ll love you from the start again.” Dong-ha looks down, processing her words, but doesn’t respond. She puts her head on his shoulder,

“I don’t want to be the star that passes by you without ever knowing your name.” Tears fill her eyes, “I want to be the one who stays with you like this.” She closes her eyes. Dong-ha considers this desire. Bom-yi dreams she is back in the hospital stairwell facing where Dong-ha was, then, slowly, she disappears, too.

Morning breaks, Dong-ha is stretched out on the couch. (oh oh oh) and Bom-yi covers him with the lavender blanket of love.

She places a sticky note on the armrest, observing him a moment, then leaves. Returning, she leans over and kisses him on the forehead.

He doesn’t move until she is gone. We see he was awake. He opens his eyes while we hear the contents of the note.

I know this is a difficult decision. I’ll understand even if you don’t come back. I’m happy and thankful enough for one day with you.

Gil-dong stands and Dong-ha sits on the fence (get it?) surveying the field and the ocean. Gil-dong is fed up, “You’ve thought enough. Stop thinking and go after her. I hate seeing you like this. She knew how hard it would be when she held out her hand for you. She’s too brave for a coward like you.” He climbs over, shaking the top rung, and Dong-ha holds on tighter to keep his balance. (Wow, this is giving me King and the Clown flashbacks.)

Bom-yi’s Apa hesitates before going in to see someone. He makes a quick call to Bom-yi, but her phone is still off.

Dong-wook comes outside to see Bom-yi. Even though she is wearing exactly the same clothes as their last conversation, the Bom-yi in front of him now is a completely different person.

He advises her to talk to her father now, that he let him know she knows about the heart. Dong-wook confirms what he knew, that Bom-yi went to meet Hyung. He wants to know why she is alone. Her expression explains how complicated the situation will now become.

“Hyung has many worries,” he begins. She breaks in. “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that I even feel sorry saying I’m sorry.”  He concedes, “I don’t think that you and I broke up because of him.” She looks at him gratefully when he promises, “It won’t be easy to be comfortable with you but I’ll try.”

Bom-yi’s parents are in her office. Apa hesitates to break the bad news, but Bom-yi arrives and she has something to tell them.

Apa tries to stop her, increasing Oma’s anxiety. “Mother, you told me that you want me to be happy, right?”   She announces she called off the wedding, and Oma wonders if it is because of Dr. Kang’s mother. It isn’t. Then, Why? WHY? How can she do this to her father? What about his situation? Apa reproaches Oma for worrying more about the hospital than his daughter’s feelings. (Go, Dad!)

Dong-ha stares out over the water, hearing Bom-yi’s voice tell him she understands if he stays away. He considers her certainty that her heart no longer moves her mind, and that she wants to start over, loving him from the beginning.

Park and Se-na flirt on her couch.

Bom-yi arrives and kicks Park out. Immediately, he is on the phone to the CEO, and boy is Park pissed. “Where are you? Huh? It seems Miss Lee Bom-yi got kicked out of her place because of you so you should hurry here and take her to a hotel. How could you let her stay at a friend’s?”

Inside the apartment, Se-na serves tea. They sigh. A call from Shepherd father (holyshit) lights up her phone.

She takes way too many rings to answer, then steps outside repeating, “Yobosayo? Can you hear me?” “I can hear you,” he says, “and I can see you too.” She turns. Ohmygodhesstandingrightthere

Holding the phone to his ear, Dong-ha tilts his head. They regard each other and he gets closer.

“Why did you come here?” She smilefrowns she is so happy to see him.

“You told me to hold you.” He seems to be ready to face the world.  “Don’t go anywhere from now on and stay with me.”


Are you kidding me? With my heart thudding like this, you want coherent words from me? We saw KWS’s belly. How about some ornamental punctuation?

✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢  ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢ ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢

Remember how perfect Ep 2 was? Well, Ep 10 gave us all that and a bag of hope to munch on until the next episode.  It won’t be easy for the couple-not-yet-a-couple to couple, but that to me is half the fun.  As much as I am right along with everyone chanting, Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! my interest in an OTP wanes when things get too easy for them. There weren’t any previews, but based on the last line of Ep 10, Bom-yi will have no choice but to move in with him, right? RIGHT?   Even if that wish isn’t fulfilled, I am sure the creative team will produce more heart-stopping moments to satisfy. We have six episodes left, after all, for tasting and such. I don’t spend any time with our cute lovebirds and hospital business, but I still am interested in those aspects of the drama. It’s just there is only so much time!


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      I kind of hopped, skipped and jumped over random episodes of Cyrano Agency so this is my first time really watching her and am liking very much what I’ve seen so far. I hope she gets even better in future. She has a fan here. 🙂

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    I managed to catch part of the live broadcast and that proved to be quite an experience. Being a detailed person, the editing bothered me a lot with the Rock scenes. When Bom-yi first stood there, she was surrounded by the sea. Then, just seconds later, when Dong ha speaks to her, the road by the rock is practicable and not covered by water. Oo

    KWS has always been hawt. Even 12 years ago as evidenced with this short excerpt from Marriage is a crazy thing, a movie with explicit scenes –

    This episode was so exquisite. Reaching the half-way mark means that viewers need to brace themselves for the angst and makjang to come.

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        Yup. We’ll stand by the two of them in the battles ahead. OTP fighting!

      • Oh thanks so much for the “wasted,” no, delightful afternoon at work, I watched the movie and want moar! I saw everything and liked everything! Yes, married. Yes, he is kind of short and not really ripped but oh boy, he is totally hot in that brainy-emotional-evocative-dreamy way.

  10. (Borrowing from your eloquent words) Oh, for the love of swoon! This episode.. Watched it raw because, as someone mentioned, could not wait. But wow, subbed version propelled me forward further into swoonland. Loved hearing their words to each other. That Bom go, girl. And Dong Ha…goes without saying. Rather, there are no words left for Dong Ha. So excited to see what this show has in store for us in the remaining episodes. Wednesdays and Thursdays never felt so good.

  11. Awww Jomo, what a fantastic recap. Thanks. You make me wanna watch this ep again for the 12344566 squealing over that little peek a boo belly showing, that’s hilarious, btw i enjoyed that little bit of flesh showing too….perhaps a little too much. Him sitting on the fence, omg, you are awesome, i totally missed that. Dh and KWS is so swoonworthy, he ages so well and all natural,he just seem so human, so real to me, cant wait for tomorrow.

  12. Man, the acting in this is just spot on perfect.

    I almost never feel like any character is really a character but a real life human (except for the Sec and Bom Yi’s friend who are just caricatures for comedic relief).

    It’s obviously headed by an amazing job from Kam Woo Sung, who gives such an amazing nuanced performance that he just draws you into his pain and his love, and SooYoung, who was also amazingly good in Cyrano Dating Agency and is just luminous here.

    But there’s so many other good actors giving amazing performances from the second leads to the children to the parents that it’s just awesome to see.

    The plot and the story are meh, the whole Stepanette thing where everyone knows exactly what that story is about is weird, but the acting is just so convincing that I just ignore the bumps in the road (hopefully, the hospital-marriage plot won’t derail the show).

  13. I fervently hope that there will be nothing like a second heart transplant or a heart failing, etc. or other stupid thing, leave that couple alone and let them come and love each other.

  14. This is one of the best rom coms in awhile.

    That KWS!!! I hope he will be offered zillions more rom coms in the future.

    Hmm, maybe with Kim Sun Ah next? One can only hope.

  15. Everyone above has said what how I feel & what I think about this episode. Loved the episode! Love the OTP, love your recap jomo, love hot ahjuicy. I can’t believe I’m discovered KWS until now. I have watched this episode too many times but it’s all I can do to help me stay sane until Wed.

  16. Oh Jomo thank you! And

    Swoooooonnnnnn…… be still my heart.

    I love how Bom Yi chips away at his defences:
    1. Tells him she misses him when he grumpily asks what she is doing there – forthright Bom Yi.

    2. Tells him she’s not okay being apart from him when he tells her it’ll be ok after a while – I love that she hits him emotionally with the feels.

    3. Aegyo pouts him into feeding her cos – she looks so forlorn while traipsing behind him – hurts his heart.

    4. Appeals to his intellect by telling him how her likes have not changed post op – after all he is not this big time CEO by being stupid right?. And puts it clear as rain – I like you.

    5. Makes him think she’s gone and when he’s emotionally bruised surprises him by not leaving and showing that she means what she says – and takes the opportune time to make the “date for a day” offer he cannot refuse – cos he so wants to spend time with her too.

    6. Rationalises with hin – I love you not cos of this heart but more because of it and if it lead me here so what – I love you anyway!

    7. Leaves him to make his decision. Smart girl.

    And when he makes his decision, you know he’s thought things through and is willing to make the sacrifice and fight to the end.

  17. Oh yes one more thing Jomo – I love your lead in photo at top of the post – Dong Ha with windswept hair and dimple wide grin!!!

    “I’m Happy Just Looking AT You” – Isn’t that just THE best line of kdrama land this year!


    (Still on a Dong Ha high)

  18. I must confess I did not know KWS before this drama and never expected myself to fall in love with this no-flower-boy ahjussi actor this much. KWS is not only awesome in his acting, but charming, cute (love his dimples when he smiles) and sexy too!! From now on, I will be a fan.

    I love MSD. This is the only wed-thurs kdrama I am watching now 🙂

  19. The line when you wrote about how he popped up like a man that just realized a member of Girls Generation was sleeping in his house has had me laughing for 24 hours. Priceless.

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